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Today, China's first winning season in the final curtain
  ?Did not fully see the whole race down, because there are a boring old lady who
depend on outdated Gangtai Ju, we can only submit.
  ?When it came time to see the time has come to the championship final. Surprises us
but to be expected that the two finalists came from Anhui Province, respectively, and
Song Wenming Zhou Yu from Shandong.
   The atmosphere is indeed tight, even a coyote has been known as Zhou Yu
obviously feel the tension, after all, is the final stage, after all, the two examiners was
sitting Liu and Zhang. After sitting still, such as Niu Gensheng, business tycoons like
Mr. Wu. Each of the backing is not small. Prior to my favorite Urahama won the
contest's main sponsor of China Unicom's "World
Wind Pass", I do not know what an award. But that money is there as much
as three million. Finally, he remained with his usual style one to a possession of the
first poem for his acceptance speech, talent raging bullish ah!
   Zhou Yu and Song Wenming finals in the final performance of the reason may be
due to stress, do not they show in the previous game as well, expression was almost.
But ultimately Song Wenming Technology has the edge, won the favor of the public
audience and the judges, won the championship, also received venture capital
investment to his 10 million. Until today, I knew that he had on the China Europe
International Business School EMBA, is the only one in the players received such
professional training. This is The judges gave him a large vote as a factor. Zhou
Yu's personality and persistence of course, won the same one to everyone
recognized his knowledge of the structure may be imperfect, and his body there do
exist coyote character, as Haier's Zhang on his last comment, he is to it can
pit one against ten, work independently. And relatively speaking, Song Wenming was
just a handsome, his character is more moderate, but adhering to the principles, act in
a more team-oriented cooperation and the role and the team can make even greater
achievements. Liu's comment is his attention to the good record in the
reality TV star design new products, the performance of that field, I have seen that
game, and Liu old point of view is relatively unique, but also unanimously approved,
is that field game when captain in the Song Wenming, as a member of Ren Chunlei as
upholding their own views and leave, Song Wenming though embarrassed to find him
alone, but can communicate and have a program in their own, and see any Jubilee has
a better program to make a decision immediately closed with Ren Chunlei program,
this shows that Song does have the courage to do great things, but also have a mind to
do great things.
   Tomorrow, next season will begin enrollment, which has a more entrepreneurial
opportunity. I will go?
   Waiting for an answer.
                     Completed on December 5, 2006

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