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					Because ....... why.
            People will remember all gone to school language teachers have been out of
the title: use "because ..... so" sentences.

          ?Appeared in press reports like this often, even Federal Reserve Chairman
Alan Greenspan, former U.S. will open their eyes wide, looked puzzled.
       In fact, is also not surprised. Because ...... so it!
      ?Just passed the civil service staff have the opportunity promoted, can be
promoted, you can make a fortune by virtue of powers; easily grasp what the mayor,
deputy mayor is an amount of millions, tens of millions of elements of corruption and
bribery, you can not explain the problem ?
      ?Also because:
      ?Motion contradicts Beijing University Guanghua School of Management, vice
president of the published treatment to improve the civil service, so do not enjoy the
fruits of reform of national cadres to enjoy the fruits of reform after the speech, he
kept the salaries of civil servants on to Shangcuan, Shangcuan much faster people pay
more than the growth rate.
      ?Moreover, in addition to enjoying rising wages and salaries, the civil service
perfect security system, but also allow civil servants to become the happiest person in
socialist China. Are entitled to paid leave, public funds abroad, public funds travel,
public funds go to school so people would have been unthinkable
      ?This is why the "national test," so popular reasons.
      ?Do you believe that "national test family" is really the
ideal of serving the people holding it so persistent it?
      ?Even do not believe in ghosts!
      ?Because public servants can not not enjoy the ordinary people to enjoy the
benefits and social status
      ?Therefore, the civil service exam is so popular.

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