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					Economic Section of the paper hanging
   ?Should be very few people have the patience to read my article in this no
   ?I think I should charge stated that this is my final paper, muddle through forced
   ?Importune all as entertainment.
   ?Just opened a blog, mainly after the main photo above, thank you for your visit.
   ?Cost, efficiency, rent-seeking, symptoms of poisoning is repeated for each term in
economics, regardless of what the term, regardless of his classic enough, but for the
poisoning, every one is so important, the past few days I was like waiting for a
survivor is constantly revised as the ideal of this and their radically different thesis
work may be, instincts, a kind of behavior in the case of almost crazy I could support
the original. Although to mental and physical fatigue, irritability, crazy, vomiting
blood, to the extent of smashing the keyboard, this level is not just because I can not
make their articles unique paper profound abstruse, difficult to understand, the
embarrassment and uncertainty during the machine metaphor poisoning heartbreaking
loss semi-written, but to my thinking on the job - a constant sublimation of despair,
how can the word lobbied for 3000! My poor is not poor in general. So, not only with
the horizontal in the extended depth of excavation can not be easy to understand
home-style body to write. I do not use slack to air their dissatisfaction, but I never
completely ignorant of the jargon of economics. I dare not mention the job in
"I think the economic crisis to this point ..." how to how, for
fear of the spot disgraced. At the same time was a bunch of terms, the model out of
the seven dirty I had eight prime distractions, just to write his own people looked like
and did not think the quality of Bu Zhiyu few low-level culture and can smoothly pass
the exam papers, sophomore open economics, consciousness of the teacher should be
the norm in ancient money, size and weight and fineness is a virtue. However,
substitute teachers Xu Jinglei (not me, everyone is so called) like a certain level of a
primary example cited more than once, like an insult to our intelligence and our
patience has reached her limits as a substitute teacher spoon-fed the knock Jin impart
textbook knowledge, he is not a license by license Way teaching of economics boring
me greatly changed the image. Especially his class on the basic of Politics and
Economics detached the frog princess was elaborated and pig theory selfless life
experiences, "exposure" every time our restless journey of the
spirit captured four of the nerve, together with Yan from time to time four quotations
from the total shock to my sense of exposure to the grand story-telling scenes, and
sometimes feel like a bunch of country folk down attentively listening to a
countryman into the city over the story about the city. Xu Jinglei Monkey wrote a
chapter for this quotation published in the space, a short time this post has become the
popular 07 ads Clustered topic, I do not know the N reprinted many times. Added to
the up and down a storm. Of course, on our request Xu is very strict, and this point of
his thesis would be the word from 1500 to 3000 words of things can be reflected in
our extra care of him, sadly, even if we have 10 million reluctance also useless,
because in addition to Li Jing, and other teachers generally are not Hexi Fan, and his
hands, in the hanging branches of the life or death power. It's like doing a
bunch though Mao Yeye decision-making errors, but no one dared to stand up and say
he was the same old confused. Late to class this girl to blame the whole clan to lead
Xu Jinglei's words rose to 3,000 word paper seems logical, that no reason
not related to gender discrimination in terms, but the taste of the kind of injustice you
ask Dou'e know. Economics is very little I think that should be removed
from the college textbook one of the subjects (the other door should be the sport). I
feel the book review does not necessarily make it clear that you have read the book
say anything, as if reading a book that people need to learn how to get the same
formalism, as has become, and why study Economics? Is to become familiar with
what is no longer familiar. Come to their senses we learn this stuff is self-inflicted
suffering. Economics is a seemingly simple but actually complex and comprehensive
subject, which made me think of this, and Xu Jinglei this man than his brief
appearance definitely not easy for many to be the same reason. Stiff in the back of an
pressing the murderous ... if not that, and it involves my personal safety. Economics is
always with our daily lives, so they took our initial selection of economics textbooks,
for example, if you have decided to learn economics, common sense, whether out of
false pretenses or modest knowledge of psychology. Next, a decision to make is to
choose which book entry. This involves a trade-off. You certainly want to select a best
textbook. The problem is a good choice of textbooks is not an easy task, because no
matter what subject are filled with many textbooks, twisted melon bad dates mixed.
Each of the books are claimed to be the best at using the slick packaging to attract
your eye, and as beginners we are not the king singer Taoist immortals, is unlikely to
be able to determine which of the good, which this book does not good. Economists
say this is the information asymmetry. In this case, the safest approach is certainly
appropriate to choose the most authoritative economists to write the latest version of
the textbook. Why choose the most authoritative economists write textbooks?
