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  Sm 4.49 Reg 5.49 Lg 6.99                2.89 Sammies
 Classic Italian                      Smoky Chipotle Turkey
 Turkey Ranch & Swiss                  Chicken Bacon Ranch
 Honey Bourbon Chicken                  Bistro Steak Melt*
 Classic Club                                Italiano*
 Triple Meat Club                             Veggie
 Veggie                                  Cantina Chicken
  Sm 4.79 Reg 5.79 Lg 7.29              Roadhouse Steak
 California Club
                                     CHOPPED SALADS
 Honey Bacon Club
                                          5.99 each
     SIGNATURE SUBS                    Chicken Caesar*
  Sm 4.99 Reg 5.99 Lg 7.59              Classic Cobb*
 Mesquite Chicken                   Honey Mustard Chicken*
                                  Raspberry Chipotle Chicken*
 Chicken Carbonara
                                      Pan Asian Chicken
 Baja Chicken
                                      Chicken Taco Salad
 Honey Mustard Chicken
 Bourbon Grille Steak                          SOUPS
  Sm 5.09 Reg 6.09 Lg 7.69
                                      Cup 1.79 Bowl 2.79*
 Prime Rib & Peppercorn
  Sm 5.19 Reg 6.19 Lg 7.79      Broccoli Cheese*     Chili*
 Steakhouse Prime Rib Dip       Chicken Noodle*
 Double Cheese Cheesesteak               *CHOOSE 2
     EVERYDAY VALUE                 *Choose any 2 select
  Sm 3.99   Reg 4.49 Lg 5.00         items for just $5.00
          DELI SUBS
                                            QUIZ KIDS
       Turkey & Cheddar
         Ham & Swiss                           3.49 each
                                  Served with a small fountain drink, an
     Roast Beef & Cheddar        activity, and choie of chips or a Q Kidz™
           Tuna Melt                        chocolate chip cookie.
                                           Kids Subs or Sammies
  SOFT DELI BAGUETTES                     Toasty® Turkey & Cheese
                                           Toasty® Ham & Cheese
  4.00 Torpedoes 3.00 Bullets              Cheesy Toasted Cheese
          Pesto Turkey*                          Kids Pizzas
             Italian*               Cheesy Cheese - Pepperoni - Ham
     Beef Bacon & Cheddar*
          Turkey Club*               QUIZNOS CATERING
           Tuna Melt*           Please call to customize your order.
        Par Mar Store #34 Quiznos
779 Beverly Pike, Elkins, WV • 304-636-9091

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