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									           Syllabus                                                    Pehl
           Astronomy A105                                              Fall 2006
           Saturday Morning (room LD010)                               IUPUI

Textbook:       Discovering the Universe, 7th Ed. By Comins & Kaufmann

Tests:          There are 2 midterm tests of one hour each, and a comprehensive two-hour final.

Lectures:       The lectures will try to adhere to the schedule listed below. Please be aware that changes
                can and do happen. Lectures will sometimes cover material not in the textbook. Also,
                lecture notes will NOT be available as a hand-out. Make a new friend (or two)
                BEFORE you miss a class and need to get caught up!

Cheating:       Don’t! If you need clarification, please read the University’s policy on cheating.

Classroom       Please do not let me see or hear your cell phone while class is in session.
Policies        Please do not disturb your classmates with food/drink/etc.
                Please exercise common sense – the rules for your other classes probably apply in this
                class. If you are not sure, please ask before acting. I will explain further in class.

Grades:         Grades will be based on a “curve”, the details of which will be discussed in the first class.

Drop/WD:        Should it become necessary to drop/withdrawal this course, please do so OFFICIALLY!
                Failure to do so will result in an “F” on your transcript! (University Policy)

Attendance:     Attendance is taken via “quizzes” and tests. Missed quizzes will not be made up.
                The definition of a “quiz” will be discussed in the first class. If you must miss a TEST,
                please e-mail me before or within 24 hours afterwards to schedule the make-up exam.
                NOTE: If you miss 50% or more of the first 4 weeks without notifying me, the
                University can (and will) withdrawal you. See the University policy for details.

Contact:        If you need to contact me, please do so by e-mail. Allow a minimum of 24 hours for a
                response. E-mail:


AUG 26          Syllabus & Class Policies (handouts), Powers of Ten (Appendix A)
                Temperature Scales (Appendix D), Start Chapter 10, QUIZ

AUG 30          Last chance to drop class and get 100% refund

SEPT 02         Finish Chapter 10, Atoms & Spectra pgs 105-109,
                Chapter 3 pgs 62-68, QUIZ

SEPT 05         75% refund period ends 6:00pm
SEPT 07         Partial Lunar Eclipse (visible from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia)

SEPT 09         Start Chapter 4, QUIZ

SEPT 12         50% refund period ends 6:00pm. Pass/Fail option ends 6:00pm

SEPT 16         Finish Chapter 4, QUIZ, Review for Test #1
SEPT 19     25% refund period ends 6:00pm
SEPT 22     Annular Solar Eclipse (visible from South America, western Africa, Antarctica)

SEPT 23     TEST # 1 over all material to date. Bring a soft lead pencil and eraser
            Start Chapter 11

SEPT 30     Finish Chapter 11, Start Chapter 12

OCT 07      Finish Chapter 12, Start Chapter 13, QUIZ

OCT 14      Finish Chapter 13, Start Chapter 14, QUIZ

OCT 17      Last day to withdrawal with automatic grade of W (Advisor signature required)
OCT 21      ORIONID METEOR SHOWER (typically 20 per hour)

OCT 21      Finish Chapter 14, Start Chapter 15, QUIZ

OCT 28      Finish Chapter 15, QUIZ, Review for Test #2

OCT 29      Daylight Savings Time ends (Spring Forward, Fall Back)
NOV 04      TAURID METEOR SHOWER (typically 15 per hour)

NOV 04      TEST # 2 over all material since Test # 1. Bring a soft lead pencil and eraser
            Start Chapter 16

NOV 11      Finish Chapter 16, Chapter 17, QUIZ

NOV 14      Last day to withdrawal with grade of W or F (Advisor & Instructor signatures needed)
NOV 16      LEONID METEOR SHOWER (typically 15 meteors per hour)

NOV 18      Start Chapter 18, QUIZ

NOV 25      BREAK!! No Class Today!!

DEC 02      Finish Chapter 18, Start Chapter 19, QUIZ

DEC 09      Finish Chapter 19, QUIZ, Course Evaluation (bring a soft lead pencil and eraser)
            Review for Final Exam (if time allows)

DEC 13      GEMINID METEOR SHOWER (typically 50 meteors per hour)

DEC 16      FINAL EXAM (same classroom – normal class time)
            Comprehensive! (Covers everything from AUG 26) Bring a soft lead pencil and eraser

DEC 22      URSID METEOR SHOWER (typically 15 meteors per hour)
DEC 22      Grades available online

          Please use the space below to keep track of your quiz and test scores. Thanks!

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