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"Good is coming out" of the book review
First time I heard "Good is coming out" when the name of the
book feel strange, excellent course, trained, and this book in the end you want to say?
So somewhere on this book is full of desire.
1 get this book, I could not wait to read together, the result is that I do not have the
kind of unexpected, "shines" feeling, instead think of Mr. Ron
Clark described the educational scene, the proposed requirements have a familiar feel.
Speak first to be polite and ask about table care, take bus no noise, to see the teacher
and say hi to complete the operation without delay, etc. These are our teachers usually
do not always emphasize it? The book is not lengthy major principles, but rather more
trivial details. But again, read the second time, I have to admire the author's
pursuit of such a spirit on the cause. For a primary school teacher speaking,
"good is coming out" is really a must-read books, so I put it to
another layer of new knowledge. On the education process to seize the often
overlooked details, both strictly teaching the children, but also with love and
enthusiasm won their love and respect. Clark will focus on the teacher not only to
improve children's academic performance, but also pay more attention to
cultivate good habits of children and education.
?The success of the educators, the authors did not mention in the book how to teach,
how to analyze materials, how to prepare lesson plans, and more like talking about
how the people skills, interpersonal skills. A vivid example of vivid, as the reader did
not feel dull, the opposite feeling of the author described in our side, friendly nature.
The book tells the details of the miracle of 55 is indeed often overlooked, and it is the
details of a miracle, a brilliant achievement. The book advocates a child to a child, the
usual bit by bit, every move reflected a respect for the child, child tolerance,
appreciation of the child, and understand the child's inner world, which
allows children to learn in life, and learn self-confidence from the encouragement
from the tolerance of learn patience and learn to appreciate from the praise, and learn
from the acceptance of self-love, appreciate and learn from the action, and learn from
the sharing of gratitude, and learn from the honest truth, and learn from the equity and
justice, respect and learn from the care, trust and learn from the protection , and learn
from the friendly and caring ... ...
?In daily work, Ron Clark gave me a lot of points the practice of enlightenment. For
example: a "problem" students do not have many days to hand
in papers, Ron Clark and his parents did not contact a number of links to. Once finally
contacted, and Clark took the bad news bluntly told the parents of the students, want
to get the support of parents. Did not think that the parents had actually heard, said:
"I am a child at home has always been the case, you will be to look at
it." The answer is really to Clark dumbfounding. Clarke himself may be
aware of its kind and means of communication parents need to be improved, so when
another student make a mistake, he changed tactics. He first of all have patience and
to the parents to make a phone, with the first students to approach different is that he
did not direct the parents to "complain", but to the parents
against their children during this time that he performance of how well the parents
naturally very pleased after hearing that his child to the teacher must keep the pressure
on, parents will strongly tie. Two days later, Clark once again the parents of the
telephone dial, this time presented to the parents of poor children's
performance in these two days, parents are very angry of course, immediately said,
actively cooperate with the teacher work to return home some critics of education
their children. Read Ron Clark's treatment, I really admire his ingenuity.
Depends on human effort, the same thing, different approaches will have different
results. So the future work, we must be innovative, and less advanced students in the
treatment of the issue must be appreciated and criticized the combination of
multi-channel transformed backward students. Elite is coming out, most people have a
narrow education for this understanding: that is, education in schools. Is not the case.
Families and schools to work together so that our children will become outstanding.
In summary the teacher's approach to education I also deeply feel the
charm, wit and education, the challenges of education.

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