Donghua University Institute of Technology hosted the prospectuses of Jiangxi weapons

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					Donghua University Institute of Technology hosted the prospectuses of Jiangxi
2009 East China University of Technology explosive ordnance Admissions
              ?National Defense Industry Office commissioned
      East China University of Technology organized
 ?Weapons of Jiangxi Institute of Technology (Public)
 ?Donghua University (formerly East China Geological Institute) is located in the
famous "wit of the village" - Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province.
School covers an area of 2000 mu, building area is 740,000 square meters, beautiful
scenery, large-scale construction, teaching, advanced research facilities. After 50 years
of school history, East China University of Technology has developed into a science,
engineering, management-based, culture, economics, law, teaching both the
multi-disciplinary institution of higher education.

   Management system in 1999 after the military academies, East China University of
Technology Management from the COSTIND Jiangxi Provincial People's
Government adjust to the main Jiangxi Provincial People's Government
and the implementation of COSTIND build the management system, and in 2001 the
signing of the provincial Department (Board) of East China University of Technology
build agreement. The subordinates in the country's first university
management system adjusted for provincial (Commission) Substantive build a new
model. School with earth science and Mapping Engineering, Nuclear Engineering
Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Information Engineering,
Chemistry, Biology and Materials Science, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering,
Economics and Management, grammar and the Arts, Foreign Languages ,
Mathematics and Information Science, Naval Reserve Officers School, National
Defense Science and Technology, Higher Technical Institute, Continuing Education,
Graduate Division, Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Education and
Psychology, teaching and other teaching units.

East China University of Technology in the more than 26,000 students, is the fourth
installment of the first batch of undergraduate and master's degree
authorized; in 2000 allowed schools to conduct in-service staff to apply for a
master's degree equivalent work; master's degree in 2002
allowed construction to start work. In recent years, also with the Nanjing University,
China University of Geosciences, and other units in the four disciplinary doctoral
training. The existing 30 master degree programs, two engineering master's
degree, 55 undergraduate programs (of which 6 are listed as the first brand in Jiangxi
professional), 11 defense industry professionals (including five national management
professional), 1 a defense focused professional, 14 provincial key disciplines, 14 in
Jiangxi brand professional.
   School money from the Chinese Academy of Engineering Honorary Fellow of
seven tiger heads, has a higher overall quality, professionalism strong teachers. The
college has more than 2,000 people, including more than 1,100 full-time teachers,
there are 10 two-employed academicians, doctoral tutor 9, associate professors and
more than 530 professional and technical positions (of which more than 170
professors). Teachers in more than 170 people with a doctorate, master's
degree in more than 400 people, with 35 academic leaders at the provincial level, 52
provincial key teachers at the provincial level 4 experts with outstanding contributions,
and enjoy special government allowances of 27 people, the national outstanding
teachers 4, 5 provincial model workers, the provincial education teacher 5, Jiangxi
Province, "a new Hundred Talents Project" first and second
level personnel 8, 43 third-level personnel. College also hired more than 100
well-known experts and scholars as part-time professor.

   East China University of Technology designated by the United Nations
International Atomic Energy Agency and the uranium isotope hydrology advanced
training center, school level, "Analysis and Testing Center" is
International Atomic Energy Agency designated as the reference (Arbitration) Lab.
Relying on "Digital Engineering Laboratory Center of nuclear
facilities" and "Geographical Information and Digital Imaging
Technology Research Center" building "in Jiangxi Province
Spatial Information and Digital Land Laboratory", in February 2004 were
identified as provincial key laboratories, and has "Nuclear Resources and
Environment, Ministry of Education Key Lab."

   Donghua University attaches great importance to international academic exchange
and foreign cooperation in running schools, the last five in succession to send experts,
teachers going abroad to attend international academic conferences, visited a total of
more than 30 countries, more than 80 batches, more than 170 people. Since 1999, has
sent 10 scientists to go to Japan Science and Technology Department on high level
radioactive waste disposal to carry out cooperative research. And the United States,
Europe, Australia, Asia and other countries or regions more than 20 universities to
establish a long-term inter-school exchanges and cooperation. And the United Nations
International Atomic Energy Agency in scientific research, personnel training and so
to establish a long-term exchanges and cooperation. The school also experienced
long-term employment of foreign experts to teach hospital.
School adhering to the facts and hard work of good school spirit, uphold the
people-centered educational philosophy, strict education, focusing on the quality of
education students, students in the national and provincial events achievements of all
kinds; graduate employment rate of the province ranked the first three years in a row
name, and as the work of outstanding units of graduate employment in Jiangxi
Province. School party building outstanding performance of Jiangxi Province
Education Committee awarded the "building of the Party the year
2000-2003, an advanced unit" Honor.
Expert rating: three and six did not expect did not expect:
Three did not expect: I did not expect such a remote place with a school such a long
history of the school, did not expect such a remote place in the gathering of so many
doctors and masters, did not expect in such remote areas have good conditions for
running the campus environment that U.S. schools.
Teaching evaluation in 2004 of six experts did not expect: the school change so much,
so good running condition, results of teaching so much, so prominent on the national
contributions to the teachers that love and devotion, so strong evaluation and
construction environment.
2004 Ministry of Education's undergraduate teaching our school
assessment of the level achieved good results.

East China University of Technology since its inception in 1956, running in the
glorious and tortuous course, always keep in mind the mission school, forming,
maintaining, developing a distinctive "East China Institute of Technology
Characteristics": hard work, dedication for the country to build nuclear
military discipline Group advantage. With the advance of the country's
nuclear industry, schools, self-reliance, hard work, good, thrifty school, become a
pioneer in China's nuclear industry - the nuclear fuel cycle engineering
talents of the cradle of China's defense industry and has made a significant
contribution to the socio-economic development. The face of new challenges and
opportunities, schools seize primary task of development, bearing in mind the
"two musts" to Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important
thinking of Three Represents as the guide, advance with the times, the quality of
survival to feature development to the needs of society-oriented and actively adapt to
higher education by the elite education to mass education, change, stability, extension,
connotation expansion and focus on sustainable development for the early realization
of "first-class province, the country well-known, some advantages
discipline into the international advanced level "and make unremitting