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					Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Statement Analysis
Date: 11-12 September 2009 Shanghai

Location: Shanghai
Meetings Organization: Chilean sea Jin Baidu Online Training Management
Consulting Co., Ltd.
- Conference Information -

● Curriculum
How to design report system to meet internal and external financial statements for the
reader's needs?
How to make effective financial analysis for decision-makers to provide more
effective, real-time basis for financial decisions?
How to report your financial statements to make management more effective
understanding of the meaning of statements?
Through the financial information to understand how your customers, your suppliers,
the operation of your peers?
Every day is faced with financial data, how to sort out, integration, eliminate the false
and retain the true, the advantages and disadvantages found in business?
Reasonable and efficient ideas and methods of financial analysis, business
management and decision-making level is an important way to improve and will make
your work more with less.
We will leave no package to provide financial analysis of transnational corporations
and financial budget template set to you.
● Course benefits
To the global concept of perspective economic problems of enterprises.
Master the world-class financial analysis of the effective methods and tools to
effectively track the company's financial position, grasp the
company's future.
All aspects of systems analysis of specific financial data, combined with their overall
operations and management for enterprise decision-making to provide strong support
for financial information.
Improve communication between departments.
● syllabus
Part I: Mr. accountant surplus, financial analysts are extremely scarce
1. Financial planning career
2. Professional Financial Managers refined analysis of the three tasks
3. Financial analyst thinking training
4. The six basic quality of financial analysts
5. Financial analyst skills training
6. Financial analysis of new trends
Part II: overlooking the enterprise financial operations
1. Financial goals
Through the financial pyramid, understanding of accounting, financial analysis and
Sound financial platform for the safe operation of other departments
2. From a financial management perspective to re-examine the balance sheet
(Motorola Perspective)
3. From a financial management perspective to review the income statement
(Motorola Perspective)
4. Business operations of the core ideas (the American point of view)
One center, two basic points
5. Corporate financial analysis of the core ideas (European perspective)
A starting point: the industry protracted market
5 aspects of the operation: profit, turnover, structure, interest, taxes
2 big results: the balance of risk and return
3 large balance: shareholders, employees and society
Part III: Analysis of working capital - capital investment and financing of operational
efficiency and risk management
1. Different industries working capital decision making
2. The company will face cash flow crisis? Four strategic response?
3. The use of working capital to conduct a detailed analysis of the financial statements
4. Practical Tools - EXCEL automatic analysis of enterprise funds form
5. Main business and non-core business of working capital
6. Analysis of different products working capital
Part IV: Financial Ratio Analysis
1. From the decomposition of the many indicators of key indicators
2. Through financial ratio analysis and improve business operations
Cash Control indicators: working capital management
Credit Control indicators: the management of accounts receivable
Inventory control indicators: inventory management
Fixed Assets Control indicators: rate and output rate
What with the operation of enterprises whose money - financial leverage
Different levels of decision-making role of profit
Comprehensive Analysis: How to produce the desired return on investment?
How to create a fair measure of corporate wealth - EVA and BS
Comprehensive analysis of five forces three tables.
3. Integrated use of financial ratios
DuPont decomposition, and financial ratios pyramid (American model)
Automatic analysis of financial ratios table (European model)
Integrated Interpretation of Financial Statements: Consolidated operating company
perspective the use of financial indicators
Ford FORD financial analysis model
Part V: Cash Flow Analysis
1. The key to the preparation of cash flow logic
2. Cash flow projections table the decision on the fate of business operations
3. Business activities of the 3 big cash
4. From a different association between the cash activities of enterprises operating
5. From the cash flow ratio between the various operations of enterprises
6. Cash flow statement data with balance sheet, income statement data, combined
with analysis
7. Flows from operating activities of direct and indirect role in the management of
8. Transforming local reports and international reports
9. How to determine baseline data
Part VI: 6 rings shareholder returns system decomposition
1. Return: income and reduce expenditure!
2. Accelerate the flow: life is movement!
3. Financing Strategy: 42 Why call jin?
4. Interest cost: to avoid working for the bank!
5. Can not be foreseen: to have 10% of the non-normal factors!
6. Tax Policy: reasonable tax
Part VII: specific analysis tools, drill
1. This Volume Profit Analysis
2. Profit Sensitivity Analysis
3. Operating leverage and financial leverage analysis
4. Cost Value Functions
5. Multi-factor analysis of the cost difference
6. Prediction of cost reduction
Control of price changes and discounts
Cost Control
Changes in cost analysis
Fixed cost analysis
7. A thorough test of your financial decision-making power
8. The phenomenon of corporate waste of seven
Part VIII: Financial analysis and preparation and distribution
1. The financial statements to express what
Between Chinese and foreign financial statements 2 decomposition map
3. Expression data with reports
4. Analysis of Accounting Statements
5. A comprehensive analysis of corporate financial issues to note
6. Report of basic classification management
7.15 minutes to master the financial statements of the year competition
● Lecturer Profile
Wang Sheng (John Wang)
He has counseled: Shanghai General Motors (SGM), Shanghai Delphi battery (Delphi
Battery), Europe, Metso (Metso), Zhuhai Optical Alliance Communications (Oplink),
Shanghai New Semiconductor (Semi-BCD) the establishment or the financial system
work in the U.S. market, familiar with the national corporate governance practices,
received the world's largest training company training in five since 1996,
he participated in the United States each year SOX internal control experts, such as
training. He taught the most important feature is: familiar with the
multinational's internal control and audit process; comprehensive and
accurate analysis of the various internal control critical control points; serious and
objective answer to the practical problems on site students.
● teaching object
Chief Financial Officer, financial managers, financial analysis, cost accounting,
non-financial sector executives

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