Bayeux Best advice: gift Siemens PBX operator strategy implied tricky

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					Bayeux Best advice: gift Siemens PBX operator strategy implied tricky
   According to Bayesian thinking of some of the information consultation, China
Unicom, China Telecom, the important business of its customers have a common
measure, and are associated with the gift of Siemens PBX's. This is just a
promotional competition, or whether there is a greater mystery behind it, how to think
and develop this strategy? With these questions, this article will attempt to address
these issues one by one.
1, operators will receive key corporate customers of Siemens PBX
   Recently Bayesian thinking advice in the process of finishing the project data found
an interesting question, that is, China Unicom, China Telecom, Siemens presented its
enterprise PBX key customers and to provide certain services on behalf of
Victoria's strategy. Two biggest operators, such as large-scale catering for
hotels, government agencies, large enterprises and other important customers like the
promotion of policy that, where customers choose their specific operating services,
they will send the switch and make agent maintenance strategy, and will use
high-quality level of Siemens PBX products. Select the same strategy, the selected
switch brands are the same, whether these same phenomena imply any mystery
behind it?
Bayeux thinking advice that, in the gift Siemens PBX is hidden behind the
phenomenon of carrier competition, customer care, increase revenue reduce costs of
the basic motives.
Second, giving Siemens PBX operator Strategy
   First, competition from the market point of view, this is as a promotional strategy
for the competition. For important business customers, the PBX is one of its essential
communications equipment, operators can switch giving high-quality corporate
customers to reduce procurement costs as little as tens of thousands of a
program-controlled switches, as many as hundreds of thousands, coupled with
previous generations of peacekeeping to save on maintenance services, to send a
program-controlled switches can give companies save a lot of communications
equipment acquisition costs and maintenance costs, so has the same conditions, giving
operators will certainly switch to get more customers favor. However, an operator
after the launch of this promotion measures, along with another copy, this
phenomenon is not uncommon, Unicom and Telecom has launched a high-quality
Siemens PBX gift promotional strategy to market competition in key corporate
customers to obtain More share.
   Secondly, from the customer point of view of maintenance, which is aimed at
enterprise customers carrier an important customer maintenance strategies. Large
enterprise customers because carriers have significant value, such as the Institute for
such a petrochemical enterprise customers at least a month to bring a few million
Unicom voice revenues, but it is not an individual consumer can do. Therefore,
operators have a need for major enterprise customers a higher quality of service cost
and its maintenance. PBX to provide high quality products to corporate customers,
excluding promotional reasons, you can also let customers feel the care operators, by
giving the switch and some maintenance services to enhance customer loyalty the old.
   Again, increase revenue and reduce costs from the perspective of analysis, this
strategy can be provided for operators to increase revenue and reduce costs of
protection. Bayeux thinking advice that high-quality program-controlled switches are
expensive, but it can reduce maintenance costs explicit, implicit and opportunity costs.
Dominant cost, the use of high-quality program-controlled switches, can significantly
reduce the number of fault repairs and reduce maintenance and maintenance costs;
and hidden costs, once the switch is down, communication interruption, thus not
charging, until the switch can be repaired to billing, this is just the loss of voice
revenues operators; and business users have to take into account the opportunity cost,
due to communication interruption may result in unexpected loss of customers more
seriously affect customer satisfaction, such as the hotel residents In the hotel can not
phone, will be no conference call, business meeting was delayed, certainly complaints
hotel, the hotel has a negative impact on business. Another example, such as Sinopec
Research Institute will give operators a monthly income of several million businesses
large customers, if the result of China and an important customer communications
disruption, it is important video conference was delayed due to the loss of customers
will be incalculable . Use of high-quality program-controlled switches can reduce the
occurrence of similar situations, so as to achieve lower costs, increase revenue effect.
As such as the Siemens PBX switches like the quality compared with the general
switch, with higher reliability, can help operators better achieve this goal.
Third, targeted to enhance the proposed
   Siemens presented for the PBX operator's strategy, there is no more to
improve the place? In the promotional competition, maintain customer and points
beyond cost reduction, based on Bayesian thinking advice that can improve customer
satisfaction and maintain customer perspective, measures such as preventive
maintenance and upgrading equipment maintenance response time and other measures
to further enhance the value of the strategy.
1. Strengthen the preventive maintenance
   Prevention is better than later to make up for in advance, therefore, proposed to
strengthen the preventive maintenance. Giving preventive maintenance services, gift
services are preventive switch expansion, and will be cheaper than the upgrade to the
service contract.
? gift of preventive maintenance services
   Preventive maintenance, periodic inspection can also be known as the engineer. For
example, the Siemens Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Chongwen
switch does not fault a few years, but if there is no standard-level services in the
periodic preventive maintenance, will fail. For the year, customers will always
occasionally a few failures, presented several times each year to customers of
preventive maintenance services, the decision by the customer time to contact Unicom
or telecommunications account manager, account manager for Siemens to find
maintenance, communications director of corporate customers are is trying to avoid
the switch fail, they will take the initiative for operators to think about how to allocate
several preventive maintenance services, just completing the machine does not appear
yesterday, today, preventive maintenance. This preventive maintenance can reduce the
number of failures than ever before. And maintenance services and preventative
maintenance services are one-time service, be the same.
? gift exchange service expansion
   The actual amount of customer business development and expansion of the
exchange and the increase in demand can be presented to the switch expansion of
services to avoid excessive load caused by communication failures, the service is
especially suitable for those larger units of time, telephone traffic customers.
   2. Improve service response time
   The need to improve service response time. Although the Siemens high reliability,
does not mean no trouble, out of a failure, Bayesian thinking advice to visit the
corporate communications director at the time found that the total reflects the
customer out of trouble after the program-controlled switchboards, with Unicom
Telecom account manager or contact , operator of the account manager and then
contact Siemens to maintain always felt response fast enough. How better to avoid the
malfunction? Out of the breakdown, how to improve response speed?
   Of service response is not quick enough reasons: for example in terms of
program-controlled switchboard for Siemens, Siemens will carry out services in
accordance with the priority level of service division, did not sign a one-time
service-level service contract minimum, then the standard, gold, diamond grade,
mission-critical level. The slowest response to a one-time service. Operators to save
maintenance costs, and other customers often call that the machine broke down before
contact with Siemens, one-time service request.

Table 1 List of Siemens service level

   ?Source: Siemens
   However, Siemens PBX to send customers to purchase Siemens customer service
can increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn, have to pay additional costs, how to
control their costs, improve response speed?
   Upgrade to the service contract: the number for the failure of customers to upgrade
to higher service contract strategy, upgrade to the service contract, after all, presented
several times more than preventive maintenance and expansion costs of the switch to
high! Failure out more, operators buy the old one-time customer service is
uneconomical. Siemens will carry out services in accordance with the priority level of
service division, did not sign a one-time service-level service contract minimum, then
the standard, gold, diamond grade, mission-critical level. The slowest response to a
one-time service, if the upgrade to the service contract. Can improve response time.
Also in the preventive maintenance service contracts, but also avoid a lot of trouble
than ever before.
   Finally, Bayesian thinking advice that the provision of additional services which the
carriers should be based on the amount of each enterprise user, the number of annual
incidence of failure, fault resolution time to taken into account.
Figure 1 Bayesian model Civic Advisory switch maintenance strategy
Source: Bayesian thinking advice