; Drupal open source learning system with built in A online website and business
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Drupal open source learning system with built in A online website and business


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									Drupal open source learning system with built in A online website and business
?Drupal open source learning system with built in A online website and Enterprises
What is Drupal?
Drupal is the world's most popular open source Web Content Management
(CMS) and the distribution system, has a strong revision web site development
features and more than a million users worldwide community. Drupal-based site
system uses modular design, features and design style can be flexible configuration.
Without any programming experience, you can build personal sites, corporate
websites and online communities. So I chose Drupal is a good site Build your
building program, building the company website's people, even if a
completely do not understand the language of the novice PHP 能 rapidly designed a
professional, personalized website. In addition, Drupal site structure for search engine
optimization is very friendly, and blog, forums, voting and comment on other Web 2.0
modules can be enabled at any time. So convenient Drupal system quickly became the
preferred Chinese Website CMS Website System.

Drupal figures:
1 - 2008 the global number one Open Source CMS
800 - strong development team, the world has more than 800 developers active in
driving continuous improvement and development of Drupal
400,000 - more than 400,000 global Drupal site
· Drupal website What are the main features?
* 1. Page WYSIWYG editor - web page editor to create text and image editing with
edit Word documents as easy to realize website easier.
· 2. Web 2.0 user interaction function at any time start - company or personal blog,
forum, user comments, E-mail subscription, news, polling, online surveys, messages,
and RSS and other modules can be installed and configured on demand.
* 3. Theme style flexible - more than 300 kinds of revision website templates for you
to choose the theme, no matter what kind of tone and style you like, for that Web site
users and industry to the revision, there is always a right for you. In addition, you can
press your own customized theme style changes and develop to meet your website
construction program, more view the website of Drupal theme template and layout.
* 4. System structure on the search engine is very friendly - the website based on
Drupal system is easy to Baidu and Google and other search engines to index and
your search rankings natural front, optimized website will attract more potential users.
* 5. Multimedia and e-commerce extensions Easy integration - Product image display,
audio and video playback, online store, online trading function module is easy to
integrate with the core Drupal site to ensure the future development of the site.
Drupal is an excellent modular content management system, through the different
modules required to implement site functionality. Drupal core module is the most
important part of Drupal, they are the main functions of the host Drupal. Drupal
comes with 33 modules, essentially covering the current site should have all the
functions: user management, blog, forums, reviews, albums, and log management, as
well as news aggregators and other web 2.0 features function. These are the Drupal
modules download package attached. Some are open, some are not open, when you
need to use a function of time, look at the core of the module is implemented to meet
yo features, if not go download third-party modules, they are after a good test to meet
coding and is compatible with all major browsers; if so, it would give priority to the
use of core modules.
Common function modules list:
Blog (blog)
Comments (comment)
Forum (Forum)
Manual (Book)

Photo (Image)
Message Board (Guestbook)
Image Gallery
Vote (Poll)

?Contact module (contact)
Site map (Sitemap)
Email Subscription (Simplenews)
Polymerization (Aggregator)

Localization (Locale)
Menu (menu)
Path (path)
Search (search)

Statistics (Statistic)
File upload (upload)
Data backup (Backup and Migrate)

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