Different advantages and disadvantages of product promotion strategy

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					Different advantages and disadvantages of product promotion strategy
Product promotion strategy is to promote the sale of products for consumer behavior,
consumer habits and to promote the rapid realization of product consumers shift from
the factory to the strategy.
Terminal in the actual market operation, product promotion in the form of a variety of
different products to the promotional strategy is not the same, remain the same. Here,
I combine their work experience, the type of product promotion were disaggregated,
and each of their strengths and weaknesses in order to discuss with you.
In the actual market operation, product promotion strategy has the following 15 kinds
of major policy performance:
First, discount strategy
Discount product promotion strategy is to take in the most common and most
effective marketing strategy. The so-called discount, meaning the manufacturers of
products by lowering prices to favor consumers a way to sell. This promotional
strategy is generally applicable to newly listed, or to win much-needed markets for the
products the consumer eyeballs and attention.
The main methods of discount strategy direct discount, additional discount of three
gifts, and packaged.
To take advantage of discount strategy is clear, is the effective speed in a short time
can quickly drive sales, increase consumer purchases, the greatest impact on
consumers and the temptation to force, dealers are interested in, the
company's salesman also very happy. At the same time, rapid response to
discount the strategy can make competitors by surprise, can make their own
competitive position in the more active.
However, the shortcomings of price evaluation strategy is very clear. Main features:
can not solve the fundamental dilemma of marketing, sales may only bring short-term
upgrade, can not solve the market to enhance the deep-seated problems; the same time,
the decline in prices will lead to a decline in corporate profits, and the product
declines, you want to return to previous levels without discount, the possibility is very
small. Discount strategy also dampen consumer brand loyalty; trigger counter
competitors, easily lead to price competition, resulting in a lose-lose outcome, is not
conducive to long-term development of enterprise and industry.
2, attached gifts strategy
Attached gift strategy is to buy products at the same time consumers can get a gift to
this product. This marketing strategy can be applied to products of different
conditions. The main ways of packaging gifts, packaging gifts and packaging are
three gifts.
Accompanied by gifts can create product differentiation strategy, and enhance the
attractiveness to consumers; can market segments, increasing the chances of
consumers try to buy; encourage consumers to increase the frequency of use of
products, speed up repeat purchase consumer products; promote actively promote the
product distributor, to achieve rapid sales of products.
But the gift comes with strategies to achieve the opposite effect sometimes. Bad gifts
will be against the brand and sales. There was a mobile phone manufacturers, in order
to promote product sales, to buy a mobile phone gifts electronic radio promotion
strategy, but the poor quality radio presented the final results not only failed to
achieve promotion, but self-defeating, because consumers radios donated by the poor
quality of manufacturers not only for this promotion without a cold, and request a
refund for purchase of cell phones and funds to consumers resulted in a very bad
influence, manufacturers had to end in failure in this promotion.
Third, refund policy
Refund policy means that a certain amount of goods consumers buy a certain amount
of the refund after the grant. This promotion strategy for new brands enter the market
or already have a brand.
Refund policy including the purchase of a single commodity refund policy, refund to
buy the same goods preferential treatment, to purchase the same goods enjoy a variety
of manufacturers offer a refund, the joint refund offers, upgrades and other five forms
of refund offers. The so-called upgrade refund strategy is to buy the more after the
price equivalent to the more expensive. If you purchase a certain brand of cosmetics
were bought 3 sets 10 per return, returning to buy 5 sets 20. This marketing strategy is
factory upgrade refund most commonly used marketing strategies.
Refund policy with the performance advantages of less impact on brand image, will
not lead to unhealthy competition among peers, can encourage consumers to purchase
and repeat purchase, cultivate brand loyalty of consumers to achieve rapid sales of
But the shortcomings of the strategy is to refund manufacturers to sacrifice their
profits in exchange for the rapid digestion; same time, the kind of marketing strategy
not too much intensity, so that potential customers have not done enough to stimulate
the consumer is not very active participation high, there is a mess highbrow feel.
Fourth, evidence favorable strategy
Certificate discount strategy is the business in the marketing process, taken to the
consumer based on a recognition certificate to enjoy the time of purchase discounts.
