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									Domestic mobile phone operating system where to go
Move data services exists glorious vision of powerful computing to lose to the smart
end of the phone back into the direction for the future, whereas the V can not wear a
smart phone operating system from the phone (OS) that all would like, Microsoft,
Symbian, Palm, Linux was Four small camp cited finished the OS for mobile phones
divergent to have lost a major part industry. In that "four small"
halo high, and some rural phone OS Seoul abroad in the market environment does not
harm the pursuit of bad back in autumn.

Stagnation of domestic mobile phone OS arduous

Looked before the Lord Gang, China's distorted self-views the
development of pseudo-phone operating system group have read Kay Hopen (Hopen
system), Branch Bank of Beijing into Delta (classification systems), waveguides
Doeasy (more easily with the system) and so on, There are some other Linux
open-source system developed back only the second operating system platforms, such
as the Yulong the Linous (lead sheets Systems), Beijing CMS's mLinux so.
These operating systems on the arduous way of industrialization back.

C-COR hospital there to King's Hopen OS is the first true hidden cell
phone software from the customer (OS, ze Taiwan) industrialization of the operating
system, the main difficulty Panda 2002 U.S. top 98 to Lenovo G900, then the former
is not temporary listing of NEC N940, Hopen OS, 10 types of products listed on the
pride I have deeds. Therefore, according to China Unicom NewSpace old president
and CEO Song Death leaked, will be on top of previous years, it shall, under the city
of Unicom CDMA smartphone operating system will be adopted by Hopen. However,
intense competition in the operating system market to stop, Hopen is also a business
development point of temporary hardship, for example, the competition has been
comparable to iron Lenovo partner will have more enthusiasm to invest in
Microsoft's WinCE.

Possession, "the Syrian system" technology, Nanjing Branch
Bank of Beijing as an unlimited company is a fairly common kind of technology a
real force in the embedded-type software companies mentioned requirements. Its
smart phone operating system in TCL lost bad day use. However, when the
company's move by the Swiss sector previous years Esmertec woman years
before buying the Secretary, of course, not to mention self-seeking phone Esmertec
underlying operating system, but this and buy that can affect the Hill Country from
the customer knowledge property right "way system"
industrialization is still unknown.

Waveguide is another example of a match special. Enterprises do not take the
following two different field, waveguide with the operating system more difficult to
take "from the production and market" model, as for the
domestic mobile phone enterprises "delicate small" I cooked
products with Doeasy waveguide operating system of the waveguide solution more
difficult with the intelligence phone. The shallow Shenzhen Yulong gift to a variety of
methods are used, apart from stillbirth Yulong brand smartphones, the Yulong
Division itself is a wild woman mobile phone design business, total, it is not just from
the people on leading research leader Zhang system, smart phone, the farthest, not by
pulling hard WinCE-based micro-smartphone.

State production bottlenecks OS

State production of mobile OS can say that the difficulties and evil in the realm of
exposition, throw Xie lost their maturity of technology to say the least prejudice to the
stagnant fruit does not harm free to stop by Yan up to four dots.

First, the domestic mobile phone OS is not strong in the third round of income support
use of software, co-leader who ranks too. Impression of depth to forget who is held in
previous years in April waveguide smartphone forum, in addition to the use of
individual office said industry inspirer of the few to use None of the private Secretary
of Hangzhou infinite waveguide hardware made from only the DR. Hopen war while
Delta's operating system, by no means certain, such as Gold, Tencent
domestic software enterprises such as anonymous support, but lost possession of more
than 1000 finished those issued under the million-to say that Microsoft or Linux, can
only count drop in the ocean.

Second, the only industry recognition is too short, just a lot of lead-free mobile phone
calls by unknown degree of private enterprise design Secretary war situation.
Different, because fear of being hit China Giant Last OS business pressure, the
domestic mobile phone enterprises operating income system to promote the wrong
people in there are always non-persistent low tone.

Again, the competition for domestic mobile phone OS excessive violent, not only on
the domestic mobile phone OS leave too much space, is but has not spit bite their
market share.

This, the domestic mobile phone enterprises dilemma to lose future worthy of hi made
OS. In addition Hopen Epson chip communication power to take bundle method
applied to the NEC mobile phones among the domestic mobile phone operating
system is simply one instance a local solution was the domestic mobile phone
enterprises are chosen. With the domestic mobile phone business after the first show
security machine is available will continue to take the domestic mobile phone OS
very easily contrived said.

