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					                                               P.O. Box 81383                 361.739.1951
                                               Corpus Christi, TX 78468

        Reid B. Thomas
Objective         Use my equine knowledge/expertise to further educate my clients, provide each team with
                  the highest standard of care through my coaching and training, and continue to grow with
                  the competitive industry.

Education         2002                   Texas A&M University         College Station, TX
                  Bachelor of Business Administration, Management & International Law

Awards received   Personal Achievements:
                  1993 PHBA World Champion Western Horsemanship
                  1995 PHBA World Champion Western Pleasure
                  Numerous AQHA & PHBA All-Around
                  5 Time Western Pleasure Champion Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
                  Client’s Achievements:
                  2003 San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo $6,000.00 Scholarship Winner
                  2004 All-American Congress Top 5 NY Western Riding & Top 10 NY Horsemanship
                  2005 All-American Congress Top 10 NY Western Pleasure, 11&U Western Pleasure,
                  Horsemanship & Equitation
                  2005 APHA World 3rd 13 & Under Youth Showmanship
                  2005 PHBA World 5th 13 & Under Youth Trail, 10th Showmanship, 6th Horsemanship
                  15 AQHA All-Around Bronze Winners
                  Circuit Championships at Red Bud, Texas Classic, GBVQHA, AQBHA, Britannia Farms
                  2005 AQHA High Point in the Nation Limited Rider Western Pleasure
                  2005 Texas Justin Rookie of the Year Award
                  2005 Qualified AQHA Youth World Western Pleasure
                  2006 Qualified AQHA Youth World Western Pleasure and Trail
                  2006 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Palomino High Point Saddle Winner
                  2006 High Point AQHA Trainer Award $2,000.00
                  2006 AQHA Class Winners: Amateur, Junior, and Senior Western Pleasure
                  2006 San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo $4,000.00 Scholarship Winner
                  2006 ADMS National Champion Green Mule
                  2007 PHBA World Championship Novice Youth Trail & Reserve Champion
                  2007 AQHA Youth World Championship Top 10 Horsemanship
                  2007 Reichert Celebration AQHA Show High Point 13 & U and Reserve High Point 14-18
                  2007 NSBA Reserve World Champion Youth Trail, Novice Amateur Western Pleasure &
                  Tied World Champion Novice Amateur Western Riding

Work experience   1995 – Current              Thomas Performance Horses       Corpus Christi, TX
                  Owner/Horse Trainer
                   Horse training operation
                   Trained horses up to the AQHA World Show level
                   Taught fundamentals to advance levels of horseback riding and show competition

                  2002 - Current            Triple T Holdings, LP             Corpus Christi, TX
                   Residential home leasing limited partnership
                   Property management
             2004 – Current           Quiznos Sub Franchise             Corpus Christi, TX
             Franchise Owner
              Operate quick service restaurant
              Management, accounting, and operations of business


             Client References:
                                                         Personal References:
             Angie Mantor         361.937.7006
                                                         Charlie Cole       940.367.2604
             Marlo Sandoval       361.522.7211
                                                         Dr. Heaton
             Debbie Donald        361.813.1556
                                                         Diane Durham
             Kay Walker           361.533.2476
                                                         Jennifer Storm
             Kim Riddle           361.384.2930
                                                         Evelyn Eidem
             Lisa Hepner

             Steve Hastings

             Linda Gavit

             Sherry Johnson

             Flo East

             Beth Collier
                 2009 Updates

   2009 AQHA OPEN WORLD w/ Patty Stovel
                   Chippen In Style
     World Champion Progressive Working Hunter
     3rd Place Bronze Globe Winner Hunter Hack
             4th Place Sr Working Hunter

2009 AQHA AMATEUR WORLD w/ Brittany Boyd
                Dont Skip My Charms
                 Finalist Equitation
                Top 20 Horsemanship

             2009 AQHA Congress
                   Chips Private Stars
    High Point Overall Youth High Point 12-14 Youth
                 Champion 12-14 Trail
                 Champion NSBA Trail
                3rd 12-14 Horsemanship
                  2nd 12-14 Equitation
             4th 12-14 Performance Mares
                9th 12-14 Showmanship
               Finalist Western Pleasure

                  Chippen In Style
              High Point NYouth 14-18
       Reserve Champion Open Hunter Classic
          Champion N Youth Hunter Hack
      Champion N Youth Equitation Over Fences
          6th 14-18 Youth Working Hunter

