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   Often to do so in sweat like: past lives is not a polar bear of Antarctic penguins,
anyway, certainly very far from the equator ... ...
   Fear on this planet as the first few animals a hot one, I find myself is,
"thermal expansion and contraction," a living natural laboratory
human added proofs, one summer, to uphold the big head. IQ measured about
yesterday, down 15 points really shows that the extra brain capacity are all loaded into
the paste.
   This happens for some years, in the eyes of most of the time, in addition to books
on the front of the word, the word computer is facing. Combinations of the text is
good, clearly not paste the expertise, paste the specialty is to make the text stick into a
ball. Originally the first night owl, and now will get a clear night, so he had to reverse
in this world of black and white to black and white reversed, and the unfortunate
negative does not now, or what I cherish every day, sit up all night.
   It's that day and night to house a, only swimming only exposure
opportunities. That often go to the hotel, only 30 meters long swimming pool, swim
3000 meters out 100 times were the first. During previous trips to the water to fall
asleep, only when the pool wall in the quick run into a few seconds to wake up
automatically to complete the prodigal son of Jin Bu Huan action. Now do not sleep
inside his head always held the debate team when Journey to the West from the East
to the Party, traveling from west to east is B, if they accidentally touched his head,
chances are that a general jury Yu. Even if not bumped, this trend continues, it is
likely to be a hair model LI teacher, "is the Golden Age of the Greater
China Zan, 1.3 billion smile full of heaven and earth," such phrases made,
I firmly believe that only the head in the water bubble long time ago state to work out.
   The real exposure is to be my cell phone number 133, has been approaching
ignition. The number used for many years, the depth of qualifications, can be traced
back to the first batch of CDMA mobile phones with color "shiny pedal
gut" the occasion. TOM website was serialized in "macro
intellectual garbage", once there have been three readers to find this
number, call to find the first eggs of the cock, while I was flattered admiration not,
surely it should now be all three people Search the pillars of the meat industry instead.
Information was also sold by unscrupulous agencies, child care Monkey Hongfu it a
long time, I received numerous sell all kinds of this products, various forms of
insurance, all types of financial, sections of the securities, credit, national immigration
various invoices, and even separate ways virgin phone and SMS. One of the most
persistent, is also invited our training institutions dedicated to the lectures of the
phone, the content to a single field from the full set of inspirational EMBA everything
fast, colorful, and it is often a simple decline can not easily be concluded, there is
always gentle and sweet Girls have taken the trouble to tell you, to have the
opportunity to listen to their hired on the spot, "Tsinghua University
Professor", "Fudan professor" (strange that
impression has never been "university professor", Guanghua
School of Management, teachers need to work Oh) open Meng Kai Chi, wrong way is
a bit of life a great blessing, a hundred years to the fate repair. Another series of
questioning, "Why not participate? Please give me a reason please? In the
end what it inappropriate? To leave you five tickets enough?", Not forcing
you to all the patience, grace, accomplishment, humility so fine decoration fall out of
good character were rare Palestinian bad, exposing the real face of coarse unruly
never give up. 133 I say that traveling with wireless Internet access is very good, but
the last straw under, it seems that an early end to dual-mode dual standby with a
monopoly state-owned enterprises to make a double contribution to being taken
advantage of his career, back to single mode to be tolerant of.
   Heat can hardly carry, appetite will also be exposure into shriveled, appetite
naturally can not help sagging. South of the summer, the only advantage is that there
are several kinds of delicious fruit market, such as lychee and longan. Since the
beginning of summer, in my daily meals among the normally fixed lunch menu is the
watermelon and litchi on, he never get tired of eating lychees most 100. Su was the
first famous ad teacher of poetry, "Rover Yamashita 4:00 Spring, Lu
orange plum new sequence. Litchi 300 on taste, to endure long for Lingnan
people." Lu orange, apricot looks like a very pitifully fallen into the
dancers, in fact, not that they do not grow, but the lead singer of the litchi is too great.
I certainly am not such a big appetite for Su, but the taste of litchi 30 days or regular
dry matter. Today, I specifically used the paste-weather seasons do a bit of arithmetic
word problems, 300 litchi probably have to spend 180 yuan a month, individual
consumption of fruits and 5,400 yuan, the Soviet Union took the teacher even if the
conduct of public affairs Church special allowances, such as standard of living is also
very corrupt ah.
   Childhood home with wells, lychees came out, tied a string into the water, iced
effect absolutely overwhelmed refrigerator. Also the kitchen next to the longan trees
on a high, so more will inevitably followed suit longan. But compared to longan,
litchi color a little more brightly, and the meat more, it is even more on my other laity
appetite. Of course, all the fruit lychee is quite a literate, Li's teacher in the
"Compendium of Materia Medica", wrote: "eat it
litchi, Bunao fitness," No wonder I can here this nonsense Bowen. Read
about the "modern medical research," says, lychees have
"accelerated toxin exclusion, to promote cell growth, such as the role
delicate skin, detoxifies the ideal fruit is." But I doubt that scientific
research due to its "modern medical research", not as due to
"ancient literature."
   As we all know, and Su lychee par poetry works, Du Mu teachers "over
Chinese Qing Ruin": "Looking back embroidered piles of
Chang'an, the Peak 1 000 sequential open. A princess riding a human
society, no one knew it was Lychee to" . It said that the Tang emperor to
amuse her happy at using the state machinery, the moving story of a thousand miles
express litchi. To say when the emperor is indeed no matter when the benefits of
government than what can not be surprising that rivers of blood should get on that the
Throne. Just think, if Li Longji teacher is now under investigation for corrupt officials,
the call of the senior students Yang Yuhuan take-away, able to escape into the typical
anti-corruption materials. But even the emperor himself, not always rational when gas
is not strong. Although teachers and Yang Lee directed the students to close ranks
with large-scale performance art, ahead of 1000 years of China's growing
industry, transportation, logistics industry plus sports, horse races, relay events and
special management areas for the system are made quite modern standards a useful
attempt, but obviously the price is too high, the basic equivalent to God today, God
seven eight, not to mention only Bo Xiao San favor, conception is not high, and
enhance independent of national pride, so unjustifiable gas not strong to conceal, Du
teacher angry that "no one knows is the lychee in" means that it
must be the honey chicken Datang countries.
   But I guess even if the teacher intentionally did not mention Li Longji, Yang
Yuhuan students can not not play it, or does it mean to say very wonderful time. Like
the legendary value of one million to 12 million in the lodge between Sinopec
Aladdin's lamp, if unknown to hang in there, lost the use of huge amounts
of money the 99 percent significance - if only want to play The role of lighting, then
to 10 000 I guarantee it bright enough. So a suitable Xian Bai, almost indispensable
step, from a certain perspective, that sum will not waste large sums of money. The
problem is "appropriate", that means Xianbai the time, place,
manner, intensity, especially object to the right, or encountered a dead identified
reason, then the dead end of a drill, that huge hole Niubi have been numerous possible
Chuochu . So, launching a campaign to waste time and money smell Xian Bai,
inevitably it is easy to fall into the paradox - is not that on like silk clothing nocturnal,
said the fear of spread of excessive force by countless pairs of eyes watching and
numerous finger poke point, it is easy imagine, it is a kind of intolerable exposure.
                       ?Lychee Why so red? Exposure.
                                       ?July 19, 2009

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