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					Financial Economic Financial Accounting (Undergraduate Curriculum financial exam
Financial Economic Financial Accounting (Undergraduate Curriculum financial exam
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(A) professional courses
(B) financial exam
(C) undergraduate video
(A) professional courses
Standard rates: look at the detailed list of information, Negotiable
2009 Peking University Guanghua School of Management full information financial
professionals Kaoyan
2009 Peking University, School of Economics Economics 869 full review information
2009 Foreign Trade International Trade Institute of the University of Economics
Kaoyan full set of information 815
2009 Foreign Trade University, Institute of Finance Kaoyan full information
2009 Tsinghua SEM 845 full set of information economics Kaoyan
2009 Tsinghua SEM 847 micro-economics Kaoyan full review information
Capital University of Economics Economics 901, complete their job opportunities
2009 Central University of Finance and Economics 801, a full set of data by
(B) financial exam
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First, the 08 gold full range of financial exam video course (complete with handouts,
analog video, e-books)
1: Preparing Financial exam
Review Policy 2 stresses
Jin Cheng 2008 financial review strategy exam outline. Pdf
2: preparatory classes
Investment Lecture 6
International Finance Lecture 9
Microeconomics Lecture 8
Macroeconomics Lecture 5
Money and Banking Lecture 6
2008 Kim Cheng preparatory notes. Pdf
3: Intensive
36 Investment talk
16 stresses the International Finance
Macroeconomics 14 talk
Microeconomics 16 talk
Money and Banking 16 talk
Economic Analysis of a talk Zhenti
Fundamentals of Financial Guidance (Third Edition). Pdf
4: The way to win the gold
Review experience a stress
Financial planning seminars a speaking career
5: Sprint Class
Sort of knowledge of international finance, say 5
Sort of knowledge about microeconomics 4
Sort of knowledge about macroeconomics 4
Money and Banking knowledge about carding 3
Investment in knowledge about carding 7
Hot Topic 1 Lesson 4
Hot Topic 2 Lesson 4
Finance based simulation questions and Xiangjie. Pdf
6: Problem explanation
4 International Financial learn about title talk
Microeconomics Lesson 5 Exercises to explain
5 questions about learning to explain macroeconomic
Money and Banking learning about issues to explain 3
Learn about investment issues to explain 4
7: Die Kaban
Class 11 exam stress mode
2008 Golden process model papers. Pdf
Second ,02-07 Details of the financial exams own sales analysis Complete electronic
02-07 years, detailed analysis of financial exams own sales (a total of 16 PDF text
2002 financial exams 真题. Pdf
2003 financial exams 真题. Pdf
2004 financial exams 真题. Pdf
2005 financial exams 真题. Pdf
2006 financial exams 真题. Pdf
2007 financial exams 真题. Pdf
2007 exam-like questions of financial. Pdf
2007 exam-like questions of financial analysis. Pdf
Analysis of 2002 financial exams Zhenti. Pdf
Analysis of 2003 financial exams Zhenti. Pdf
Analysis of 2004 financial exams Zhenti. Pdf
Analysis of the 2005 financial exams Zhenti. Pdf
Analysis of 2006 financial exams Zhenti. Pdf
Analysis of 2007 financial exams Zhenti. Pdf
Third, in 2007 the British together to strengthen the financial exam video counseling
Appendix :02-08 list of schools the financial exams, and statistical situation
(C) undergraduate video
Standard rates: 10 yuan / doors, large favorably
Peking University (fine focus recommended)
Property and liability insurance
Financial Management
Cost Accounting
Development Economics
Real Estate Economy
Risk Management
Public Relations
Management Accounting
International Finance
International Economics
International trade
International Business Law
International credit
International Marketing
Principles of Accounting
Money and Banking
Financial market
Economic Law
Economic seminar
Human Resources Development and Management
A Life & Health Insurance
Life and health insurance B
Socio-economic survey
Socialist market economy
Database Principles
Investment Banking
Western Finance
Modern Management Science
Modern business management
Consumer Behavior
Strategic Management
Securities Investment
Political Economy
China's foreign trade
Organizational Behavior
Xi'an Jiaotong University
Mao Zedong Thought
Computer Application
Commercial banking business and management
Political Economy
Linear Algebra
International trade
