Evaluation of Project Primary Composition

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					Evaluation of Project Primary Composition
Primary Project Evaluation Division to change the traditional single model for health
and adopt a wide range of evaluation methods to guide the main, the use of scientific
evaluation system, using phrases such as "self-assessment",
"peer assessment" and other evaluation strategies, evaluation of
the Project through in composition teaching is always to improve primary school
language teaching efficiency.
Most of the exercises students are always flawed draft of sorts, a famous writer Wang
Xufeng he said: "Children who write things that angels say. The children
say it is normal ... not good ..." If the teacher to make changes, then the
whole Posts exercises must be "full of holes", red, shocking,
students will write positive hit, can not help but suffer on
"culture" the mere mention of the "fear
culture" disease, and teachers are too busy "exhilaration
"vain, reason is that the whole process of writing experience for teachers
only. Into the quagmire of teaching assignments, assessment reform has become a
bottleneck, according to "Health education" philosophy, I can
not help but reflect: Why not let students experience a complete writing process,
especially through the process of writing it after the evaluation of appreciation?
It is said that large writing and small essay is placed in the two mountains before the
language teacher. Yu Gong, touched by God, sent two mountain gods removed. Our
God is the students! Can not let students participate in essay marking? The answer is
yes. Because the assignments of the main evaluation is itself an important resource
assignments. "Chinese New Standards," the second and third
paragraphs school coursework requirements in the "modify exercises to
learn there are obvious mistakes in the words" and "modify
their assignments, and take the initiative to amend the exchange with others, so that
statement is fluent, correct line paragraph ... ... "This is met. In addition,
the famous Chinese education reform at home, grade composition teacher Mr Wei has
initiated inter-change law is also worth learning, especially Elymus said: The ultimate
goal of teaching writing is to enable students to "self-energy composition,
does not wait for the teacher to change" . He added:
"'Reform' and 'for' close,
'change' priority should belong to the composition of
my." Combination of primary and secondary schools are teaching writing
assignments evaluation of the actual situation to talk about their own views.
First, the current evaluation of student assignments Problems
Our language teacher in the writing assessment done to change what? Almost
invariably write a few high above type of comment, from the teachers view the
students circle the number of composition found in the typos, wrong sentences modify
it, if necessary, carry out an occasional " surface approved. "
This situation, almost a teacher the right to dominate the assessment of students is
only a bystander, is a defendant, no right of appeal. For the evaluation of the proposed
new curriculum promoted "to lead change by the students themselves and
each other to change each other, promote mutual understanding and cooperation to
improve writing skills," this requirement is simply to stay in the occasional
level, students enjoy evaluation is at best only the views of the teachers carried out
under the "small contention," not really a large area of
promotion, research and use. In general, the main lack of participation in small ─ ─