                 Dont Skip My Charms
            Amateur Versatility Champion
         Am Ver Champion Western Pleasure
           Am Ver Champion Horsemanship
       4th Am Ver Hunter Under Saddle & Poles
                 3rd AM Horsemanship
               8th N AM Western Riding
                     10th AM Trail
        Finalist AM Equitation & Showmanship

                      Glowin Easy
        Champion 13&U N Youth Horsemanship
                    3rd 11&U Trail
              6th 11&U Western Pleasure
     10th N AM Western Pleasure w/ Jackie Marlow
             Finalist NY Western Pleasure
               Finalist 11&U Equitation

                 Slowly Intoxicating
                Champion Green Trail
                   5th N AM Trail

                  Protect My Minute
            Res. Champion Jr Hunter Hack
                                  2008 Updates

                            2008 AQHA World Show
               WORLD CHAMPION Senior Hunter Hack - Chippen In Style
                   4th - Green Working Hunter - Chippen In Style
                        12th Senior Trail - Chips Private Stars

                              2008 AQHA Congress
             Champion All Around Novice Amateur - Don't Skip My Charms
          Champion Amateur Versatility Western Pleasure - Caught In My Zipper
              Champion Novice Amateur Equitation - Don't Skip My Charms
            Res Champion Novice Am Western Riding - Don't Skip My Charms
                         Res Champion 12-14 HUS - Chippen In Style
                       3rd - Green Working Hunter - Chippen In Style
                     3rd Youth Performance Mares - Chips Private Stars
             3rd Am Versatility Hunter Under Saddle - Caught In My Zipper
                    3rd NSBA Novice Am HUS - Don't Skip My Charms
             4th - Novice Am Western Horsemanship - Don't Skip My Charms
                                   5th Jr Trail - Joe Sudden
                                5th NSBA Jr Trail - Joe Sudden
                   5th Overall Amateur Versatility - Caught In My Zipper
                     6th 12-14 Youth Showmanship - Chips Private Stars
              6th NSBA Novice Am Western Riding - Don't Skip My Charms
                        6th Novice Am HUS - Don't Skip My Charms
                     6th Novice Youth Western Pleasure - Its All Possible
                   7th Novice Am Showmanship - Don't Skip My Charms
                   9th Novice Am Western Riding - Caught In My Zipper
                         10th 12-14 Youth Trail - Chips Private Stars
                Finalist Am Performance Geldings - Don't Skip My Charms
                      Finalist 12-14 Horsemanship - Chips Private Stars
                     Finalist 15-18 Horsemanship - Too Blue To Be True
                    Finalist 15-18 Western Pleasure – Invest By Invitation

                                2008 Texas Classic
                   High Point Novice Amateur – Don’t Skip My Charms
            3 Yr Old Limited Open Futurity Champion – Don’t Skip My Charms
                  High Point Youth Western Horse – Chips Private Stars
                    High Point Youth English Horse – Chippin In Style
                 High Point Amateur English Horse – Caught In My Zipper

                                    2008 Redbud
                      Reserve High Point Youth – Chips Private Stars
                    High Point Novice Amateur – Don’t Skip My Charms

                          2008 Youth World Qualified
Trail, Western Riding, Western Pleasure, Equitation, Hunter Hack, Showmanship, Performance
                                     Geldings & Mares

                                   2008 Reichert
                                  High Point 13 & Under
                                High Point Novice Amateur
                                 7 Circuit Championships
2007 – 2008 Executive Committee Member Texas Quarter Horse Association
        Member AQHA Professional Horseman's Association (7/07)

                         2007 Updates

               2007 All-Around Novice Horse
                          Rule Making Sonny

               2007 CONGRESS WINNINGS
                  Caught In My Zipper & Holly Hastings
           Reserve Champion Novice Amateur Horsemanship
               7th NSBA Novice Amateur Western Pleasure
   Semi-Finalist Novice Amateur Showmanship & Hunter Under Saddle

                 Chips Private Stars & Brittany Donald
                         4th 12-14 Youth Trail
                      4th 12-14 Youth Equitation
                    5th Youth Performance Mares
                  6th NSBA Senior Western Pleasure
                     10th Senior Western Pleasure

                   Zippos Good Stuff & Andy Walker
                            8th 12-14 Trail

                 This Chex Is Rockin & Robert Walker
            3rd 13 & Under Novice Youth Western Pleasure

                   Ima Misty Zip & Chelsea McGrath
                9th 11 & Under Youth Western Pleasure

                              XLNT Edge
                 Finalist Hunter Under Saddle Maturity

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