Because not only because of the most authoritative economists know-how reached a
pinnacle, and accurate grasp of the theory in place to write
"serious" to, it is important because the most authoritative
economists probably will not burn your bridges, they particularly focus on their
reputation, they are not necessary to use a new book of ways to increase their
visibility, but also not enough just to get to in order to earn royalties and a book,
which, as though the catering industry safety Moral Degeneration but
McDonald's still not selling Like yesterday's hamburger. Their
reputation is the quality of the code, their name is a sign. Why choose the new version
of the textbook? Do you like this, and what year the RMB issue of control he is
different. Because, like life itself, as the economy, economics and evolution are
evolving to a new theory to explain the new economic phenomena. You can learn the
latest economic theory. Of course this also personal preferences related to the normal
people are reluctant to 2009 and you still see the book out of the new millennium.
Read like a girlfriend, who would be interested in Banlaoxuniang girl? (Of course,
that was definitely a little bit, but there are always a variety of woods such a strange
bird), then the above conditions are satisfied there are three books. Balance to balance
to the election which I still do not know this, caught in an embarrassing three difficult
situation, the challenge is in the above three conditions are met, the three books are
recognized as the primary entry materials, but if I chose Mankiw user-friendly
materials (I particularly do not like to watch mindless book) it's the
opportunity cost? If you choose it because I had to give up the chance to see another
two of the book, and my condition that I probably only read a single book of the time.
And this cost does not make learning though boring, but I lost the blood pure
economics that? The proceeds of Mankiw's economics whether I have to
pay the cost of compensation? I think many problems for this piece of food decadence,
insight into life in life is probably the reason why such a glance right and left, hesitant
process. Next I plan to spend a month reading this book, just like it, not be forced to
see how much in mind. May be the last to understand the full significance of program
just to let you know how crazy they have the urge idea. In fact, this is a classic case of
life, you should buy a book to read, this cost includes not only the money you pay, but
also you read this book takes the time and effort. In general, the time cost of reading
is far greater than the cost of money, but many people often forget this point, so they
decide whether to buy the book, too much considering the level of textbook prices.
Because you will feel you have bought this expensive book last may escape the fate
thrown into the trash. If you remove a grape vine he attributes to human value as the
grapes disappeared, people will naturally throw it away. But economics is indeed very
expensive book, it is a relatively scarce resource, as it is a lot of authority unit for
cosmetic personal bookshelf type books. Although this hypocrisy, after all, is a
minority, demand is limited but far larger than its supply, to say this is an era of
extremes, the best selling or most expensive or cheap. According to consumer
psychology is too cheap people can not accept the things that do not believe in heaven
and the first down off a piece of pie, even if broken off also Bacheng can not eat, but
the most expensive thing in the situation is different, people will rush it Therefore,
people who buy it ambition is not for the best but to most expensive. So now the book
is good or bad and prices directly into the equal sign. This free and open as museum
although there is little to cultivate people who have Masaoki sentiments behind the
clock tower climb so ugly that people still spend money, to people who do not
understand the above reference. Of course, now you do not need to consider the price
of the book itself, as are fortunate to have thriving piracy industry to grow,
I'll wait for people to have a key to the book packaged rolls of books
downloaded pleasure. But Kan Bukan is something for the. That costs close to zero is
not important. By the way, then the result is I draw lots selected Mankiw's
"Principles of Economics." I really can not use my
"inventory" of economics knowledge from pick one out.
Economic common sense analysis of everyday life with a bit of it is a good habit to
cultivate the habit of dealing with the emergency care of, but may cause another
problem, economics may cause people to become impulsive and immediate, and the
analysis of the deep Be specific and you will start to worry about like the blind, like a
guy with places for the deteriorating social climate concerns, and even the Chinese are
worried about a serious imbalance in sex ratio, (the back can understand, not enough
on his own self-confidence) I Life in particular, despise these people! It is like the side
of the coin, that side on which one can not ignore the other. Things are divided into
two. So the best economists are wise madman. Economics helps you understand the
circle of your life, why state subsidies granted to students not in the hands of students?
Why do you ask a gunman teicoplanin and a high number of results you pass or not?
Why would your brother perverse dig your corner? All aspects, whether reading the
newspaper, management companies, people skills, or simply to satisfy a sense of
vanity in front of others to show off your knowledge, you will have studied
economics and was pleased.
3000 words is enough .....