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									Economics Links Daquan 5
401. Western economics were the Readings
Western economics to provide relevant articles, academic trends and information to
download and so on.
402. University of Chicago Department of Economics
- Introduction of the entire department staff, teaching arrangements, student activities,
programs and courses.
403. Yale University, Department of Economics
- Including profiles, degree training programs, researchers, academic resources,
course description and news events.
404. International Business and Economics Department of Insurance
Introduce graduate affairs, undergraduate affairs, scientific research, experiment
centers, and student work.
405. Dongbei University of Finance, Department of Statistics
Brief Introduction Department, institutional settings, teachers, professional
development, curriculum and so on.
406. Yale University, Department of Statistics
Including the introduction, course outline and related learning resources.
407. University of Cambridge Department of Land Economics
- Introduction of academic research, academic settings, course descriptions and
student information.
408. University of Cambridge Department of Applied Economics
- Introduction of academic research, academic settings, course descriptions and
student information.
409. Japan's Waseda University Institute of Economics
- School profiles, teaching and research institutions, brochures, teaching and research,
teacher directory.
410. World, Department of Economics, University
- Including the United States and non-United States. By country, the school arranged.
411. Oxford University Department of Economics
- Introduction of faculty, student activities, organizations, curriculum and academic
subject activities.
412. World Economic Outlook
- International Monetary Fund report.
413. Asian financial crisis
- Depth and objective analysis.
414. Economic sanctions and ethical issues
-AndrewKotowski with, account use of economic instruments over the years, as a
means of diplomatic pressure.
415. U.S. economic sanctions
- Is a reflection of foreign policy, but also a symbol.
416. Central Banking
Changzhou, China Construction Bank, the training center.
417. Central Banking Lecture
Luoyu Ding Shanghai University of Finance to provide.
418. Southeast Asian economic turmoil
-1 997 years of financial crisis in Southeast Asia causes and effects.
419. Conflict
- Explain the underlying causes of the economy, and how to avoid the recurrence of
economic crisis broke out.
420. Central Bank Course Home
Shanghai University of Finance to provide.
421. Africa's debt
- International Monetary Fund stressed that Africa does not need the item, need debt
422. International debt relief
- Non-profit organizations to help developing countries.
423. Financial Sciences (Tsinghua Tong Fang)
Sponsor: Southwestern University of Finance.
424. Debt-hit countries
- World Bank heavily indebted poor countries on the report.
425. Global Forum
- Debt relief to help developing countries and poor countries tide over their
426. Painful sanctions
- United Nations economic sanctions on the success stories.
427. Fifth Ring
- Stressed the ecological protection and sustainable development.
428. Development gap
- To discuss world economic development in southern countries.
429. Neo-colonialism
- To discuss the city's health development.
430. Sustainable economic development
- Including books, case studies and links to related resources.
431. Liaoning Provincial People's Government Development Research
Centre (Liao Research Network)
Organization description researchers introduced the main research results over the
years, the center dynamic, academic trends, economic dynamics.
432. Global M & A Research Center
To study the global mergers and acquisitions, and help Chinese enterprises to meet the
"WTO" challenge and the establishment of global strategy.
433. China Branch of the World Academy of Productivity
Scientific productivity, productivity techniques.
434. Institute for Economic Forecasting at Hai Fuka
A forward-looking, predictive and more research-oriented consortia, academic
institutions, research institutions, full cooperation of the shares.
435. International Finance Research Centre
Engage in financial research.
436. Red Top Financial Engineering Research Center
Financial engineering technology.
437. Liaoning University, the basis of the national training base Economics
State theory of economics training base.
438. Integrated Development Institute (Shenzhen, China)
Institute of introduction, news developments.
439. Hebei University of Economics and Institute of Economic Research
Institute of Economic Research, Economic Forum, academic exchanges, business
management, industrialization, competitiveness, academic discussions, consumer
economy, industrial economy.
440. China Electronic Commerce Center
Nanjing Audit University's e-commerce research.
441. China's Corporate Governance Center
Promoting corporate governance reform non-profit research institutions.
442. Central Bank Theory and Syllabus
Different social system, the central bank, development, nature, functions, mechanisms
and regulation of the objective movement of macroeconomic management laws.
443. CASS Institute of Economics
Engaged in theoretical economics, applied economics (macro and micro) and the
Economic History of the comprehensive economic research institutions.
444. Natural Resources Institute of Economic Research
Natural resources include economic research, academic exchanges, information
dissemination, strategy research, standardization of Natural Resource Economics
Information System (network) construction.
445. Shanghai Science and Technology Research Center, University of medium and
small banks
Specializing in small and medium banks issue platform.
446. Triangle Economic Research
-1994 Economic research institute founded.
447. Yale University Economic Growth Center
- Including the center introduction, academic research and academic resources. ~ egcenter
448. Chinese University of Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research
Introduction Research on the forefront of China's financial theories,
methods and results.
449. Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
Established in 1976.
450. Dong Fu
Providing economist Dong Fu's economic news. ... de = 77 & kindId = 60
451. Frank. Gilbreth (Gilbreth, Frank1868-1924)
Frank introduced the father of motion study. Gilbreth research methods, findings,
452. Jokes about economists and economics
- Edited by the Helsinki School of Economics.
