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					DEREK WAYNE JOHNSON ACTOR                                                        

SAG Eligible                                       Age Range: 18-35 Height: 5'10” Weight: 165 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Front of the Class / Tourette’s Group Leader – supporting actor (in prod.)
I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell / Friend # 2 – supporting actor (post. prod.)                          Men of Respect / Travis – lead actor
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt / Reporter #4 – supporting actor (post-prod.)                        The Next Step / Handicap Man – lead actor
Within Us (feature) / Garrick - lead actor                                                        Downtown / Officer Johnson – lead actor
Within Us (short) / Garrick, The Jester, Man of the Lake – lead actor (multiple roles)                       Flashback / Adam – lead actor
Ruffian / Waiter, Bartender, Gate Worker                                                            American Goldfish / Restaurant patron
The Initiation of Sarah / Pledge , Fraternity guy , College student                                     Love Ransom / Dancer, Pedestrian
The Guardian / Wedding Attendee                                                                                Plather / Chuck – lead actor
Plummet / Jeremy - lead actor                                                                                Plather 2 / Chuck – lead actor
Guy in the Trunk / Derek - lead actor                                                                      Wonderlust / Chuck – lead actor
Metamorphosis / Father - lead actor                                                        En Passant / Cyborg Soldier – supporting actor
Sleeping Art / Scout - lead actor                                                                        Last Chance / Martin – lead actor
Wish Thief / Stank - supporting actor                                                                   Small Talk / Joe – supporting actor
The Shakedown / Rigby , Stank – lead actor (dual roles)                                              Gepetto’s Way / Gepetto – lead actor
Dark Relic / The Murderer – lead actor                                                                       Vengeance / Blitz – lead actor
The Martial Artist / The Fighter – lead actor                                                                  The Pardon / Photographer
Smiley Face / Rex , Old Man , Dad – lead actor (multiple roles)                                Innocent’s Way (short) / Ethan – lead actor
The Getback / Brett Forreal – lead actor                                       Innocent’s Way (feature) / Ethan – lead actor (in pre-prod.)
Your Boyfriend (Plather music video) / Chuck – lead actor                Boondoggle: The Movie / Robert Grey – lead actor (in pre-prod.)
Peanut Butter and Bones (Plather music video) / Chuck – lead actor                        Table Manners / Dave – lead actor (in pre-prod.)
Weird and Random Thoughts with Murray and Eddie / Murray – lead actor                            Billy Stay / Dusty – lead actor (post prod.)
Vampyre Majick / Josh – lead actor                                                          Chicken Salad / Edward Peterson – lead actor
Thief / featured in 3 episodes                                                               Robinson Film Center commercial / lead actor
The Outdoor Channel / Tru-Timber Outdoor Products commercial – lead actor                                 El Chico commercial / lead actor
Boondoggle: The Movie / co-writer, producer, director, lead actor (in pre-prod.)             The Midnight Man / stand-in for Josh Stewart
Cleaner / stand-in, photo double for Ed Harris                                                            Wish Thief / 1st assistant director
The Mist / stand-in for Thomas Jane                                                               Love Ransom / unit production manager
Ruffian / stand-in for Frank Whaley and Keith Flippen                  Innocent’s Way / writer, producer, director, lead actor (in pre-prod.)
Within Us / writer, director, editor, lead actor                                         American Goldfish / stand-In, production assistant
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button / stand-in for Elias Koteas                                The Guardian / stand-in for Bryan Geraghty
TRAINING:                                                                                                                    EDUCATION:
Brad Maule – personal acting coach                                           Bachelor of Arts – Major: Art (Cinematography / Filmmaking)
Barbara Brinkley, C.S.A. monthly acting workshops – personal acting coach                     Minor: Communications (Radio / Television)
LALA weekly acting workshops                                                             Stephen F. Austin State University - August 2006
Acting for the Camera / Improvisation / Combat for the Screen monthly workshops                 The LeaderShape Institute – August 2002
E-Model Modeling and Acting Convention Orlando, FL                                                      Carthage High School – May 2001
Screen Acting (trained under Barbara Brinkley, C.S.A. & Brad Maule from ABC’s General Hospital), Filmmaking, Method Acting,
Character Acting, Intense Drama, Cry on demand, Improvisation, Acting for the Camera, Impressions / Impersonations, Transitioning in
and out of multiple characters, Screenwriting, Producing, Directing, Editing, Cinematography, Black Belt, Fight Choreography, Sports,
Martial Arts, Public Speaking, Graduate of film school with focus on screen acting and writing / directing