This marketing strategy is often manifested in the joint promotion activities.
Complementarity between the two manufacturers to achieve their maximum sales.
Strategy to take advantage of preferential certificate can enhance consumer loyalty,
attracting fixed consumer groups; can carry out targeted promotional activities,
consumer demand for consumers to have better results.
But the main drawback of this promotional strategy is the performance of the process
of conversion more difficult to control. In the implementation process, if not in place
because of the implementation, may cause some damage the brand. In addition, this
marketing strategy is not appropriate for the new brand, because the new brand less
attractive to consumers, consumers are not quite trust, consumer participation is
relatively low.
5, set point for property strategy
Collection ways for property strategy is to buy the product which the consumer to
collect evidence, Da Dao business activity provides for the Shu Liang, to the business
location designated by the incentives in return for promotion strategy. This kind of
marketing strategy applicable to a mature product with high brand recognition, and
frequent consumption, consumption of major products. Such as fast moving consumer
goods, Master Kong, Coca-Cola and other well-known brands often take this
promotion strategy.
Set point to the way things change, there are four forms: includes no time limit set
point for materials, time-bound set of points for materials, other goods in exchange
for feedback and membership points.
Set point for material benefits of the strategy is very clear, can stimulate the
establishment of many consumer buying behavior, cultivate brand loyalty, but also in
activities that can cause product differentiation, improve product competitiveness.
Meanwhile, the kinds of promotional strategies for its low operating costs, become the
promotion strategy adopted by competing manufacturers.
Set point strategy for the shortcomings of material mainly in the middle of
dealer's enthusiasm is not high, activity time is normally longer duration,
the consumer does not patiently wait the attractiveness of the relatively poor new
6, the joint marketing strategy
Joint marketing strategy refers to two or two or more brands or companies to carry out
promotional activities, to promote their products and Fu Wu, to expand the impact of
activities and promote each other's brands and services, while taking
benefit-sharing, cost-sharing of the Principle holds the promotional activities.
Joint marketing strategy is normally carried out between the two brands, the emphasis
is on strong cooperation to achieve win-win goal, so this general stress on the joint
promotion strategy, among others. Basically, between the two brands is not so difficult
to conduct joint promotions, because a strong brand will be in general to cooperate in
the initiative, while the weaker party in the cooperation are losing the battle.
Comparison of international brands seeking joint promotional activities, such as
Coca-Cola and Kodak film early cooperation between the very successful, achieving a
win-win situation. Between them is the main content of the joint promotion buy 2
boxes of Coca-Cola sent a roll of Kodak printing paper; red paper roll of Kodak prints
sent to Coca-Cola a tank.
To take advantage of joint marketing strategies to quickly approach the target
consumers, decrease marketing costs, can be targeted to select target consumer groups,
and often cooperation between the well-known brand, can enhance the attractiveness
to consumers than better achieve promotion goals.
Disadvantage of a joint promotional strategy is more difficult to coordinate between
the two brands, a problem can not be solved in time later. Meanwhile, manufacturers
are required between the product strengths and highlight their competitive advantage,
leading to the advantage of their lack of focus on product display, product advantages
to consumers could easily lead to a vague impression.
7, free use of strategies
Free use policy means that the product (usually the trial of new products or equipment)
free of charge presented to potential consumers for their use or attempt to induce
consumers to buy a sales promotion.
The kinds of main methods of marketing strategy direct-home delivery, outdoor
sample distribution, distribution of gift coupons.
Approach to this promotion more manufacturers are fast moving consumer goods
industry, cosmetics industry and the high consumption industries. Such as Procter
& Gamble, Unilever and other companies to market new products, always
the first trial production of some equipment in major supermarkets, department stores
for free distribution to the consumers try to catch the consumer's attention
and favor after trial, so that follow-up consumers purchasing the product.
Free trial strategy will help improve product market rate, to a targeted selection of
target consumer groups, to attract consumers, but also the formation of propagation
effects in consumers, enhance brand awareness and brand affinity.
