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									Events in China Stock Market (2006)
Events in China Stock Market (2006) (2008-09-29 10:04:16)
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Events in China Stock Market (2006)
2006-01-05,      equity     incentives    lead     to    the    G-share    companies
2006-01-05, foreign investors can invest in stocks and newly listed companies G
2006-01-12, SME interests of investors protection guidelines released
2006-01-14, securities and futures supervision of the National Conference
2006-01-25, National Bureau of Statistics: 2005 China's economic growth
rate of 9.9%
2006-02-06, the State Council on the implementation of the new Company Law
issued a notice Securities Law
2006-02-06, SSE Annual Report released seven aspects of the work of the
memorandum clearly
2006-02-06, bond trading has also announced three new rules
2006-02-08, Sinopec subsidiary fully start the integration process
2006-02-09, IPO frequent new draft regulations
2006-02-10, State Council promulgated the long-term planning framework
2006-02-14, Shenzhen City, launched the first ETF funds only
2006-02-15, the new accounting standards promulgated
2006-02-15, settlement approved foreign investment in China A shares of a securities
account opened
2006-02-16, Sinopec 14.3 billion buy-back four subsidiaries
2006-02-22, Central Agriculture at increased input file
2006-02-27, more than half the market value of share reform
2006-02-27, listed companies have debts during the year
2006-03-06, Wen stressed that to develop the capital market
2006-03-07, G Unit welcomed the first foreign strategic investors
2006-03-14, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and Shanghai-Hangzhou Maglev
both approved
2006-03-14, Eleventh Five Year Plan was approved by the Fourth Session of the Tenth
National People's Congress
2006-03-21, insurance funds to invest in new regulations baked
2006-03-21, Hong Kong stock market account social security funds
2006-03-21, the Commission issued new "guidelines listed on the Articles
of Association"
2006-03-22, China on April 1 consumption tax policy from a major adjustment
2006-03-29, the Federal Reserve raising interest rates again
2006-03-31,206 only the operating results of the Fund up to 11.725 billion
2006-04-03, China Unicom join share reform broke off the market value of share
2006-04-10, raw materials, industrial layout adjustment of the State Development and
Reform Commission
2006-04-12, "the securities registration and settlement management
approach" has officially released
2006-04-12, four institutions were eligible for QFII
2006-04-13 The State Council has allowed insurance companies test the water QDII
2006-04-14, six foreign exchange policy changes
2006-04-15, JP Morgan, DBS Bank, JF Asset granted a new quota
2006-04-17, the "new old" will start
2006-04-24, Shang Fulin: appropriate to speed up the process of share reform
campaign of careful treatment
2006-04-26, Securities Regulations further risk control indicators for comments
2006-04-27, ING Bank granted QFII quota this year, the largest single
2006-04-28, the central bank raised lending rates for managing
2006-04-29, new IPO approaches comments
2006-05-08, "the Issuance of Securities by Listed Companies"
2006-05-09, the Commission issued guidelines for the refinancing of two information
2006-05-10, revision "Offering Review Committee" released
2006-05-15, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a new trading rules
2006-05-16, G refinancing restart long as the first power unit
2006-05-16, RMB exchange rate yesterday broke 8
2006-05-18, IPO Measures on
2006-05-18, central authorities have introduced six measures to control the real estate
2006-05-19, supporting the basic rules in place restart focus baked IPO
2006-05-20, money means new shares issued shake
2006-05-23, "Administration of Takeover of Listed Companies"
for public comment
2006-05-23, SAFE increases QFII total of 325 million U.S. dollars two lines
2006-05-24, NDRC raise oil prices
2006-05-25, IPO in the formal resumption of work of international grabbed the first
2006-05-30, nine ministries and commissions together to promote
"15" New Deal real estate regulation
2006-06-01, raised placards Handan Baosteel
2006-06-05, GF Securities acquisition of First Securities backdoor Yanbian Highway
2006-06-06, the Port Group on the Hong Kong convertible mergers in G
2006-06-08, tape Jingxian 4 years one of the biggest fall in more than 300 A shares
down limit
2006-06-09, the Commission issued "the provisions of the securities
market exclusion"
2006-06-11, listed Bank of China approved
2006-06-12, five samples of stock index adjustment
2006-06-14, "Feng Zhuankai" a breakthrough in the program
next month to vote Industrial Fund
2006-06-15, investment bank Credit exaggerated drastic
2006-06-17, the central bank raised the deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points
2006-06-19, Bank of China A share range of inquiry set down
2006-06-20, tradable shares listed on the first day of the first to break the record
number of
2006-06-22, Bank of China A share price 3.08 yuan
2006-06-23, "Securities Investment Fund Management Corporate
Governance Guidelines" for managing the implementation of
2006-06-27, the insurance industry, "State 10" issued
