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					Bayeux Best advice: Panasonic Home Appliances (China) SWOT Analysis

   I. Introduction
   Panasonic Group is a global electronics company engaged in the production of
various electrical products, sales and other business activities. In 1978, Chinese
leaders visited Japan TV factory. In both talks, entrepreneurs Matsushita expressed
determination to contribute to China. Subsequently, the Matsushita Group to enter
China's business start-ups. In these years, Panasonic has been committed to
exports and technical cooperation factories in China, and in 1987 established the first
joint venture. As of today, Panasonic Group has been in mainland China (including
Hong Kong) has more than 80 companies, about 10 million workers (including ※
Matsushita Electric Group), business activities related to research and development,
manufacturing, sales, service, logistics, publicity and more aspects.
   Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd. 1994 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
and Beijing Hua Ying Sheng Electric Development Corporation jointly established a
joint venture and wholly realized in 2002, mainly responsible for household
appliances and systems to carry out wholesale goods and after-sales service activities .
As a regional investment company, Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd. is also
responsible for carrying out personnel training, financial, legal, environmental
protection, intellectual property and support activities omnibus.
   Second, Matsushita Electric (China) SWOT Analysis
   1, SWOT analysis

  2, edge
   ◆ internal management
    ?1, and strengthen the fate of community-building. Panasonic is the first Japanese
song and values a company's business. 8 o'clock every morning,
reading all employees the company's "platform, creed, seven
spirit", and together singing the company song. Panasonic will blend all
the staff.
    ?2, during the whole premise of nurturing corporate culture, to train personnel as
the key. Deadline to December 31, 2009, the Matsushita Group in China, a total of
60,000 employees, R & D 1300. In order to adapt to the development,
Panasonic personnel department also provides a means of supporting the following
    ?First, their application system: cadres for some time, you can take the initiative
themselves to the personnel department "application" to require
the transfer and promotion, after passing an examination, you can also set aside used.
    ?Second, the agency within the recruitment system: there is a vacancy in the office,
personnel department is also able to recruit suitable candidates within the company,
not necessarily in the order of the original unit seniority aside cadres.
    ?Third, the social system within the study: technical staff able to apply, the
company approval to run the company's academic or professional
education and training centers to learn knowledge. Companies according to
development needs, priority approval of professional talent needed to learn.
    ?Fourth, overseas study system: the regularly sends technical personnel,
management personnel to study abroad.
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. in China to achieve sustainable development of the
cause, the establishment of lasting stability in personnel work platform, Panasonic
talent in China continue to implement the localization strategy, take the road of
sustainable development, human resources.
   ◆ extensive product line:
      ?Panasonic home appliances in China, including refrigerators, air conditioners,
washing machines, kitchen appliances, ventilation, ventilation products, intelligent
seat, batteries, lighting equipment and other product lines, from the multi-faceted to
meet the needs of Chinese consumers.
   ◆ high-quality customer service
   Panasonic adhering to the "service is satisfied" philosophy,
and follow the "customer satisfaction first" purpose, and
constantly improve the quality of customer service. Ensure that all designated repair
shop to visit Panasonic customers have received agreeable professional services.
Matsushita Group "Customer Satisfaction First" principle of
service, strictly abide by the state "three guarantees"
requirement, the service network covering the whole country, to provide home
services. Client advisory services to answer customers products and services
consulting, repair all products received, resolve customer service complaints, and in
two working days to resolve or a clear solution. To ensure service quality, for all
installation and maintenance services return visit.
   ◆ under strict quality control of high-quality
   ?"The pursuit of customer satisfaction" is the Panasonic of
service. Panasonic has a perfect quality assurance system and high quality technical
service team. High quality products not only in China but also in the world were
highly appreciated.
   Determine all of this is Panasonic's high-precision technology has been
accumulated, stable supply of the most sophisticated production system, every aspect
of production carried out strict quality management, rely on high-precision design in
all processes carried out in strict quality inspection, as well as many excellent trained
personnel and sophisticated equipment.
   ◆ Panasonic home appliances focus on cultivating core competitiveness.
    ?1, increased technological innovation. With universities, research institutes and
other international brands such as appliance manufacturers collaborative research and
development, build a technical center and personnel exchanges and so on, tracking the
world's science and technology in the forefront of innovative capability.
