Feast of the Pearl River Delta by fdjerue7eeu


									Feast of the Pearl River Delta
   March 16 -22 days, Dongguan Name Furniture, Shunde Long Furniture,
Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, Shenzhen International Furniture Fair opened
in succession. Practitioners across the country gathered in the Pearl River Delta
furniture, furniture industry witnessed the event.

Dongguan Famous Furniture: bamboo furniture leading low-carbon lives
   ?As the four of Guangdong Furniture opened the first show, and head,
"the only one certified by the Global Association of Exhibition Furniture
Exhibition" halo, Dongguan, Guangdong Development Name Furniture
always be the first stop of this year was no exception . After last year's
V-reversal after the economy, the 23rd person in Dongguan Furniture flow were
significantly increased. According to organizers, this year opened in Dongguan
Exhibition Hall 10, booth area is 260,000 square meters, 916 exhibitors, compared
with last year's more than 840 out of 76 buyers for more than 10 million, of
which nearly ten thousand people overseas buyers . Compared with its predecessors,
this exhibition has created three new high: the largest number of exhibitors, the largest
exhibition, the first day of attendance at most (4.2 million).

   ?During the exhibition, Chinese Academy of timber industry, Dongguan Municipal
Science and Technology Council's "Application of bamboo
furniture and bamboo" theme exhibition is also at the same time, the
Organizing Committee in District 2, Hall E creative design draw 1,200 square meters
of space, the introduction of Guangdong , Fujian, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other places
of bamboo and bamboo furniture industry, the organizers and exhibitors, Hsinchu
material in this release the most use of information, display the latest scientific
research, bamboo home and furniture products. Aimed at the development of bamboo
industry boost.
Guangzhou International Furniture Fair: the revolution in the light distribution
   ?March 18-21, the 25th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair China Import and
Export Fair Complex in the hold. The exhibition scale reached 50 million square
meters, more than 2,700 exhibiting companies, around the modern and antique
furniture, two key civilian launched seven major themes for the 100 000 Chinese and
foreign sellers seek to provide one-stop concept development platform.
   ?25th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair over the data with the successful
defense of the "Asia, world leader" in this industry. To enhance
the authority of exhibition, this exhibition was held in Guangzhou,
"forward-looking          2010,     embraced     the   Chinese     distribution
revolution" Forum, forum, renowned economist Li Daokui do a
"2010 China's economic development trends and business
address "speech, and with the United States grams of America home, the
Federal furniture, Qu U.S. furniture, Meikailong Group, to discuss with people in the
post-crisis era, the terminal stores how to break the distribution bottleneck for
furniture manufacturers to create their own distribution channels, wonderful views
and for all of the participants experienced a brain storm.
Shenzhen International Furniture Fair: Design-based play
   ?The 25th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition in Shenzhen exhibition
twice a year to show a year later into the second. In 2009, Shenzhen, Shenzhen
Exhibition Exhibition Organizing Committee announced that it will change next year,
also said the adjustment for the annual session of the Shenzhen exhibition, the quality
will not fall, bring all exhibitors of the harvest will not be more than twice a year
Show less.
   ?The exhibition area of 160,000 square meters, up 560 exhibitors, buyers 133,801,
of whom 124 344 were domestic buyers, international buyers 9457 people.
   ?The "low-carbon, Broadwood, happiness at home" as the
theme of the Shenzhen Furniture Fair in line with the theme of economists Lang
invited to participate in "Global Climate Change ? How do the Chinese
furniture industry transformation and upgrade" forum, and as a guest
speaker . Forum, Lang described his view of energy saving furniture industry. He
believes that the furniture industry to join the ranks of the most important point
carbon is compressed chain, reduce the storage and speed up product flow rate. And
said that China's furniture manufacturers to get furniture, Chinese furniture
industry, pricing power is the next development.
   ?As the design capital of the Shenzhen Furniture Fair naturally can not let such a
big issue opportunities. Furniture Fair in Shenzhen, Shenzhen University, School of
Architecture Dean invited Wu Hua, Hunan Academy of Design and other authorities
who can win the second annual design business ? China (Shenzhen) Furniture Design
Forum, the design of home life on a low-carbon development, generated by the
impact of manufacturing an important part of and factors to analyze study.
   ?In addition, for the first time introduced a new concept design exhibition - Design
Dome is also the highlight of this exhibition in Shenzhen. Lecture Hall 5, Design
Dome seminar held in the region without interruption, from all over the design elite in
this wonderful time to elaborate on their design concepts, collisions innovative spark.
                                                       Analysis: Kuai Le

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