Driving experience by fdjerue7eeu


									Driving experience
1: traffic jam or other when the lights do not talk too close, unless someone wants to
stopper, leave at least the distance can be a breaking out, in case the vehicle in front
fault, and he is to be added in the middle. This is an old driver told me, when he
accompanied the three rings on this car for half an hour before.
2: The line-up stopper in order to prevent others in the car side of the stopper to stay
on for half a body. For example, you turn left Road in the queue, often people come
from straight Road stopper, you try to use the right wheel pressing the right side of
Line Road, turn left open, leaving himself room to the left roundabout, take issue with
the vehicle in front tight, hard stopper of succeed.
3: normal driving, the first car suddenly and give way line to give you absolutely no
good, we are not the awareness of drivers, do not overtake to the oil, pine oil is best
prepared to brake immediately, while rapidly observed on both sides of mirror ,
determine if and where to line side and Eighty per cent of the situation ahead.
4: When you look at other cars from the rearview mirror a little bit strenuous time,
that is when you should turn on the lights, and not to see the road, but to let others see
you, especially during the day when it rains! If you wish, more than 100 per hour
when it should turn on the lights, I do anyway.
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5: Do not add fuel when the full, 40-liter tank plus a 35 on the line, estimated mileage
run is similar to the phenomenon in the aviation field called "fuel
oil", do not waste money white, but also pollute the environment.
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6: stop when your front outwards as far as possible, when one is going to facilitate,
another important feature is security, although this is not a panacea, but if I were a
thief, only the opportunity to steal a car, I vehicle theft, head first in the.
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7: drive and line of principle, do not let the car brakes, and this is you, as the principle
of pedestrians crossing the road, if you allow him to avoid you and the brakes, he is
likely to step on the accelerator on!
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8: When crossing over must have to slow down, whether he is not a green light, at
least not re-fuel, especially as there is no traffic light junctions, we state in a lot of
people do not value life, do not tell their rivalry!
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9: Even if you are a novice, do not open the highway is very slow, in 4 rings 5 rings,
too, I often walk five rings, often see a lot of carts to more than one is only 40 km /
hour car sometimes forced and lines, and danger! Large trucks from the start to open
up very difficult, so very loving truck driver stepped on the brakes, he would rather
and not the original line to overtake and then slow down to 3 files took 10 minutes to
add the 5 files.
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10: I see the car the most dangerous enemy is not safe to drive, but distracted! Tend to
concentrate on speeding the time, if not unexpected events, are generally not an
accident, I am not advocating speeding, accident nine times faster 10 times, once there
is life-threatening incident, preferably medium-speed driving! I scared a few times 2
years to sweat when I walk in God all happened, and I remember the first phone to,
and I bow who want to look at the phone, so look at the open answers, I looked up,
red brake lights before the car is so dazzling, most recently, do not go God!
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11: In the mixed line of vehicles on the road, as far as possible from the far side of the
road bike and pedestrian points by the middle of the road, if you are not sure, it does
not matter Do not be afraid, because the car will be opposite to hide you, and
pedestrian and bicycle his back to you, not only can not hide you, she may make you
shake, get them to stay out of room!
12: night driving, do not use the beam in front of the pedestrian and bicycle Akira,
they do not know, will not you give way, you do the opposite of the vehicle can only
dazzled and refusal to direct whistle. I often see the driver shakes his pedestrian lights
in vain, the result is far attracted the glare of light across the vehicle.
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13: After the rain, walking in the road when you're not familiar, see the
water in the pit, we must slow down, because you do not know how deep it is best
behind a car, I once was on the roadside paused, so that the back of a super road trip
the past to not waste time.
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14: If encounter puddles on the highway, trying to hide, do not even think to see the
spectacular splash. If not immune, as two front wheels together on water pressure,
although generally not high on the deep puddles, but if the pressure on the side of the
wheels will lose grip instantaneous, if the fast will be broaching out, or even
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15: If your car sat for more than three individuals on the Do not drive too fast, first,
we small displacement cars, more cars on the boring people, and speed will play a
great discount, the most important Let the brake becomes the relatively slow
significantly longer distance, braking time and strength to the earlier than usual and to
be ruthless.
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16: We often encountered when the drive light, if you have a car in front, then forget it,
who knows he will not send any nerves stop online, such a thing too much, do not talk
to too close, If you are one, do not hesitate in the past, not with a half-day rate, and
finally a guilty conscience, and kick stop there, back to a rear-end, although not your
responsibility, but more awkward ah!
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17: Parking more than three hours, then started, must be hot car, regardless of seasons,
where cars do not mean temperature hot, but the heat of your lubrication system, as
water temperature, heat can be side splitting.
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18: After stopping the car do not put anything, do not hold onto that wallet, computer
bag on the trip, is the half smoke, it may catch your windshield!
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19: There are several principles in mind can not overtake, not over when turning,
crossing in front of the time can not be over, when the green light, red light changed,
not completely through the intersection in the Do not over, if you want to hurry up,
the slightly Discussion point forward, the intersection of all the circumstances of that
time could be over.
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20: have a big public step aside and stop, Do not pleased, thinking it the way you
make sure to slow down, people often come out ahead from the public, you can
observe the public's vehicle had no legs and feet of pedestrians or shadow
to judge.
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21: I often speeding, violation has been filmed several times, and basically take 紧急
停车带 or pressure diversion zone, but there is no record of a speeding, mainly
because I cross the bridge and the railway when the shelf must slow down the general
speed of Camera are housed in the overpass, across the street or across the road bridge
formwork, but also generally in the driving direction of the back, you can observe the
opposite lane with no probe, to determine if they are not here, but is not absolute, like
the insurance that left most outside lane, 80% of the installation of the probe only in
the inside of the fast track.

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