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									Everyone is the taxpayer
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   But common sense is a universal tax booklet, actually be able to attract hundreds of
thousands of concerned, this really flash a bit surprised to Editor Guo Yu.
   Many users of "enlightened, a look surprised" to describe his
book review. Also suggested that the "reserved to the national major
media," so that "every Chinese person to see."
   "Written great!" This is the evaluation of many private
business owners. However, a letter from Guangdong businessman added:
"The problem exposed by the book, in reality I do not know how many
times to be serious." Tax department staff are called to praise.
"Everyone with a conscience." Sighed a departmental cadres, he
even expressed the regret - why did not we talk about in depth point?
   "Chinese people do not understand the tax so original!"
Sitting in the office in Beijing, said Guo Yu flash a string of successive children,
"I did not expect." Late last year, he knows where the
transmission line is called the NGO Institute for social and economic organization,
released a book on the taxation of public readings.
   This book entitled "2008 Handbook on Civil Tax -" Tax and
the plight of China's economy, "series" has been
published on the "knowing transmission" of the web site for
free download. Currently, less than 12 million characters of this e-book click rate has
reached 50 million.
   "Even if not earn a penny, as long as the money to spend,
you're a taxpayer"
   In fact, even the editor of Cen Division I, first of the tax is also not well understood.
   Economics graduates in the memory until the end of last century the first time he
realized that "the tax and their own." At that time, he worked at
a software company, began paying personal income tax.
   And most Chinese people, Yatsenko that he "did not feel anything at that
time" because the monthly income of less than 2,000 yuan, "not
much money to pay the tax." Since China began to levy personal income
tax in 1994, the first threshold is the monthly income of 800 yuan.
   Perhaps, therefore, when he learned that in 2007, "Knowledge
transfer" to compile a series of issues relating to Chinese tax books, the
first reaction is to join, "because the Chinese people lack common sense in
this respect was too."
   At that time the newly established non-governmental organizations, the main
research process of social transformation issues related to free and fair. Guo Yu,
founder of the original purpose of flash is to establish a platform to those ideals,
willing to study the problem of young people's livelihood and to provide a
   "Tax is the livelihood of the core." Guo Yu flash stressed:
"We are talking about many things, such as corruption, consumer rights
protection, farmers were illegal expropriation of land, which in the final analysis it
does not, and tax-related?"
   At the same time, GUO Yu-Semitic found in the country can not find a discussion
of popular tax books. He hand them the one the U.S. public finance scholars 乔尔斯
拉姆 Rhodes (Joel Slemrod) the book "our own revenue"
(Taxing Ourselves). This claim to be citizens of the United States Tax Reform
Handbook, has been turned highly of the master flash.
   "Written in layman's language is simply great!"
32-year-olds can not help but admire. The Political Economy of Beijing University
graduate, decided to make himself a guide for readers in China's tax
   The plan to "transfer knowledge and action," the early days
of finalized, was named "Tax System." In 2007, the first of this
tax manual for the right to publish, entitled "Tax the truth."
Including Cen Section 8, including participation in the writing of which came as part
of a financial journalist.
   Opened a "tax truth" and "2008 Civil Rights Tax
Handbook," "everyone is the taxpayer," the phrase
first entered the reader's attention. GUO Yu-flash explained that this is
because many people do not know their tax almost every day.
   He then set out a list this way: the price of 2 dollars a bag of salt, including
value-added tax of about 0.29 yuan and 0.03 yuan urban construction tax; you go to a
restaurant when the final checkout regardless of how many meals of 5.5% is the sales
tax and urban construction tax; If you spend 100 dollars to buy a bottle of skin care
products, including value-added tax in addition to 14.53 yuan, but also contains the
25.64 yuan and 4.02 yuan of consumption tax in urban construction tax ... ...
   "Good heavens! I knew the original so much taxes to pay, why no one
told me!" A reader greatly surprised to shout. In her concept, the
"taxes and death are two things inevitable in life," but the
phrase is used to describe "how the evil capitalist exploitation of
people," a proverb, so that every time a newspaper of revenue discussions,
she always "eyes are turned, fixing the past."
