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Doing: live in harmony with the pain
Recently downloaded some video content on interviews with successful programs,
including one of the respondents is Taiwan's famous Doing the training
master, who is also chairman of knowledge management practitioners, the
world's only Money & You Chinese lecturers having
"schools do not teach things," "I love money, more
love you" and other best-selling books.
Interview, the host asked a rather interesting question: What is your way of life has
been so smoothly? Your life is always full of flowers and applause? Doing smiled and
said: Of course not. On the contrary, I feel more of a pain with their own and
challenge. Host asked: Why? So slowly Doing described some of their own life
"I am 16 years old, got rheumatoid arthritis, it is very hard! A large male
hand would not move, it's a sulking fit enough! Was elbow will not move,
then the waist, knees bent ... ... my father back of my year (school)! very painful
painful painful. "arrival of winter, when the home has no air conditioning
heating, bleak. Most people sleep at night, all bind tightly quilt blankets, anxious to
head are indented warm blanket. Doing all night but had to Stick 'em to the
quilt outside! Because of his left foot has been Zuanxin to pain, use cold to stimulate
his left foot, with a cold to relieve pain.
18-year-old college, Doing to participate in an activity, exercise, straining to jump up,
results in the ground, the foot does not exactly fall to the ground, twisted a bit. Was
young and foolish, and no further checks. So, 20 years, Doing the right foot and left
foot is always uneven, the pain will go. "My life is very hard, always leave
it at that, has endured endured," the results go to the hospital two years ago
after making X-rays, only to find the heel foot plate gap between the two bones gone,
all the cards together , pain at every step.
Last year, Doing access to a university in the UK the management of a doctorate,
which makes him a very valued, because before this, the highest level of education is
Doing: graduated from Soochow University in Taiwan. Doing a wry smile,
"I can not imagine your performance rotten: do not pass all! You want to
do, not easy!" So, Doing to the university, spent all their energy on social
work, school magazine editor in chief debate team captain, student council ... ...
sideline all first, primary industry do not do anything. Results after the end of last
semester senior year drop-out. Doing another two years younger than his sister, who
won Taiwan's top local college entrance examination, the result is half a
year before graduation at the University of New Year's Eve, a car accident,
never leave them.
In 1998, the 34-year-old Doing smug: hand 15 international training credentials, and
training sector in Taiwan, a minor celebrity, known as the "four
lecturers." He set up all their savings into the company, is planning a big
go. However, an unexpected thing happened. Together with his business partner, had
intimate         partners,       even        quietly      took      all     the    capital,
"disappeared"! Brutal facts, deeply stung Freaky heart.
Overnight, Doing not only lose wealth, but lost confidence and hope, nothing. Fear,
sorrow, despair blowing. "At the time I would not trust other people, want
revenge ... ..." Doing frankly.
When the program reaches here, I found the faces of the astonished host look. I could
not help give birth to mind is a lot of emotion, could not help but recall the words of a
philosopher once said: Behind every successful scenery, some hidden many of the
frustrations and bitterness.
However, the life crushed by pain and not Doing, Instead, he more of these as a
challenge, and gradually learned how to live in harmony with the pain, how to
challenge friends. Withdraw from school, he fiercely vowed never to go back to
school in the future, unless there are two exceptions, one back when the teacher is to
accept award in recognition. Two years later, vowed to really come true to be invited
back to his alma mater Doing a speech entitled, "I am the first one million
earned in life." Deceived by a partner in 1998 after a friend introduced
Doing in the next, to borrow money to buy a plane ticket, went to Malaysia to
participate in the Money & You program, to restore his confidence a little.
After returning to Taiwan, Doing decided to start. He raised 60 million New Taiwan
dollars set up a new company, "At that time the office has 32 tables, 32
phones, but the staff is none, but I believe, Money & You will help me find
the staff, I will succeed!" A years later, foreigners will see the Money
& You Doing This method practice so well, inviting him as a lecturer
Money & You. Thus, in 1999, Money & You have a Chinese
version. Six years later, in 2005, he and the company won the China Human
Resources Annual Award for Outstanding Senior Management --- Education and
Training Management Award. Won this award, as well as Europe International
Business School and Cheung Kong Graduate School.
Now, Doing insist can not be cured with the pain of the body, between lectures
frequently throughout Asia. "Some people a little sick, met some setbacks,
we feel sad. I really do not mind, life is so it! Life is to learn to live in harmony with
the pain, the challenge as a friend!" Doing that " I deal with the
challenges, there are several steps: from the understanding of the challenges, to accept
it, certainly it is, optimistic love it, and then learn to develop more power. "
Yes ah, since the inevitable pain of life, challenges everywhere, then why do not we
like them to Doing as a friend?
Doing: a small story in the management philosophy