453. The Wealth of Nations (WealthofNations)
Adam Smith's writings.
454. Political economist
- Learn about the U.S. current economic and demographic indicators of the site. Also
provides economic forecasts and industry data, and a number of economic phenomena,
as well as online financial guide.
455. Economic Thought
Wu Jun Yang's personal website. Concerned about the network economy,
enterprise reform, economics forum, please visit Submission.
456. Chen Daisun
Chinese economist, former professor at Peking University, including individual life,
the making, academic activities.
457. Cao Fengqi Resume
Including resume and the make.
458. Cao Fengqi
Economist Cao Fengqi financial information. ... de = 71 & kindId = 60
459. Economic Knowledge Promotion Network (Benefiting the people)
A description of knowledge of economics, economics masters and masters session
article site. Include: Zhang Wuchang, Lin Yifu, Xiaokai, Wang Dingding, summer
Verlag, Fan Gang, Li Yining, Zhang Weiying.
460. Cairns Website
Essays by the BradDeLong professors, articles and other resources.
461. Lovely Economics - lovely could Shuimi
Essay paper (they are all original), network resources, original music, my album.
462.1986 Nobel laureate James Buchanan
Nobel literature taken from the network.
463. Han Zhiguo
Economist Han Zhiguo comment on the news. ... de = 58 & kindId = 60
464. Peacetime economic causes and consequences of
Cairns original works. ~ econ/ugcm/3ll3/keynes/peace
465. Fred Hu: China International Capital trapeze
Fred Hu introduced the study and professional career. ... / 2001111900512.html
466. Fred Hu (Hu, FredZuliu)
Fred Hu served as introduction and research. ... 8256B2000303682.asp
467. HU Jing-North's personal home page
Truth, goodness and beauty, the pursuit of economic professor's personal
468. U.S. monetary policy
- Explain the inherent characteristics of U.S. monetary policy and purpose.
469. U.S. economic policy and trade reports
- Provides country-specific economic policies and trade in the record.
470. Labour Policy Foundation (EPF)
- Analysis and comment on the U.S. labor policy and the impact on the U.S. economy.
471. Romanian Centre for Economic Policy Research
- To discuss a democratic system of economic development.
472. International Tax and Investment Center
- Study the former Soviet Union's economic problems, and provide
investment guidance.
473. Economic System and Economic Policy
Introduction of Germany's economic policy.
474. Attention to the impact of fiscal and policy
- Compare seventies and the present economic policy.
475. Economic Policy Council (AEP)
- Explain the economic policy of the Netherlands, including welfare and labor
476. Economic Policy
News website.
477. African regional issues (World Bank)
- Can be read by the World Bank and dozens of members of the
Government's report on Africa.
478. Analysis of the global economy
-HowardRichards with, illustrate the application of economics, from the purely
economic point of view, can not solve economic problems.
479. World Resources (World Resources Institute)
- The site contains information on the global population, development, economy,
environment and natural resources of a large number of text and data.
480. The way the world economy
- World Bank report.
481. The trend of the global economy
- Provide monthly analysis and development of the world economic outlook.
482. Thought Center
- To provide the article to reflect U.S. economic policy, focusing on the financial,
labor and other economic areas.
483. Socio-economic Policy Research Institute
Established in April 2002.
484. The People's Republic of China economic policy and regulations
485. China's economic forecast net
State Information Center predicted forecast issued by the Department of original
reporting and analysis of economic information systems.
486. Tianjin Integrated Economic Policy Network
For the city's economic construction, especially to provide policy advisory
487. Weiying (nfcmag)
With Weiying photos and "confusion of Chinese entrepreneurs,"
"Who ruined private enterprise" and economics articles.
488. Professor Zhang Weiying Resume
Provide Weiying photos and resume.
489. With new ideas to adapt to new changes in WTO
Interview with Dr. Wang Kangmao included.
490. China Sunbird Online
Top economic news, case studies, business celebrities, consumer guides, business
English, Economic Forum.
491. Wang Zeke Introduction
Introduction Wang Zeke and published papers, published in the making.
492. Tingyu Xuan - Wu Jinglian
With Wu Jinglian resume, wealth interview, relevant reports, views.
493. Weiying
Provide Weiying economic commentary.
494. John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946)
On Keynes's life, writings and theories. ... onomists / keynes.htm
495. John Maynard Keynes
Keynes Biography. ... ticians / Keynes.html
496. U.S. economic science economy
The U.S. government approved non-profit organization, foreign economic research,
development, consulting, know that decision-making.
497. Taiwan Economic Development Research Institute Foundation
Handling of the economy, technological development, speech and learning related
498. Institute for Financial Research and Development Foundation, Taipei
Financial Information Search, to provide financial education training courses.
499. Institute for Accounting Research and Development Foundation in Taiwan
Development of financial accounting and auditing standards Gazette account and
distribution, "Journal of Accounting Research."
500. Little Home Economist
This is a small economy's home page, the content may be naive - but they
are their own ideas.

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