Industrial Economics
Principles of Management
University Language Service
Theory and Practice of Central Bank
Social Security Studies
Trust and Rent
Business Administration
Policy Finance
International Financial Services
International Credit and Investment
Public Relations
Government budget and budget accounting
A study of financial markets
Financial Market B
State-owned Assets Management
Corporate Finance
Government procurement system
University Language C
Property insurance
Public investment and financing
Tax Planning and Acting
Financial Law
Project evaluation
English examination guidance
Enterprise Financial Management
International Finance B
International Finance A
English examination guidance
Computer Application
Linear Algebra
Principles of Management
Financial Accounting
Economic Law
Theory and Practice of Central Bank
Corporate Finance
Commercial banking business and management
Financial Futures
Project evaluation
International Settlement
International Credit and Investment
Financial Audit
Zhengzhou University
Linear Algebra
Marxist Philosophy
Political economy (capital)
Money and Banking
Central Banking
Western Economics (micro)
Securities Investment
Investment Banking in Theory and Practice
International Settlement
International Investment
Political Economy (Socialism)
Western Economics (Macro)
Commercial Bank Management
Bank Accounts
Shanghai Jiaotong University
International Logistics
Human Resource Management
Strategic Management
Western Economics
Based securities market
Advanced Financial Accounting
Intermediate Accounting
Quality Management
Cross-border investment
Interpreting company reports
Exhibition Planning and organizing
Business Letters
Money and Banking
Exhibition Resources Development and Utilization
Exhibition Introduction
International payment and settlement
International Business
International Trade Practice
International Finance
Principles of Management
Public Relations
Contemporary Chinese government system
Finance and Taxation
Theory and Practice of Customs
Harbin Institute of Technology
International Finance - suppressive
Financial Practical Writing
Financial Management - Tao Ping
International Economics - Wang Yu
Marketing - Zangqing Fu
Economic basis - Shu-Lin Wang
Risk Investment - Yao Fengge
Fundamentals of Management - Chun-Jiang Zhao
Macroeconomics - Shu-Lin Wang
International trade theory - Li Ping
Financial Engineering - Tian Li
Tax Introduction - Kang Yuhong
Stock Exchange - Pang Haifeng
Statistics - Ching
Investment Banking in Theory and Practice - Wu Jing
Microeconomics - Shu-Lin Wang
Computer Principles of curriculum design
Theory and Practice of Commercial Banks
Investment Banking in Theory and Practice
Theory and Practice of Central Bank
Economic Law
Finance Case Study - Yao Fengge
Financial Market - Feng Jin
Investment - ZHAO Chun-jiang
Contract Management - Liu Renhui
Futures Trading
Assets assessment has
Money and Banking
Zhejiang University
Zheng Gang Management of Technological Innovation
Zhang Yan of Educational Psychology
Leadership Science CHEN Jin
Securities Investment Yao Zheng
Strategic Management 2007
Financial Management 2007
Financial Management Case Study
Advanced Financial Accounting car Mei Young
Cost Accounting Xieji Li
Management Accounting Liu Chengji
Xu Ming Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Team management Miao Qing
Business communication and negotiation Li Shumin
Fu Xian Xia Human Resource Management
Business Ethics Zhang Hang
Customer Relationship Management Chen Mingliang
Brokers Han Fuguo
Deng Juan import and export business
Principles of Accounting Liu Chengji
Accounting Xieji Li
Fu Public Accounting
International Business Niyun Hu. Xuzhong Hai
Zhang Jue International Trade Correspondence
Cheuk Chun international financial practices
International Accounting Luo Guan Liang
Public Organization Performance Management
Financial Accounting Case Study
Production Operations Management
Finance 32 hours Zhong-Ming Zhang
Market Research
Information Management Geya force
International Trade Zhuo Jun
Finance and Accounting Liu Manlu
Fu Xian Xia Management
Accounting basis
Fundamentals of Marketing
Intermediate Accounting Zhao
Corporate Finance Xue-Fang Zhang
Project Budget
International Finance analyzing the range
Securities Investment
Commercial Bank Management and Administration
Young Mei car Accounting English
Southeast University
35 hours E-Commerce Law
E-commerce website design and management of 64 hours
E-commerce and business management 48 hours
