Enterprises in crisis public relations strategy in the use of media by fdjerue7eeu


									Enterprises in crisis public relations strategy in the use of media
    In the enterprise business process, a variety of crises often general clean sweep like
a storm, let managers by surprise. The daily operation of the organization, the
unexpected event may in a very short diffusion Dao Shi Jian Nei's social
dimension is very broad, Er crisis public relations Sheji right to remove the incident
from the Fa Sheng Jin Xing various stages of processing. Crisis is not always
destructive, take seriously the crisis, crisis and reasonable, the crisis will not only
destroy the company, will allow enterprises to access to development in a crisis. This
is the highest state of crisis. So Intel (Intel), the former president Andy - the crisis in
the company Gelu Fu divided into three levels: bad company is the crisis solution, a
good company through the crisis, and a great company to improve their crisis.
  ?How to resolve the contradiction between enterprises and the public, to calm the
conflict, access to public understanding of public relations crisis management to solve
the problem. Such as the Czech Republic in early 2007, an American Airlines
passengers stranded in Portland event, followed by the White Rabbit Creamy Candy
in "formaldehyde door", LG cell phone refurbished machine
incident, Wahaha water event, "China" series of crises,
including the "three Lu milk powder "incident. Mass media in
the dissemination and spread of these crises play an important role in the process,
sometimes leading the main force of public opinion.
  ?In 1999, Belgium and France, a number of primary and secondary poisoning
drinking Coca-Cola. After the incident, the Belgian government to immediately ban
the domestic sale of Coca-Cola brand drinks. That situation, Coca-Cola's
CEO arrived from the United States, Belgium, who held a press conference, published
in the press caused the main managers signed an open letter to consumers, through
various means to express public apology. In addition, they also take other effective
actions, such as the recovery of products, announced the findings of restitution to
consumers, reimbursement of medical expenses for the customer to control the spread
of the crisis. Coca-Cola through the media tell the public that this series of treatment
plans, and actively fulfill their commitments. Coca-Cola paid a huge price, finally win
back the trust of consumers, has also been the government's understanding
and sympathy.
    In this case, the first public relations crisis, we can see four features: unpredictable,
highly concerned about sex, some destructive, time urgency. Crisis, the specific time,
scale and specific depth are unexpected, and often in a very short period of time
caused a negative impact and attention. This time requires businesses within the
shortest time possible solution to turn the tide.
    Enterprises in a crisis, should pay attention to the media. Media in a crisis public
relations, whether it is success and failure, it plays an irreplaceable role, and even
companies sometimes "Success or failure will the media the
media," the subtle phenomenon. Media companies handling the crisis
played a key role as a bridge, the media either straight, or you can distort the truth. It
has the kind of public opinion about community-oriented and ability will make every
company had to attach importance to relations with the news media. Communication
with the media, is the most effective, most economical and fastest way of
communicating with consumers and the general public. Actively collecting media
information on their own crisis, the key problem to find and start a crisis public
relations. Enterprise in the face of crisis, should be flexibly and quickly access the
media to build confidence, to the public that his side's attitude, timely
control of the situation.

   Case, the Coca-Cola Company held a press conference in time, an apology letter
published in the press, are to the public that the direct performance of one's
own attitude. Principles of public relations crisis in the principle of sincere
communication, business in a whirlpool during a crisis, the public and media attention.
Will accept the challenge of their every move, so do not have chances in an attempt to
muddle through. The media should take the initiative to contact, communicate with
the public as soon as possible, explain the facts to promote mutual understanding,
dispel doubts and uncertainty. Clearly, Coca-Cola in the media in crisis public
relations strategy for the implementation of very successful.
   November       30,     2004,     Skyworth      spread      "misappropriated
funds" case, the evening held high-level emergency meeting on the 1st
morning issued a statement: all the normal activities of the company, and told the
media at a press conference will be. 5 conference held normal, including the giant
home appliance chain, commercial banks, co-issued a statement on behalf of
full-scene support. The next day, and anticipated the news is mostly good, the whole
incident a turning point.
   Skyworth's most successful public relations of the crisis is the crisis
taken a decisive and sensible means, not to the media for personal use too much space
to play, first to their advantage in the information upon their media to win the
initiative for their own . Moment of the crisis, the management of the business
requirements for the first point is that it must brains, "as soon as
controlling public opinion." The characteristics of the crisis situation is that
things happen from the beginning, after the longer, the situation is more severe.
  ?So, that should be how to deal with the crisis public relations media? First, take the
initiative to communicate with journalists admit mistakes, do not try to hide the facts,
not to hurt the dignity of journalists. Communication between businesses and the
public press is the first link is the most basic fundamental aspects of the
company's evaluation and opinions to a large extent determine the views of
public enterprises. Second, enterprises should maintain the same in all the propaganda
caliber. Different caliber, leading brand in the handling of the crisis facing public
relations reporter's question, it will be in a very passive position, media
reporters left no doubt as dishonest attitude, which stresses the failure leading to a
crisis public relations. Furthermore, the time the consumer first, to be humble gentle
treatment of journalists. Businesses should stand on the position of victims of
sympathy and comfort, all to the interests of consumers, do not evade problems and
errors, and apologize to the public through the mass media to address the deep
psychological, emotional relations, and thus win public understanding and trust.
Finally, rapidly attack the first time, providing a large number of complete
information and professional witness information, centralized decision-making to
maximize use of resources, rapid decision making, system deployment,
implementation. Proactive communication with the media, with.
  ?Media and public relations companies are not alone in a crisis can not be neglected
when the influence of the enterprise's daily operations, the media and
public relations, can not ignore the important part. Media and public relations if used
properly can take many can not imagine the effect: to make complicated things simple
the original, so that the results had no hope of becoming a dynamic, so that the value
of news media had not changed the appeal. Media and public relations is to use, as
long as you only good at using the media and public relations value to your business,
not embarrassed.
   Enterprises in the public relations crisis must pay attention to media access to the
media the right way to pull through, even the power of media propaganda can rely on
their own to improve themselves. A loss, no bad thing, a breathtaking storm does not
necessarily mean death, it is this not a prelude to what storm?

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