English Listening Teaching Learner Strategies

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					English Listening Teaching Learner Strategies
Abstract: Theory learner strategies, learner strategy at home and abroad through
research, analysis of learners of English Listening Comprehension Strategies in the
application, designed to make a few English Teaching effective listening strategies
learners to solve the problem of English learners hearing weak.
Keywords: Listening; learner strategies; Strategy Training

1 Introduction

70 years from the last century began, with the rapid development of cognitive
psychology, foreign language teaching in the field of research focus from
"teaching" to the study "learning."
Individual learners in the course of study, the characteristics of successful language
learners quickly attracted the attention of researchers, they found that successful
language learners, whether in psychological characteristics, or learning methods and
techniques on all available some common characteristics - using a similar strategy of
foreign language learners, thus, on the individual characteristics of foreign language
learners quickly develop into a language learner strategy. At the same time, we find in
today's foreign language teaching, teaching of listening as a weak link,
while listening strategies of learner training and in teaching have lagged far behind
other aspects of language learning strategy research and application.

2 The definition and classification of learner strategies

Strategy is that students of English learners to more effective learning and make all
kinds of foreign language Er Xuan Ze and Caiqu the various measures, both Baokuo
learner's Xinli process, Ye, including specific Hang Dong Qi. Effective
learner strategies is the premise of learning to learn.
According to different criteria and objectives, learners have the different classification
methods RM Gagne, who will repeat the strategy into learner strategies, finishing
strategies, organization strategies, comprehension monitoring strategies and affective
strategies. Wen Qiufang the learner strategies into training strategy, functional
strategies and language practice strategies, and WANG Li-based strategy on the
foreign language learners to study the role of learning strategies into two categories:
the right strategy and the wrong strategy. The current literature in cognitive
psychology, widely used classification into three categories of valid learner strategies,
namely, metacognitive strategies (metacognitive strategy), cognitive strategies
(eongnitive strategy) and social affective strategies (soeio-affective strategy).

3 studies abroad

1) the domestic research
Learner strategy training as part of learner strategy training in listening effectiveness
research from the beginning of greater concern, the foreign research in this area
started earlier. Rubin, Quinn, and Enos first experimental study on teaching methods
of listening strategies. Through this experiment, the foreign learner strategy training
for the effectiveness of hearing mostly positive. The object of study design at different
levels, different levels of learners. Among them, both high school students, there are
college students; both a lower level of college students, but also relatively high: both
in Spanish as a second language learners, but also to other languages such as French,
Russian and other order second language learners; the same time, researchers in the
selection of objects, including the subjects of different cultural backgrounds. Abroad
Listening An Empirical Study of an early start, and accumulated rich theoretical and
practical experience, all of which related to domestic conduct research provides strong

2) the domestic research
Domestic policy of the hearing learners began 90 years, initially mostly introductory
articles as well as through surveys, interviews and other methods to carry out a
description of research-based. From 2001 to the present, the domestic learner strategy
training in listening Empirical research has also made a lot of results.
Long-hong Lu two non-English majors in the natural course, the basis of merit then
selected 20 students, divided into experimental and control groups. The experimental
group received a semester of training in listening strategies. The results showed that:
the experimental group performed significantly higher than the control group hearing.
Strategy training had no significant effect on the winners, but, the poor students to
help more significant. Su far even in the 169 Wai Yu vocational secondary school of
first-year students do Le Xuexi Strategy Inventory, based on 66 of them selected as
subjects, on 15 Listening Strategies in the experimental group over a period of 4
months of training . The results showed that: strategy training will help improve the
subjects of the hearing results, strategy awareness and use of learning self-confidence:
Meanwhile, the strategy training on students than on the common good learners a
great impact. Young firm on non-English majors in a college of 83 students over a
period of 15 weeks of training in listening strategies and concluded with the Soviet
Union is very close to far with the study: In addition, the study examined the gender
effect, that the girls study harder because reason, the training progressed faster than
As can be seen from the above experiment, the Listening Strategies of domestic
empirical research despite a late start, but the depth and breadth in the study over
foreign study further raised. However, we should also see that domestic Listening
Strategy Training for Research in terms of quantity or in quality there is room for
4 Application of Teaching Listening Strategies

Training in teaching strategies can indeed improve learning efficiency, the efficiency
of training can indeed improve learning, autonomous learning ability; the other hand,
found that the level of student strategy use is not high, low frequency passive learning.
Listening Teachers can cut into the following students from listening learner
1) The teacher conducting strategy training on listening comprehension strategies
when full knowledge and understanding, should take the initiative to broaden their
knowledge for the strategy, so as to enable their competent trainers, coordinators,
supervisors, researchers and other diagnostic multiple roles.
2) total between theory and practice gap, to make training successful, the real benefit
to students through the strategy training in listening comprehension, teacher training
in the strategy needs to be done before a lot of preparatory work, teachers guide
students in training before the strategy must be through questionnaires, interviews,
observation and other methods to understand the strategies used by students of the
situation can be targeted to provide strategic guidance to the students.
3) Teacher training should be learner strategies into their teaching to the category, the
premise that teachers should understand the importance of strategy, approved strategy
teachability. How she's a monograph training strategy that is to teach
learning strategies to enable learners "has a more practical pair of eyes, a
pair of more receptive ears and a hungry tongue more flexible, a more focused mind
and a response is more sensitive minds. "
4) strategies to improve the level of teacher learners. Students use the concept of
consciousness is not strong strategy also reflects the level of awareness of teachers is
not high. When the President come as students, foreign language teacher training
should be increased as a learning strategy training to strengthen the strategy of
training of teachers so as to have the qualifications and standards to guide and train
students. Teachers in curriculum reform should have a strong sense of participation,
should take the initiative to understand and learn the latest research results of the
strategy to adapt to the requirements of curriculum reform.
5) Policy guidance and training to students with particular attention to mobilizing the
initiative and enthusiasm. In the process of teaching students to be always concerned
about the feelings of students good motivation and confidence.
6) Listening Strategy Training should focus on the differences and stage. Students
often use the strategy varies, the different learning styles, language, level of
knowledge, learning motivation and so affect the student's choice and use
of the strategy, teachers can organize the students to use the strategy discussion,
encouraging them to exchange learn from each other. "Good learners and
poor learners is not a fundamental difference between the number and frequency of
use policy, but the appropriateness of using the strategies that good scholars know
when, where and which kind of task, what strategy to use the most
appropriate." Therefore, teachers must fully understand the use of
individual strategies and needs of students of different professors suitable strategy to
improve the quality of learning strategies they use. Second, the strategy at different
stages of training, different training methods should be adopted.
7) Although the strategy training to improve the learner's listening
comprehension ability of considerable help, but can not be ignored is that after all is a
compensatory strategy, it can not replace the knowledge of the language, based on
extensive knowledge of the language can be based on strategy training
comprehensively improve the comprehensive ability of English learners.

5 General remarks

At present, listening teaching is still a weak link in the teaching, in addition to
professional English students learning English listening course system, and the rest
are hard of hearing access to specialized courses. While many courses would involve
part of the hearing, but listening learner strategy students are often poorly understood,
do not even know that there are very effective strategy for hearing learners, only know
that to comply with the previous method of learning, not more effective use of their
own strategies and efficient hearing learners to learn English listening, resulting in a
hearing of the weak. Therefore, knowledge of teachers in addition to hearing lectures,
but also allow students to learn to master listening approach.
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