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					Bean and Bean dialogue Ma
Dialogue reason: because sometimes watch TV or do their homework and often
unwilling to answer the red bean bean bean Mom calls Dad. So beans are deeply
depressed mother.
One day a mother that it is time for beans and bean to begin a dialogue, equality,
communication was.
So ask mom bean bean grandfather talk strategy. Beans grandfather expressed two
recommendations: First, the main incentive to continue to maintain a positive and
uplifting theme; second, each time to avoid the theme of the dialogue too complicated,
you can solve a problem. This can be resolved "not to answer the
phone" problem.
In the spirit of both mother and daughter mother beans equality, respect for the
premise, inviting bean eye to eye started to talk.
First, the expression of the bean bean mother Secretary soy milk, soy beans
grandfather, grandmother, beans, beans Dad Mom, beans aunt and school teachers on
the progress of this stage of adzuki bean affirmed and appreciated. Then asked why
did we pay tribute to her bean? Bean replied: "Because smart, help others,
hard work and wisdom." Beans mom enjoy these benefits, while the bean
question asked: "If you call your mother, the mother unwilling to take, how
would you?" Bean thought, replied: "I will not
happy." So, beans mother homeopathic say, "That, in turn, if the
mother calls you, you do not then, my mother is not also not happy, sad it?"
Bean nodded, "Mom, I know, next time must take your phone. "
Bean mother began to tell some minor reason, politeness is a necessary condition for
each outstanding students. As a good boy, home from school, should be the first
grandmother and grandfather shouted greetings too good; on the outside, should take
the initiative to say hello to the elders. Bean said, "I will correct my
Bean mother into the next process, "Peas, I know what he says
you're a good boy. Last, you mentioned the proposal to the mother, not
HEY, HEY, HEY, to address him by name, I also corrected. You what hope do better
in the What Mom? "bean tilted his head, looked at beans
mother," Mom, you did very well. so I think it over, then tell you.
Then,      bean     began      practicing,     performing    Zheng      version    of
"Jasmine", is really great!

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