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									Equestrian Recreation Development Strategy
   China has a long history of equestrian, Xing Yu Zhou, Sheng Yu Tang.
Modern equestrian sport began in Europe. In order to achieve the ancient chariot
horses used on the battlefield movement accuracy and precision, often on horses and
coordination of various skills training, and later on developed into the equestrian
   Equestrian since ancient times has been known as a "noble
sport", but with the development of modern society, the people were
getting rich, relaxed, and more people have the opportunity to invest in to equestrian
recreational use of horses to start sports competition, entertainment, fitness and other
activities. The face of the growing equestrian industry, great recreation opportunities,
we will model how to further innovation and recreation, rich recreational function, the
development by leaps and bounds?
"Open Network in China" will be through a comprehensive
analysis, innovation and development of equestrian recreation ideas.
First, the background of the development of equestrian recreation
(A) tourism and leisure create new content
   With the development, tourism and leisure have a new meaning. People are no
longer satisfied with a simple sightseeing tour, but to gain more experience, to achieve
feel completely relaxed and meet the spiritual pursuit. In this background, many
recreation programs came into being, health spa, snow and ice experience, ecological
SPA, leisure farms, beach, etc. increasingly sought after by people, and gradually
become the mainstream consumer market.
(2) equestrian recreation in the ascendant
   As one way of equestrian recreation, leisure and its derived products are
continuously developing, the rise of the Equestrian Club, Equestrian Festival and
Horse Racing Festival of the popular, large-scale trial horse town water ... ... let us see
the bright equestrian recreation development prospects. However, there is the
equestrian recreation industry in China is still in its infancy, the lack of depth
development, product feature comparison a single, still has vast room for
development for tourism and leisure industry operators is undoubtedly a rare
Second, mode of equestrian recreation
   "Open Network in China" will present the basic equestrian
recreation and divided into two categories, equestrian sports, equestrian directly
derived from the products and activities is riding the most fundamental functions of
commercial recreational use; one is horse color, that horse race as the carrier of the
quiz activities is caused by the equestrian industry, a part of the chain.
(1) Equestrian Sports
   Equestrian sports include synchronized riding, steeplechase, polo, racing, etc..
Equestrian Club is for people to carry out the professional equestrian venues, the
guests have for different levels of well-tuned horses, including domestic, half blood,
pure blood horses. In addition, the equestrian club coaches have a good professional
background and rich teaching experience to the guests according to a reasonable level
of training programs for different levels of equestrian enthusiasts to leisure activities.
   However, the Equestrian Club, the service prices are still high, far beyond the
working-class consumption, the majority of the public have no access to equestrian
sports, which largely inhibit the spread and development of equestrian sport.
(B) Ma Cai
   Ma Cai is a sports lottery is based on speed racing events all professional carrier
and into the quiz activities. Horses of different color and gambling, gambling for the
purpose of profit, while the horse is a color most of the revenue returned to the lottery
prize who, as part of the Community Chest, for the horse racing business and social
welfare. If the issue of the Mainland horse color, or will be carried out within the
framework of sports lottery, sports lottery's distribution channels and
relying on markets, technology and human resources, government organizations, the
dominant, authoritative, impartial and public nature of the different foreign and other
areas of commercial horse racing.
   At present, Wuhan has been approved as a platform to carry out the operation of the
speed horse race pilot cities, large perennial Marseille - the speed race Open (Wuhan)
Test match official start, and spectators at the scene to carry out the first prize for the
quiz activities. Although no horse color open the message, but all professional
commercial horse racing is undoubtedly a prelude color, national policies ban just
around the corner, equestrian recreation industry will also face a new, historic
Third, the way equestrian recreation Creative Thinking
   Recreational Equestrian way in innovation process, not only for the longitudinal
extension of the equestrian industry and to develop, but also to horizontal
development, and other industry alliances, rich equestrian recreation function, and the
formation of new travel and leisure products.
(A) the Equestrian + Travel
   Equestrian tours with sightseeing, eco-tourism, village tours, cultural experience
tour, adventure tours and other tourism projects combined. The horse and into the
adventure tourism projects, such as the Jungle Quest, desert exploration, etc., to a
certain extent, the safety factor to enhance tourist activities, improve the feasibility of
the project. In the village tour, cultural experience tour and other projects in the
cultural connotation of the tourist product, adding the appropriate horse racing, polo,
carriage parades, equestrian activities, the strong participation, can increase the visitor
experience, and enable visitors to experience local customs depth or ethnic
(B) the Equestrian + Drama
   Equestrian in China a long time, people in ancient times referred to as
"riding", including horse racing, circus, etc., in which circus
adventure exquisite, highly ornamental. In addition, ethnic minorities also have a
unique equestrian activities such as Mongolian equestrian skills in performing and
skilled action immediately, called the world's a must. The equestrian and
into the performance of real large-scale theater or to a particular stage of the story and
background, to reproduce the ancient war cavalry, riding sports, circus performances,
through specific themes and plot, the audience truly feel the charm of riding.
(C) the Equestrian + Resort
   Horse theme and form in sports, leisure and tourism as an integrated resort. Fully
exploit the equestrian culture, a "horse" theme pavilion, famous
horses and watch the Royal carriage parade, riding amusement park, horse theme
restaurants, Cleveland clubs, equestrian shows, horse theme hotels,
children's equestrian theme park, souvenir shops, horse theme. Culture
throughout the equestrian tourist resort in the food, shelter, transportation, travel,
shopping and entertainment, making visitors feel deeply equestrian culture and its
impact and brought Different sensory experience.
(D) equestrian + health
   The researchers showed that riding for the improvement of people's
physical and psychological conditions have a positive significance. For example, the
horse can improve people's ability to control the movement, speed up the
reaction speed, improve coordination, increase muscle strength and flexibility,
improve emotional control, self confidence, increased interest in the world such
perception. Today, people increasingly value the quality of life, whether it is TV
program or health regimen leisure projects are extremely strong, we can use the
advantages of riding for the health of its recreational products to build, with
"health", this wave of "equestrian health,
"make bigger ring.
IV Summary
   Equestrian recreation in our country is still a new thing, only at the embryonic stage
of its development, open function is not sound. However, as an ancient equestrian
sport can continue now, but shows its enduring vitality. In the new era requires a new
equestrian games are played to suit the needs of modern people, which requires
planners to expand the connotation of equestrian, recreation and popular way of
combining the market demand, product development. Equestrian recreation will be a
huge industry, its manifestations can have limitless possibilities, triggered by its new
recreation products, will travel and leisure industry of our country to inject new
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