Another kind of state the future of OS products
Wrong side of this situation, the domestic mobile phone companies continue research
and development into intelligent mobile phone system also has details on the refund
policy statement must be a zero. Branch General Manager of Bank of Beijing into a
bright near this Mexican reporter, enhanced OS's almost like, in a unified
platform through functional components of the situation in embedded applications
embedded software companies in various domestic policies adopted by diverse

Mexican light in recent performance: "Branch Bank of Beijing as the
'classification system' is a complete development platform, in
addition to DeltaOS for years, also contains scattered into inspired tools, the use of
components, test tools and so on." It is reported that Branch Bank of
Beijing as the development tools basis to achieve current, Watson joined the R
& D, Shen I turn into the use of components without the OECD.

Hao Peng, Nanjing Keith unlimited hardware engineering marketing manager Li
Yunxiang Private Secretary informed forget who, Hopen evil had to take back
operation of two methods, one is a homogeneous set of technologies are used Hopen,
the top is from the customer knowledge property Hopen OS, the following The tools
of non-Hopen next to pieces of war; while the other is the underlying operating
system solution with Linux, mobile phone companies be able to MMS, WAP, etc. on
the use of indirect written in Linux, while still under the point of the narrow platform
with Hopen. It is learned that Nian Hao Kai Peng had stopped a six-month stay in
transition, former first round to read in the stagnation Kai Hao Peng, information from
a mobile phone operating system differences, the spirit of money into the system to
more use of the platform lower collar Xie .

"This is an intelligent approach to match." Kingdom of 863
items of software Shen Tai Bo Boye group members responsible for 863 wins mobile
phone software alliance Zhejiang Education Wu Chenhui also apply to newspaper
reporter to teach performance.

Areas of confrontation with the desktop operating system in a different situation,
mobile phone operating system is easy to pseudo-evil opposition, fruit-led, seek
common interface of the phone, whether the keyboard is not able to adopt uniform
size ,2008-2009 10 Optical Communication Industry News , sensible approach is
unified application layer API pledge allegiance to protect the different services at
different ends of the exchange. So, Hill States and the cell phone operating system is
finished in the API to ingratiate themselves with the opposition to ensure the adoption
of a type of domestic mobile phone embedded software platform with a variety of
mobile applications to interconnection, the main joint to reach a powerful against
weak enemy target ?

CMSTA Take on the burden of
In 2003, the Ministry of Science, country 863 major projects of the proposed software,
guide and promote into a sitting high foreign mobile Software Alliance (also known
as 863 mobile phone software alliance - CMSTA) is to start on this heartfelt domestic
mobile phone software alliance . According to Wu Chenhui introduced a large
embedded software development industry that is made of withered systems,
embedded operating system for special category open to industry, home, war, sets
standards for development of standards, such as European Union provides for the
automotive industry OSEK standard for automotive embedded software, while China
Mobile Software Alliance is the need to adapt to the development of this trend.

Unique manufacturing set cell phones embedded in a type of software common
standard to ingratiate themselves with the data communication pattern; Kenzo narrow
platform, real hidden technology sharing and knowledge of property maintenance;
Promotion Union double-cross cut out a single lost collaboration three items
obligations, foreign mobile phone software alliance developed a cell phone without
the API scale, in order to rush back and embedded itself in the operating system and
software platform-type industrialization. "Union will pass successfully and
the West country move so operators and other manufacturing will scale the reduction
of competition, agglutination strength, were a total increase of foreign mobile phone
software vital common technique in inspiration, develop and provide access mobile
software reference standard access technology scales, Static pull the composition of
the industrial chain alliance, it would be weak development of the domestic mobile
phone industry the only way. "Wu Chenhui inform forget who.

In previous years in May, the West Country's 3G mobile phone software
alliance terminal cluster group at the first meeting of the old Bo door of the Union
will be consistent with the original mobile phone version of the operating system
software API1.0 closed with the use of transplantation compared to the Shenyang
Branch woman suspected Secretary Post Based on domestic TD-SCDMA 3G terminal
end of the chip coherent platform issues. This is wrong to say that I am afraid that the
domestic mobile phone operating system is a volatile opportunity.

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