E-commerce and modern logistics of 48 hours
Management information system 33 hours
International Accounting 32 hours
16 hours of simulated practice of international trade
International Trade 48 hours
Accounting software should be 16 hours
Commercial Bank Management 32 hours
Business correspondence 48 hours
Network Finance 45 hours
Western Economics 32 hours
Financial Management 48 hours
Financial and taxation 64 hours
E-commerce 48 hours
Trade in services 35 hours
Management Accounting 48 hours
Bank Accounting 48 hours
Industry Analysis 30 hours
Corporate Finance 21 hours
International Finance 50 hours
Money and Banking 48 hours
Marketing 48 hours
Jilin University
Insurance 64 talk
48 about financial management
Finance 64 talk
Industrial Economics 48, stresses +3 counseling
Cost accounting 32 talk
Computerized Accounting and Auditing 64 talk
Advanced Financial Accounting 64 talk
Public Sector Economics 66 +4 counseling about
Management Accounting 32 talk
Management Mathematics 62 talk
Management Information Systems 48 3 about + counseling
48 Principles of Management speak
32 speak for International Settlements
32 stresses the international financial
64 stresses the international financial
International Economics 64, stresses
32 say international trade
International Business Management 48 3 speak + guidance
National Economics 48, stresses + counseling 3
30 say Macroeconomics
48 about the accounting information system
64 about accounting
Money and Banking (Gaosheng Ben) 64 talk
Basic Accounting (Gaosheng Ben) 64 talk
Technical economics speak + guidance 3 48
Economic Law 48 talk
Economic statistics say 32
48 Enterprise Management speak
Strategic Management Guidance 48 stresses +3
Human Resource Management (Gaosheng Ben)
64 commercial banks, about business management
32 speak foreign accounting
Auditing 48 talk
An Introduction to speak the world economy 48 3 + counseling
32 about tax administration
Learn about microeconomics 48
Western Economics 48, stresses
48 stresses of modern business management counseling 3 +
Project Financing 32 + guidance 2 stresses
Information economics speak + guidance 3 48
64 stresses the Securities Investment
48 about the central bank business management
32 about property assessment
International economic cooperation speak + guidance 2 32
32 say international trade + Guidance 2 correspondence
Northwestern University
53 class fiscal and monetary
Financial cost management 66 hours
Financial Management 64 hours
Cost Accounting 44 hours
Contemporary World Political Economy and International Relations 29 hours
Advanced Financial Accounting 47 hours
Public Finance 52 hours
36 hours of public relations
Public Policy 48 hours
Management Management Accounting 52 hours
Management economics 36 hours
Managerial Psychology 35 hours
Management information system 64 hours
Management 25 hours
International Accounting 36 hours
International Finance 49 hours
Theory and practice of international economic cooperation 30 hours
International trade 43 hours
International Trade Theory and Practice
International Trade 66 hours
International Marketing
State tax 38 hours
Accounting 25 hours
Money and Banking 32 hours
Based Auditing
Financial and credit 31 hours
Economic Law
Economic Mathematics () 6 hours + 1 tutorial
Economic Mathematics (under) 57 hours
Multinational companies 34 hours
18 hours of trade negotiations
Human Resource Management 54 hours
Social Psychology 32 hours
Introduction to Sociology 6 hours
Foreign Accounting 45 hours
39 hours of production quality control
Market economics
Market Information Science 36 hours
Marketing 35 hours
Statistics 64 hours
Investment 48 hours
Business correspondence lessons
Western Financial Accounting 45 hours
Western Economics 48 hours
30 hours of modern business management
Information Management 27 hours
Information on the scientific basis for 45 hours + 3 recitations
Information Systems Analysis and Design 48 hours
Applied Statistics 48 hours
Government and Public Accounting
China's foreign trade
Security Studies
Marketing Simulation 30 hours
University of Electronic Science and Technology
International trade 42 hours
Financial Management 30 hours
Marketing 26 hours
Public Relations 32 hours
Human Resource Management 46 hours
University of Petroleum
Financial Management
Western Economics
Financial Accounting (1)
Financial Accounting (2)
Financial Management (48 talk)
Tongji University
Engineering Economics
Management Theory
Principles of Accounting
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