2nd Grade by absences


									                                      2nd Grade
                                   Money WebQuest

You have been selected by your teacher to become one of the money ambassadors for the
second grade class. In order to do a good job as an ambassador, you must learn all that you can
about money so that you can share your knowledge with your classmates when you return to
your class.

Over the next three days, you will be asked to go to many web sites to learn more about money
and also to learn about what makes the state of Texas special. You will be reading the
information on the web sites and answering the questions included on these pages. On the last
day we will hold a competition to see who can make the most money running an online lemonade
stand business. Do you think you will have what it takes to be the grand prize winner? Good luck!

You will be completing three tasks over the next three days. First, you will click on the given links
and answer the money questions associated with the page. You will also be learning about what
makes Texas special. In this section you will design your own Texas State Quarter based on
what you learn about Texas. You will also be voting for one of the real choices for the Texas
State Quarter that will be a part of the 50 State Quarter Program. Your final task will be the
online lemonade stand competition.

Before you begin the process, please take a moment to look in the evaluation section. The rubric
will show you what is required to earn each grade category. The links you will need for each task
are listed in the RESOURCES section.

Your first task
Click on the first link to a website. (http://www.usmint.gov/kids)
Now click on Cartoons and then on Birth of a Coin. You will watch a cartoon about how coins are

1. After you have watched Birth of a Coin, please write three things you learned about how coins
are made.


Task Two
Now click on Link Two to read about the 50 State Quarters Program, and then answer the below

2. What is the 50 State Quarters Program? How would you describe it to
someone who had never heard of it before?

Task Three
In 2004, the Texas state quarter will be available. They are currently trying to decide on a design
for the Texas quarter that would represent our state the best. Go to the third link to read some
important facts about Texas.
3. What are two or three interesting things about Texas that are included on this web page?

Task Four
Please click on link four now to read some more about different things that Texas is well known

4. What are the five listed nicknames of Texas?

5. Do any of the nicknames surprise you? If so, which one and why? If not,which one do you think
represents Texas the best and why?

6. Keeping in mind what you know about what is special and unique about Texas, create your
own design in the circle below for a Texas quarter.

7. Why did you choose the above design for your recommendation for the Texas State Quarter?
Why do you feel that it represents Texas?

Task Five
Click on Link Five to participate in a poll deciding which one of the five finalists should be our
Texas State Quarter. Read the short introduction first. Next click on each of the five coins so that
you may see the detail.

8. Which of the five quarters did you vote for?

9. Why did you choose this as your favorite design for the Texas quarter?

Now that you have decided which of the five choices is your favorite, select your choice and
submit your answer. You will see a graph that shows how many votes each quarter design

10.     Which place did your choice come in (first, second, third, fourth, or fifth)?

11.Which quarter design received the most votes?

12.Which quarter design received the least votes?

Task Six
The poll you just participated in showed the five finalists selected by the Texas Numismatic
Association. What is numismatics? To find out, please click on link six to go to a dictionary web
site. Now type in the word numismatics to find out what it means.

13. How would you describe numismatics to someone who hadn’t heard the word before?

Task Seven
Please click on link seven to play some games that will require you to use your money knowledge
and math skills. Be sure to play at least three games and to make a note below of which games
you had time to play. Have fun!

Task Eight
Lemonade Stand Online Competition
(This page has a fantastic game for the kids. We will have an online competition in which
students will try to make the most money at their lemonade stand in thirty days. I will have an
activity page that goes along with the game that will help them organize their data so that they
can see more readily the variables that influence how much money they make (weather,
temperature, price, lemonade recipe/ratio between lemons, sugar, and ice). I have another
document that goes along specifically with the lemonade stand task to help the students keep
track of their data, but it is saved on my work computer. If you’d like to see it let me know and I’ll
send you a copy!)

Link One
Money minting cartoon

Link Two
50 State Quarters Program

Link Three
Texas Senate for Kids

Link Four
Texas’s Nicknames

Link Five
Texas Quarter Finalists Survey

Link Six
Dictionary Search
http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary OR

Link Seven
U.S. Mint Money Games

Link Eight
Lemonade Stand Game

Your work during this three-day WebQuest will be evaluated by your teacher according to the
following rubric. You will want to make sure that your work completes all of the requirements for
a 3, and try to aim to get 4s!
                              Money WebQuest
                   Beginning     Developing Accomplished          Exemplary         Score

                        1             2              3                 4
                                                                Activity pages
                                                               were completed
                                 pages were
 Activity Pages                                                 with in depth
                   No activity    less than    Activity pages
                                                              answers. Student
                   pages were       50%             were
                                                                made effort to
                    submitted    completed.     completed.
                                                                  give extra
                                 More effort
                                                                 Fantastic Texas
                                                                  State Quarter
                                   Simple       Texas State
 Texas State                                                     design! Student
                                    Texas         Quarter
 Quarter Task       Student did                                      showed
                                Quarter was       showed
                   not complete                                     exemplary
                                 designed.     knowledge of
                     the Texas                                    knowledge of
                                  Only one       Texas. At
                       State                                        Texas by
                                   element       least two
                      Quarter                                   including several
                                representing    elements of
                       Task.                                      Texas details.
                                 Texas was      Texas were
                                                                 Extra effort was
                                  included.      included.
                                                                shown on quarter
                                                                     art work.
                                     Student                        completed
Lemonade Stand                    participated    Student        competition and
  Competition       Student did         in     completed full       ended with
                        not       competition,   30 days of       positive cash.
                   participate in but did not    lemonade          Student can
                    Lemonade        complete    stand sales.      describe what
                       Stand       more than Adequate data        elements are
                   Competition. 20 days of was recorded            important in
                                   lemonade    for each day.         running a
                                  stand sales.                      successful
                                                                lemonade stand.
                                                                 Student was on
                   Student was Student was
                                             Student was            task during
                     frequently  off task at
Participation in                              on task and           WebQuest.
                    off task and times and
 WebQuest                                     adequately              Showed
                       did not      gave
                                             completed all           exemplary
                   complete the    minimal
                                             of the tasks.       knowledge and
                    WebQuest responses to
                                               Good job!        leadership during
                        tasks.   the tasks.
                                                                  required tasks.
Congratulations! You have learned a lot. You are now an official,
second-grade numismatist. You will do a great job as a Money

Before you return to share your knowledge with your class, please take a
moment to think about these questions.

Do you know more about money than you did when you started the WebQuest?
Was there any information that surprised you?

What do you think is the most interesting part of how money is made?

If you could tell someone three things that make Texas special, what would you
tell them?

If you were asked to design a quarter for Round Rock (or Austin), what would it
look like?

Was it easy or hard to run your own lemonade stand? If you had to tell someone
else the most important things about selling lemonade, what would you tell them?
What changes would you make if you played the lemonade stand game again?

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