2006-06-28, Bank of China, the freezing of funds 548 900 000 000 online purchase
2006-06-29, the State Council issued a number of comments to speed up the
revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry
2006-06-30, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange next month to implement new
trading rules
2006-06-30, for managing the national electricity price increases again
2006-07-03, Securities Margin gate opening next month
2006-07-05, Bank of China A shares this market be opened to a new era of blue-chip
2006-07-11, Morgan Stanley, Prudential QFII status by
2006-07-13, defeated three major factors that main stock index plunged 4.84%
broader market
2006-07-15,2006 the first half of the overall stable financial operation
2006-07-18, in the first half of macroeconomic data released
2006-07-22, the central bank again raised the deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage
2006-07-24, "securities firm risk control indicators management
practices" promulgated
2006-07-25, Hu Jintao on the work of the second half of the economic requirements 6
2006-07-26, China, the threshold for foreign buyers
2006-07-27,8 1 day forced a second-hand house purchase tax
2006-07-27, Air China will be starting off not more than 2.7 billion shares issued
2006-08-01, margin trading launch pilot applications
2006-08-02, "Administration of Takeover of Listed Companies"
2006-08-03, QDII quotas have been approved over QFII
2006-08-08, reduce the issue size Air China
2006-08-15, acquisition management practices of listed companies supporting
information disclosure rules introduced
2006-08-18, the central bank decided to raise RMB benchmark deposit and lending
financial institutions, interest rates
2006-08-21, "the pilot implementation of margin trading rules"
2006-08-21, Sinopec announced the share reform program into the
2006-08-24, Baosteel Warrants curtain call
2006-08-26, QFII lower barriers to entry
2006-08-28, "PRC Enterprise Bankruptcy Law," passed with
2006-08-30, registration and settlement rules issued margin
2006-08-31, cities completed semi-annual report disclosure
2006-09-04, released details of foreign buyers
2006-09-05, strengthen the State Council issued a notice of land regulation issues
2006-09-05, margin regulations, the homogeneous
2006-09-09, established China Financial Futures Exchange
2006-09-11, Binhai New Area, comprehensive reform program submitted to the State
2006-09-11, the first cases surfaced backdoor listing broker
2006-09-12, "Securities Issuance and Underwriting Procedures"
2006-09-15, significant export tax rebate policy adjustment
2006-09-15, Shang Fulin answer hot issue market
2006-09-18, IPO Inquiry issued new regulations come into operation tomorrow
2006-09-18, Shanghai Stock Exchange B share index surged 9.65%
2006-09-19, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index futures contract surfaced
2006-09-19, Exchange issued new shares subscription online supplementary notice
issued capital
2006-09-25, Rizhao Port, a "shortened day" purchase process
2006-09-26, central to the serious disciplinary problems Chen placed on file check
2006-09-27, China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China A shares began offering
2006-09-28, G next month to resume the original stock company called
2006-10-09,1014 G shares for managing to restore formerly home
2006-10-09, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China launched an international road
2006-10-09, Sinopec subsidiary into the share reform program
2006-10-12, 10 Sixth CPC Central Committee concluded in Beijing
2006-10-16, simultaneous sale of shares of ICBC AH
2006-10-19, QFII allowed to open foreign exchange accounts
2006-10-19, State Bureau released the first three quarters of economic data
2006-10-23, stock index futures rules for comments
2006-10-27, ICBC dual listing
2006-11-04 Central Bank once again raised the deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage
2006-11-10, eight departmental order issued crush Big Shareholders
2006-11-14, central bank data released in October financial operations
2006-11-15, Shanghai Composite Index closed the first time in 5 years, thousands of 9
2006-11-16, "Foreign Bank Management Regulations"
2006-11-29, China Banking Regulatory Commission issued regulations implementing
rules of foreign banks
2006-11-30, the Commission scheduled the transition period both old and new
accounting standards regulation
2006-11-30, medium and small plates listed on the stock suspension, termination of
the provisions listed in particular introduced
2006-12-01, securities and futures industry fund the implementation of new
accounting standards next year
2006-12-07, "Guidelines on Financial Innovation Commercial
Bank" published
2006-12-07, domestic crude oil and refined oil wholesale franchise open
2006-12-08, Central Economic Work Conference held
2006-12-09, insurance companies offering rule amendments
2006-12-11, several samples of stock adjustment index Index
2006-12-14, Shanghai Composite Index reaching record highs
2006-12-19, seven major industry in China will be the first time a clear control of
state-owned economy
2006-12-19, China Life A shares for managing Inquiry
2006-12-25, considered the draft law on corporate income tax rate is 25% clear new

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