However, such a sales promotion costs of the relatively high cost, operation and
management of the difficult activities, and, for homogeneous and strong or weak
personalize the products less effective.
8, a lucky draw promotion strategy
Sweepstakes promotion is the use of consumer excitement and hope the winning
mentality to a lucky draw to win cash, prizes or merchandise, and strengthen the
desire to buy a product to achieve the purpose of promoting product sales.
Lucky Draw Promotion is the most common in everyday life promotions. To draw a
big brand, regardless of promotion or a new brand entering the market are repeatedly
tested repeatedly cool the promotions.
There are back to send promotional draw of lottery, which means that the Chinese
lottery, lottery and other multi-chain approach, each promotions are many
manufacturers use. Now if we go to shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores and
even some shopping, you can find promotional activities to draw, and is crowded, we
can see the popular lottery promotions.
The advantages of using lottery promotion is the ability to cover a wide range of
target consumer groups, has a direct pull on the sales role can attract new customers
Chang Shi buy, promote and old customers to buy again, or multiple purchase.
However, the shortcomings of this lottery promotion mainly in the consumer now has
more reason, on lottery sales have see more of this game will not blame, do not excite
consumers insensitive. Meanwhile, sales of the brand to draw no impetus to upgrade.
Moreover, the raffle, and promotions during the early stage, into the media costs are
relatively high because of the need to inform consumers often require extensive
participation of consumers. The extent that some business activities in organizing
such a lottery, because there is no presence of consumers had to put their own staff
posing as ordinary consumers to participate in sweepstakes promotions to attract
popularity, drive consumer participation.
9, promotional game strategy
Promotion game is the boring simple business promotion activities into the game
program to strengthen the sense of participation of consumers in order to attract
consumers with targeted participation of the game, to promote product sales purposes.
Promotional strategy game using the product can improve attention and consumer
interest, deepen consumer brand image will help to reach consumers in a specific
sales target. Mainly to market products and markets before preheating, can achieve
better results.
However, such promotions to attract new customers on the effect of poor at the same
time, from the activity itself, consumer participation is not particularly strong.
Therefore, the kinds of promotions to earn acclaim for manufacturers, but the specific
effect of promotional activities is not obvious. Therefore, the use of the product sales
cycle, not by much.
10, Competitive promotional strategies
Sports marketing strategy is the competitive advantage of consumers, the immediate
participation by consumers to showcase their talents and skills to achieve the
expansion of product impact, and ultimately achieving the purpose of promoting
product sales.
Competitive main methods of promotion of mass sports activities, mental sports,
some athletic talent and product consumption of sports activities. If carried out to
drink Budweiser Budweiser race, Master race carried out to eat noodles and other
activities are carefully planned to product manufacturers for the purpose of mass
marketing athletic activities.
Competitive promotional strategies used to help the consumer to accept the new brand,
to achieve fast communication and enhance brand image, the full increase consumer
attention and focus.
However, such a marketing strategy costs relatively high cost, not much help on the
sales, rather point "赔本赚吆喝" flavor. And mass participation
in sports activities, the group is not clear, some are clearly not the target consumer
group. Difficult to judge the effect of activities and assessment, enhanced activities of
11, PR Sponsorship Policy
Sponsored by PR is sponsoring a social activity, with a good social effect, increase
brand awareness and brand image, and ultimately achieve the purpose of promoting
sales, and strive to enhance product sales and brand image in a win-win.
The main methods of public relations sponsored sports sponsorship, which is the
largest public relations people appear sponsorship strategy. Such as the World Cup
sponsors, including Nike, Adidas and Coca-Cola, the world's top sports
brands such as worldwide brand. Samsung Olympic Games have been sponsored by
multinational companies. China's IT giant Lenovo has chosen a TOP
sponsor the 2008 Olympic Games public relations strategies. There is sponsoring
cultural events and public activities class sponsorship. If the annual beauty contest
could be a lot of various manufacturers sponsorship.
Sponsored by PR to rapidly promote brand awareness, build brand image and create a
favorable business environment for the public, but also can promote product sales,
product sales and brand awareness to achieve a substantial upgrade.