   Earlier this year, NetEase done on a "calculate how much tax you pay a
lifetime," the survey found that 45% of those surveyed, "what
with their tax payments are not clear," there is only 51% said "I
paid the tax but do not know why taxes used. "
   Including government departments are also debated. As early as 67 years ago it was
suggested that "to taxpayer service" slogan, has been criticized.
Critics say the government can not just services for the taxpayer, but for all peoples.
The implication seems to be, "people" part of the people do not
pay taxes.
   "But the reality?" Yatsenko asked back: "Even if
not earn a penny, as long as the money to spend, you're a
   Further explained that the young scholars, so far, a total value-added tax,
consumption tax and business tax more than 20 kinds of taxes paid by individuals,
some of which, some paid by the company. But in the end these taxes must be borne
by consumers as part of more or less, that is, every time you buy a commodity, to pay
a tax to the government.
   "More horrible, so many people do not even know that they are
taxpayers!" Guo Yu flash frankly, myself as the reader feedback, it was
found that people lack the most basic common sense.
   Thus, in 2008 released this tax manual for citizens, he continued to increase the
publicity of this idea. Not only that, the book adds, "the current tax rate
will be at a Glance" Appendix, I hope more readers the truth about taxes.
   "We pay taxes to support the government, not the government to feed
   Compilation process, the most difficult to understand is that flash Kwok Yuk
Cheung, since everyone's personal tax and related interest, why on this
issue, "People tend to lose their common sense?"
   He picked a few common examples cited, such as some of the people affected areas
by government assistance, they will kneel to the ground, shouting "thank
the Government"; in government offices in the face of cold and the staff of
Procrastination No one will be issued by the consumer should complain ... ...
   "People seem to forget, government revenue and expenditure for each
amount of money, all with their own wallet-related; government public service, is to
charge after tax obligations and should do the job." Guo Yu Flash said.
   Therefore, the basic concept of tax revenue into 2008 another important part of the
manual. "This point is even my first groggy." Editor Cenko said
with a smile.
   In his recollection, the university textbook on duty explained that "from
the people, benefit of the people." Western economics in the classroom, the
tax is defined as the price of public services, citizens pay taxes to spend money to buy
such services and products.
   "Which is right in the end? Oh, we then because of this, often the
teacher asked a Xiabulaitai. One time the school has tracked the door!"
Professor Li Wei, Tianjin University of Finance and optical memories. The last
century, the early 80s, he enrolled in the colleges and universities finance
   The teacher did not answer the ultimate questions of students. Lee Wai-kwong, said
today, in school textbooks in China's tax revenue, "countries
need theory" still occupies a dominant position "on the issue of
taxation has always been the Government's things" and rarely
mentioned the relationship with citizens.
   "Sadly, such a theory is still the students next term of the spread of their
religion, taxation is that, after you go to this to guide your work." Lee
Wai-kwong, it is a sigh.
   The teachers at the University of view, many students are not aware of the basic
idea of taxation. So when he was professor of financial history in their own classroom
when I start them, many students find surprising and fresh.
   Not only is the education system, law and public opinion in the discourse, the
"taxpayers" did not seem to have the status it deserves.
"Constitution"           Article     56     reads     "The
People's Republic of China citizens must pay taxes," not the
right emphasis. In the "Tax Collection and Administration Law of The
People's Republic of China", the taxpayer simply be defined as
   Therefore, the "2008 Civil Rights Tax Manual", meaning the
Cen Kurt "tax people to buy government (personnel) cost of
services" on the home page location. He explained in simple words:
"We pay taxes to support the government, not the government to feed
   "In the relationship between taxpayers and tax people, the taxpayers are
the owners." Economist Mao Yushi that encapsulates the essence of taxes.
   "But those of us master what is image?" Cen Division can not
help but ask.
   He went to the Beijing Municipal Local Taxation Bureau in a work, to see scenes
like this: Some people frown, complete the form in the center of the field; was pious
face, to consult with the staff any problems; more people jammed in the queue, with
an anxious look around the front, hoping to complete the task. As for himself, is
"the same as the grandson," nodded hands, ran several times
before they pay it a tax.
