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Camp for six months to increase their investment to expand the business scope
Wenzhou introduced the New Deal for the small loan company
Small loan company is expected to become a "financial agent"

      "If we can do small loan company bill discounting, asset transfer,
commissioned by the state-owned commercial banks of credit, then the small loans
will be very optimistic about the prospects for the company." This is
Wenzhou Yong Jia Ruifeng two months ago, small loan company sponsors , Aokang
Group Chairman Wang Zhentao vision, and today this wonderful
"circumstances" will "shine through"
      ?August 12, Wenzhou city government office issued a "small loan
company on promoting the healthy development of Wenzhou's the
implementation of views", which is a crossroads for the
"wandering" of the small loan is a boon. The views, not only in
small loans to support the company's fiscal policy has been strengthened,
in the small loan company financing, business and so are relaxed.
      Small loan company is expected to become a "financial
      It is reported that in May this year, held in Hangzhou on the support of
microfinance development of the company's meeting, the vice governor
Chen Miner after having heard the voice of small loan company representatives after
the firm said that the Government will support the healthy development of small loan
companies will definitely be a success.
Subsequently, the Zhejiang Provincial Government issued a "small loan
company on the promotion of healthy Fazhan the number of observations",
Yun Xu Tiqianbannian An Guidingchengxu to increase their investment, the amount a
single time Zengzizuigao be lower than the original registered capital Di 1 Bei, Shan
Hu Loan E Allow raised to 1 million yuan. Followed by Wenzhou municipal
government issued the "small loan company on promoting the healthy
development of Wenzhou's the implementation of views."
      In accordance with previous policy, small loan companies operate at least one
year before to increase their investment. As the small loan companies,
"little more deposits and loans," the pilot for less than six
months have reflected the various micro-loan companies "of the necessary
fuel," and put the sustainability of loans affected. The published opinion, it
would increase their investment criteria be relaxed to six months. And that the
maximum amount of up to one-time replenishment of capital 1 times. Meanwhile, the
main sponsor of the asset liability ratio to below 70%, and other sponsors of
asset-liability ratio is lower than 75%. For a good reputation, the lead sponsor of the
shares outstanding may be the main holdings to 30%. Encourage the operators
holding the appropriate level, and continue to improve constraint mechanism.
      In addition to tax return assistance, financial aid incentives, establishment of a
risk compensation mechanism for policy support, for the lower cost of financing small
loan companies, "Opinions" also encourages rural cooperative
financial institutions to increase financing to support small loan companies.
Provisions of small loan companies can never more than two banking financial
institutions into less than 50% of net assets of the funds, the interest rate in principle,
to the same period of the "Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate"
benchmarking against point determination. Small loan companies can take to pack up
the banking institutions packets received combination loans, and all risk form of the
loan, jointly issued with the combination of loans to banking institutions to expand the
number of financing.
      In addition, the annual assessments of compliance, internal control system is
sound, non-performing loan ratio of 1% of the Youxiu year Diyu small Daikuangongsi,
permitted to effect bills discounted, Zi Chan transfer Dengxinyewu pilot, and may
Shidang adjust the proportion of loans to invest, but the service
"Agriculture" and the pilot the direction of small businesses the
same, 70% of loans can be used for single-family loans small loans below 1 million
yuan and the planting, breeding, and other purely agricultural loans, and the rest is not
the highest single-family loans more than 5% of net capital.
      For the New Deal, the most attractive small loans Wenzhou Yong Jia Ruifeng,
general manager of Pan Xianyong's or "banking institutions to
allow for the combination package revenue package up loans."
      "This is the Wenzhou government and relevant departments in charge
of a major financial innovation, is now 11 microfinance Wenzhou common voice in
the company." Panxian Yong believes that this will make small loans to
larger business platform for companies, small loans in the future loans while the
company can make financial advisers, providing financial advisory services for
businesses, do some business financial outsourcing business, to do a true
"financial broker." At present, the Pan Xianyong is actively
negotiating with a commercial bank this business.
      To "allow the enterprises to develop bill discounting, asset transfer
and other new business," Pan Xianyong very optimistic, he thinks that this
new business will be the next small company with a major source of profits. From
now, China's state-owned banks mainly income from deposit and loan
business, and 80% of foreign profits of major banks operating income from the
      Been looking forward to a dream realized for Wang Zhentao, when the
implementation of that opinion, feeling a lot. He told reporters that the
country's financial sector for the introduction of any of the views of small
loan companies and shareholders that he affects the hearts of the Wenzhou
government promulgated the "Opinions" as a warm sun, warm
hearts and see the hope.
      In this regard, Wenzhou City, the financial office official said, small loan
company is new to explore in the development, the Government is working to
improve the relevant policies. At the same time as making the healthy development of
small loan companies, Wenzhou City, corporate financial institutions will also explore
the absorption of micro-credit company shares, plans to carry out in Wenzhou
Economic and Technological Development Zone, small loan company pilot.