PR sponsorship money can not handle, it requires proper timing, appropriate
strategies to achieve the best communication products and brand communication
purposes. Moreover, the public relations organization sponsored enterprises require a
higher capacity, while corporate investment in sponsorship is not cheap, to mess it
would be worth the candle.
12, members of marketing strategy
Member Marketing refers to the theme of a benefit or service to potential or actual
consumers is the form of a club team, to carry out publicity, marketing, promotion and
other activities to promote sales purposes.
The main methods of marketing, member price, convenience shopping and other
forms of emotional communication. Currently, members carry out marketing, more
and more manufacturers. Many businesses in the consumer shopping will require
consumers to fill out a card, and then after that with this card can offer. Meanwhile,
asked consumers to fill out the following information to stay, businesses have
established their own databases, database marketing has become an important
Member Marketing can develop brand loyalty of consumers, while consumers
through the establishment of a database to enhance the competitiveness of the market,
established competitors can not easily be fixed known consumer groups.
But the slow return of member marketing, database building cycle is longer, require
regular maintenance, while the results would be more difficult to assess.
13, point of sale for sale strategy
Selling point is the product for sale on display at the counter, to give consumers an
intuitive feel, the purpose of attracting consumers.
Display and sale point of sale terminals main way of point of sale display and
publicity. Point of sale information is to be used by each manufacturer promotions,
because the manufacturers selling is basically achieved through the terminal point of
sale. Therefore, point of sale to consumers rivalry becomes the manufacturers need to
ensure sales and important positions.
Display and sale point of sale advantage is obvious. Consumers can not only lead to
more attention, to stimulate more consumers to buy impulse, but also for
manufacturers, the cost of inputs is not high, but sales results, it is very obvious.
However, that way the manufacturers will face many problems, such as low visibility
in the sales of terminal products difficult to obtain the support of retailers, largely
placed in the corner without being noticed; and, as in the Marketplace Expand, store
space is limited, the company's products and brand are not properly
reflected, not attract the attention of consumers and the purchase of passion; the same
time, the same is basically concentrated in one industry, leading to more intensified
competition among peers, reduce the profits made products.
14, staff promotion strategy
Staff promotion strategy is the most primitive but sometimes the most effective
product promotion strategies. Some powerful terminal promoters or sales personnel,
could "say the death is a living, the living can be blown a fly."
With silver tongue, do induce the consumers pocket conflict. Domestic mobile phone
manufacturers in this area are more deeply understand. Bird Mobile pioneering the
"nanny marketing" is the best promotional strategies officers
application. In fact, the development of pre-made mobile phones, many domestic
mobile phone manufacturers, including TCL, Soutec have been taken to achieve this
depend on human wave tactics aim to promote product sales promotion strategy.
Staff promotion strategies can be further used to make up for advertising and
promotions inadequate communication between the drawbacks and improve the
product competitiveness in the pathway, the theories of the way through to win
consumer trust and goodwill, to promote the consumer to complete purchase.
However, the unit cost of personnel promotion strategies is relatively high,
management is also difficult, and coverage of the target consumers are not widely.
15, channel incentive strategy
Access incentive is to take on the channel in the channel business incentives to
promote the channel greater efforts to promote the enterprise business products, to
achieve rapid sales of products, rapid return for the purpose of funding incentives to
take. Such incentives are generally aimed at dealers, and ordinary consumers feel
more distant from, but the impact on consumers is real.
Channel incentive products help enhance the competitiveness in the market to help
solve the most urgent situation sluggish sales, improve product distribution rate, to
ensure that products reach the end, to ensure that consumers can buy products. More
channels can win the support of business, improve product visibility and shelf-life.
Show support for more devices, such as POP, roll up, shop posters. It also can
promote the channel to increase salesperson business incentive products, marketing
efforts, to achieve rapid product sales.
The disadvantage is that access incentive will cause the increase in access costs,
access cost increases will result in increased production costs and weaken the
competitiveness of products in the market. Moreover, with rapid product sales,
channel the demands will be more and more to the channel when the manufacturers
struggling with the demands, and even the danger of falling out with the commercial
channels is not conducive to long-term product sales.

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