   GUO Yu-Semitic also enjoyed a similar "master" treatment.
To provide for "knowing transmission", he went to the business
sector to register and was told to the designated factory must purchase a value of more
than 2000 yuan of tax control machine. In fact, it was just an ordinary printer, market
price, but a few hundred dollars, but the other side of the flash Kwok Yuk Cheung
said: "If you do not buy anything, you can not pay taxes."
   "The current tax system is a set of state-based, rather than people
oriented." Cenko explains the root causes of these phenomena.
   Mao Yushi is seen from the status of the taxpayer and the tax inequality -
"is the original owner of the taxpayers, tax, tax as a government
department, he is an agent, we are entrusting party, he is a proxy side, we work
entrusted to him, he had to listen to us. But now we turn the tax into the relationship.
   "To the same, as concerned about their wallets, concerned about the tax
status change"
   Right through this tax manual, awaken awareness of taxpayers to change this state
of inequality, is GUO Yu-Semitic, and others had in mind.
   "In a thin pamphlet, there is so much use it?" Some people
can not help but wonder.
   Cen Division has not answered this question. He talked about his first acting
experience to the bank. At that time more and more people line up work, but there is
no corresponding service window open. He could not help and theory up the lobby
manager, and make a complaint call on the spot, the presence of other depositors have
come to support him. Eventually, the bank opened another business windows.
   "You see, when more people began to assert their rights, the situation
will change." Yatsenko said.
   The claims like "较真 child" young man, had been partying
on "undesirable regulars." Because he often accused the civil
servants who have become friends "to spend public money do not know
   "At first I was very angry!" Cenko recalls, "a long
time feel very boring, because someone will say what this thing off you ah! You are
not the Prime Minister!"
   "Now I can confidently say, how can that not my thing, you spend all the
money to the taxpayers to pony up the money!"
   This is also the team he was involved in writing the reasons for GUO Yu flash. The
Peking University Guanghua School of Management, staff, use of spare time and with
the other four, spent half a year to complete the right of this tax manual.
   He believes that education is a citizen taxpayer an important part of education,
particularly in the social transformation process, the taxpayer consciousness Jiqi right
tax system reform, the attention and promotion is very worthwhile for economists
Men attention. "You are always mentioned with the civil rights of people,
rather the taxpayers, and that at least about money, but also of our
attention." He said Jen.
   GUO Yu-flash said, this book is about the cost of 60,000 yuan, is a Foundation
sponsorship. In addition to payment of royalties, they also copied 1000. To enable
more people to read it right this tax directly to the content of the manual posted on the
network. Accordingly, an enthusiastic netizen also prepared a cream version, posted to
various forums.
   The Fujian people also plans to launch series of books: "The focus on
the idea in 2007; 2008, focusing on figures such as the Chinese government how
much tax revenue the like; in 2009 will focus on where the government spent money,
we prepared to the tax situation of the publishing industry as an example. "
   "We will stick with it until we can be as concerned about their wallets,
as concerns changes in tax status." Guo Yu Flash said.
   In the "2008 Civil Rights Tax Manual" was published, many
entrepreneurs complain letter, which exposed the problem that the tip of the iceberg.
   One business owner said: "The letter asked me to list your exactions of
detailed data, it is too much, I can not write one by one, but can tell you is that I then
paid the sum last week, that day I to work saw a fire engine parked in the factory, past
a question, before we know to Subscribe to the "Fire Report"
more than 200 yuan. I immediately gave it, because I know that if you do not give,
soon would they come to check 'fire', and check End certainly
unqualified to even greater when the loss. "
   "The people themselves are the future of the tax system
improved." Guo Yu flash complained that they were comforted. He most
often mentioned in the story is from Shenzhen, three citizens, who from 2006 to the
10 central ministries and several dozen local governments view the proposed budget
application. May 2008, they finally saw the Shenzhen Municipal
Government's draft 2008 departmental budgets; the same year in October,
the Ministry of Health to close They released a comprehensive level departmental
   "People began to believe that government money from the people, need
to first obtain the consent of the people, and how people spend money the
Government should also have powers of supervision and control." Cenko
tax in their own right editor, wrote the manual .

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