   ?A few days ago to hear a story, I feel a great philosophy to share here what I said
is to have a monk as the ringing bells of a job, six months down the very bored,
"做一天和尚撞一天钟" only . One day, the chair announced
that fetching water and firewood transferred him to the backyard because he was not
qualified for the post of ringing bells. Very convinced young monk asked:
"Do I not allowed to hit the bell, do not loudly?" Old chair
patiently told him: "You hit the bell though very punctual, very loud, but
the bell vague, weak, no appeal force. bell to wake addiction beings, therefore, not
only knocked the bell loud, but also mellow, rich, deep, distant. "
   ?I do not know after reading this story, any ideas? Perhaps everyone would feel
deserve monk, who told his labor, it does not contribute? At first I thought the same
and we feel deserve to be monk
   Later, I listened to a lecture, speaker Doing teacher's words made me
change my mind. Doing this in this seminar has four instructors in Asia, said the
world's best personal development and business courses Money &
you the only Chinese language instructor, because Lin is not only well-known lecturer,
also a successful entrepreneur, so Lin more multi-management perspective is to
explore this issue.
Lin that this young monk was dismissed, not all his fault, more of a chair made a
common-sense management errors, over publication of the standard did not result in
advance. If the monk into the monastery of the same day to understand the standards
and the importance of ringing bells, and I think he would not have been dismissed
because of sabotage. The behavior of the staff working standards and assessment
guidelines based. Lack of work standards, the efforts often lead to staff the direction
and the direction of the overall development of the company is not uniform, causing
heavy human and material resources to waste. Because of the lack of reference, over
time more prone to the formation of complacency, leading to slack work.
So if everyone here is a boss, if your employees are doing business in one day hit the
day of the kinds of monks, you must first reflect on the assessment of your business
standards complete it? And employees know it?
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Doing: the most dangerous moment in life
   The day before yesterday saw an "I love money, more love
you" book. Doing the training of the Chinese community is one of the four
lecturers, but also the world's best personal development and business
courses Money & You the only one Chinese language instructor.
   This book was written well, including Doing business management of the teacher
talk about an example, it is also very philosophical classics, and here I share with you.
Story is this: a cargo ship unloading return, in the vast sea, suddenly confronted with a
huge storm.
Old master decisive order: "Open all the cabin, once entered, and
Sailors are concerned about: "insurance add insurance, do not find their
own dead end?"
Captain calmly said: "We have seen deep-rooted tree was dry rough storm
toppled before? Been downed tree roots are not."
Sailors dubious to follow suit, though still less severe storm waves, but as more and
more over the water storage, cargo gradually balance, the captain told the sailors that
sigh of relief: "an empty timber barrel is easily knocked over by wind, and
if filled with water load, and the wind is not blowing down. At the time of loading on
board, is the safest time;'s paradise, the most critical time. "

This story says so then philosophy, and an enterprise of the most dangerous time, is
not nothing in the start-up stage, but after the goal in the loss of food and clothing
when. Enterprise development is best, the most dangerous time.
Manage not only business is the reason, everyone in the road of life will encounter the
same problem, the most difficult time in the best of one's potential. When
people take a certain degree of success is that people tend to be dazzled win, lose
initiative, then people are not far away from failure.
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Doing: the shoes bought for the African indigenous

A few days ago I attended a class called professional marketing instructor training
courses, this course by the instructor with one of the four Asia, the world's
best personal development and business courses Money & you the only
Chinese speaker lecturer Doing teacher. Doing this class the teacher told us a story is
classic, where I share with you.
In a shoe factory in the United States. In order to expand the market, he sent a
marketing manager for factory owners to Africa on an isolated island in the
marketplace. It names marketing manager arrived and found the local people have not
the habit of putting on shoes, back to the hotel, he immediately sent telegrams to tell
the boss said: "The people here never wear shoes, no market
   When the owner received the telegram, the thought for a long time. Marketing
Manager will be told to another site investigation. When the name of the market
manager to see the local people barefoot, wearing any shoes when extremely excited
mind, a return to hotel, immediately gave a call to the boss: "This Island
residents will have no shoes to wear, the market potential. Quickly send one million
pairs of shoes come. "
   Doing the teacher had finished the story of our audience, said: "The
purpose of professional marketing lecturer in class, is to sell you training for the class,
but the most basic requirements to become a salesman that is, a keen sense of
observation, as a Sensitive dogs, as the unfavorable situation in the identified
opportunities. no observation of the person is not qualified when the salesman.
I think this story is from a commercial point of view of our salesmen, are indeed very
instructive, not the market opportunities do not exist, but the lack of opportunities
found in the eye.
?Same story, if we go to dig deep significance of which, we can get another
philosophy of life experience. The same situation, have different views and
conclusions. In fact, when we often go bad or the respect to think about, then we will
miss the many "chance of success." On the contrary, we have
been to good, positive aspects to think about it, we will uncover many surprising
opportunities, even a slim chance of a crisis may also be hidden.
   ?Opportunities for success lies in the eye of a discovery.
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