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					Eye of the
This is a years ago I "forgive and forget" to see the story inside
the book, the content is, in a village, there lived a baker named Fork, the bread and
teachers, tall and thin, even chin, nose high and sharp, individual and very honest,
spread justice and justice all the time, but telling the villagers turn away.
His wife told him different, his wife called Hilda, long usually round and bright dwarf,
a man of gentle and kind, never to promote justice in words above, but the villagers
are willing to close with her, sharing her the kind that comes out of sensations.
Fork Hilda highly respect, and love her husband, but there is hope for more from her
husband's warmth. Unfortunately, there is no way to get the total.
One morning, Fork finished work home and found that even lay beside Hilda a
strange man. News of her infidelity, quickly spread throughout the village, we all
thought would certainly just Fork from the home of his wife. But the Fork claim to
forgive his wife, still live with Hilda.
However, there is no way to truly forgive Fork and Hilda, as long as he thought of his
wife, can not but feel the pain, full of hate, he only pretended to forgive her, with his
mercy to punish Hilda.
His behavior, deceived the people, but can not fool god. When his heart rises against
Hilda's hatred, the angel in his heart there is inside, dropping a pebble, so
he felt the throes of a while, as if he had found his wife for infidelity, brought him the
same pain. His pain is so big he hated his wife, and he hated his wife makes him even
more pain, so he plunged into an abyss of suffering which can not extricate
Inside his heart piled stones, heart of the increasingly heavy burden, even with waist
are not straight up every day and bent, sad Fork really wished I could die.
One night, an angel appeared before him, told him that the injured heart can only rely
on "eye of" the divine power to heal, because the
"eye of" insight into the causes of his injuries, could help him
with new eyes to see the Greek Zelda, Hilda no longer seen as betraying his wife, but
a need for his fragile woman, the only way he can be cured.
Fork 1 is not convinced, protested:
"No one can change the past, Hilda guilty of a crime is a fact."
Angel said:
"Yes, you really can not change the past, only to treat the trauma of the
past, only through the" eye of the "new perspective in the past,
you can do. "
Fork in the under the situation of no choice, he can only ask the angels:
"I like how you can get" eye of the "mean?
"Angel told him:
"You just ask for it, you can get."
Moreover, each time when a new perspective Fork Hilda, he will reduce some of the
stone heart. At first, this is a cuckold's Fork, really do not want to be, he
has used to hate the moment, also switch over, but he is too painful, so eventually
open to "eye of the" angel gave him, Hilda in the Fork of the
eye which really have changed, no longer is a betrayal of her husband's bad
woman, but a love him, needs his woman, and the angels in accordance with
convention, his heart The removed stones one by one, has spent a lot of time, but Fork
is still felt, his heart every day to reduce the burden, he can walk upright, of course,
because of his " eye of the "role, he and Hilda began to a better
Although we are not Fork, Fork, but there will be more or less shadow, appearance,
integrity, spacious, yet inwardly we could not help but remember other
people's evil count, the backlog of hatred, so that to his mind trapped in a
prison full of hate , the lack of freedom, not only affect their relationships with others,
but also damage his own soul with flesh, do not, the loss is incredibly heavy, worse,
very often, our own was also bored in the bone, the situation on their own ignorance,
can only wait helplessly.
In fact, do not like the story said, a little angel appeared to use "eye of
the" can we be rescued, our God, our hearts and minds well aware, as long
as we are willing to seek Him opening, he can help us, let us recognize their own
situation, but can give us to go beyond the capacity of state, so that our wounds are
healed, the troubled heart be free, to live more at ease, joy and rich, the secret is that
we do not open open request, you believe it? Worth trying Oh!
This article is taken from: cosmic rays, the audio magazine in October 2001 No.

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