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									Experts on the Scientific Development (Continued)
This model actually reflects the grasp of the law, the law is the type institutionalized.
What type? Is the law of institutionalization. VI, we know, one is an innovative
country. Which has repeatedly stressed in the report, and building an innovative
nation. Many Congress, Comrade Hu Jintao said the report, by 2020 we had to move
an innovative country. Read the speech very well with the convergence of the last
speech, no contradictions are to form an innovative country by 2020.
Innovation-oriented country that criteria? He is a standard, this type is what? In fact,
there are two standards can be measured. Now recognized as the world,
innovation-oriented country in 20 or so, like Japan, USA, Finland. From the
quantitative point of view there are several: First, the contribution of science and
technology more than 70%, the proportion of R & D accounted for 2% of
GDP, foreign technology dependence is generally below 30%. Reached as long as
three indicators, called innovative country. If you call an innovative country, then at
least three criteria must be met. Technological dependence as the United States is 5%.
Our country is now almost 50%. In this one, we are far from innovative country.
Including our share of R & D GDP, a little also by a few around. We are 24
trillion GDP is about the size of a 1% increase What is the concept? That thousands of
100 million. From 1.2% to 2%, you will be willing to suddenly come up with a few
thousand billion investment in, not to say that so easy. The contribution rate of
scientific and technological progress we have very low, 40%, 50% ah. And how the
quality of this contribution is quite problematic sample. So it should be said that
China is still very far away from this type. I am very worried about the six types, this
type can not be achieved by 2020. This type is too difficult. In particular, we are
technology dependent 54%, that is, we use 10 years to add 30% per year, then that is
two percentage points lower each year. We are a large number of imported technology,
not exports, and imports increasing scale. How can you guarantee that the same as
energy conservation every year drop down? I think this difficulty is also very large.
So we established this type, from very far away.
     The second increase the level of an open economy. In the past we say that an open
economy, or increase the level of opening up, this type is the seventh largest for the
first time added. For example, innovative, and I came in 2006 put forward.
Service-oriented practice in 2004 Wen Jiabao put forward. Learning society in that
time, Jiang Zemin put forward to. However, a large open economy is 17 the first time
that, no one has discussed other. Well, this type mean? For instance, we now
dependence on foreign trade-GDP ratio. In 2006, our dependence on foreign trade by
65%. 2007, 61% of our dependence on foreign trade. We are import and export trade
depends very large country. This shows that our economy has been integrated into the
tide of the world economy. Of course, I said, this dependence is not a single-phase
degree of interdependence, but a two-phase degree of interdependence, I rely on you,
you rely on me. So we have to raise this type, the type where to focus? For instance,
we now speak, and now 95% of import and export trade, manufacturing, industrial
services trade too little, that is, 95% of manufacturing trade, I sell the cup, I sell any
products, including selling some heavy equipment. So very little trade in services,
trade in services, including lot. Beijing to raise our production services. For example,
lawyers in China to the United States court can? China's law firms in the
United States to open a law firm. This is the trade in services. As the largest U.S. law
firms, annual income can reach 20 billion U.S. dollars of the scale, than many of our
large factory revenue and more. Counsel also a 2000 lawyers, and his view of the
world trade sit ah. There are several law firms in China to the United States to open,
this is a very important trade in services content. That accounts for our very low
weight. Beijing media about me writing a lot of this article, I call for a long time. We
do issue for a long time to do. Development of production services to which aspects
of development, which in fact involves the issue of trade in services. You are
export-oriented manufacturing or service sector export, or we will sell cultural
products, such as China's Confucius Institute, as cultural products I sell my
money, that is not the same type. So, open economy there are many things to shape, if
simply to speak from dependence on foreign trade, indeed we are an open economy,
but this open economy is still relatively low, money is not very high, is a more low
quality of an open economy. But this problem, open economy to the year 2020, should
be said that the formation of relatively high quality of an open economy, I have more
confidence. We should say that there are still many advantages.
    The third type, we say a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society. Of
what is a resource-saving society and what is environment-friendly society, of course,
there are some basic standards which had. For example, your industry, the industrial
structure is not conducive to promoting resource conservation and environment
friendly. Example, if your consumption is not the case, your consump

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