2009, Matsushita and Toshiba, Canon, partnership, investment 28 trillion U.S. dollars
to establish a joint venture building the next generation of IPS Alpha LCD panel
production line, the new LCD production line will use a wide angle of the joint
venture technology, enabling the viewing angle and LCD TV Like plasma TVs.
    ?2, product R & D human. Guangzhou Matsushita Air conditioning
company residential construction industry: the power of environmental protection for
the design, while achieving ECO SENSOR, gradually heating system, 15 meters long
distance air and many other industry-leading technology to provide comfort for the
Chinese consumer, energy, the use of environmentally friendly experience for the
realization of the green real estate, low-carbon housing, health, living environment,
fully reflects Panasonic intelligent, humane research design.
    ?3, R & D innovation in the environmental field, Panasonic is the goal,
in 2018 when the company was founded 100 years to become No.1 in the
environment, the electronics industry innovation enterprise. Panasonic ideas put all
the environmental activities of the core business, leading the worldwide rise of the
"green revolution" for the world to create a better tomorrow.
Specifically, Matsushita will live through the green innovation and green business
innovation activities, to achieve this vision.
Panasonic is toward this goal, many of the current Panasonic electrical products R
& D focus on energy saving, low pollution and more convenience, such as
Panasonic's new mining pulsator frequency integrated washing machine
dry, drum frequency Alpha series, Variable-D roller wash series of washing machines,
the maximum precipitation reaching the effect of reducing consumption.
   3, inferior
   ◆ departure from consumer product design
As the core staff is Japanese product design, customers can not directly convey
directly to the designers creativity, make Panasonic's products to some
extent deviated from the living, many patents can not be applied to life.
   ◆ deviate from the consumer sales
In China, Matsushita executives mostly Japanese, not Chinese people's
psychological understanding of the good things in Japan that China will be able to get
a hit, not on the Chinese market to make a correct reflection of the sales are not close
to the customer, so that Panasonic Consumer away from people's lives that
only the rich can afford. China does not need the best product, but rather for their own
   4, the opportunity
   ◆ domestic and international market demand.
    ?Domestic and international market demand on the performance of home
appliances in three areas:
      ?First, the old town appliance replacement, on the formation of a greater demand
for high-grade appliances;
      ?The second is to accelerate the process of urbanization and rising income
farmers, rural power grids to complete, the rural market is in growth, demand for new
share demand is the theme of growth potential. Appliances to the countryside to meet
the macro-policy, Matsushita focus from the product design according to local
conditions, such as washing machines Panasonic home appliances to the countryside
for rural voltage instability phenomenon, with wide-voltage design. Low water
pressure for the rural situation, water control were also modified. Panasonic washing
machine are all the countryside plastic base, also with rodent board.
      ?Third, because our country is to the international home appliance production
base development, multinational corporations are gradually increasing procurement
volume in China market, with growth in demand for Guo Neiwai appliances,
Matsushita Electric in China are facing new market environment.
   ◆ consumers upgrade Panasonic brand awareness.
In recent years, the Panasonic brand in the minds of consumers is no longer a very
strange brand, sea and air bombing of such areas as advertising to promote brand
awareness has been rapid. For example, Panasonic at Beijing Capital International
Airport, Singapore International Airport and Kansai in Japan (Japan - Osaka)
International Airport and set up all over the world through a network link, and to unify
the Panasonic Center in Tokyo to receive high-definition images display area
"World of ideas". Consumers International Airport this
"special place" in contact with feel Panasonic ideas, the latest
   5, threats
   ◆ Consumer patriotic tendencies
   ?As consumer sentiment led some consumers exclusion of Japanese goods, a
certain degree of Panasonic products, marketing sales, while some personnel are
unwilling to join the Japanese-owned enterprises, making a number of sophisticated
brain drain.
   ◆ appliance industry capacity, competitive
As the domestic appliance market is already saturated and stabilized, there has been
industry-level classification, the basic low-end market occupied by domestic brands,
though high-end area occupied by foreign brands, but the level of competition
between the existence of very large pressure. Overall, the Panasonic's
market share in home appliances field is not high, and facing greater competitive
   ◆ raw material prices
   Household appliances in addition to certain raw materials such as steel, plastic,
aluminum and other related industries from the production, the overall and core parts
of its own production by enterprises in recent years, raw material prices, have made
varying degrees of Panasonic home appliances enterprises product prices.