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1978 is a great historical turning point. Subsequently, the state-owned enterprises or
transfer or delivery, local government difficult.
    Since then, the land of wealth began to enter local government perspective.
    2003 and 2004 by selling 205 of Daqing City, the land of direct income 778 million
yuan. "Daqing Daily" bluntly, the city's core business
is the management of land. In 2006, the first three quarters of the land transfer will be
realized in Daqing income 550 million yuan. This shows that the land transfer of
profits rather substantial. According to the National Federation of the 2007 survey, the
composition of the mainland's rates levied by the Government land transfer
payments and other taxes account for housing prices generally. Local governments
and developers to form a strong alliance.
    "Urban land for the state," appeared in the 1982
constitutional amendment, the state became the owner of urban land. As the housing
attached to the land, in theory, the owners have full property rights in housing, but
actually incomplete. Demolition of property rights not only did not land, not even the
property        rights      protection,     which        directly    led      to      the
"constitution," civil law "and" Property
Law "," protection of private property "of the
    This century, carpet in a Chinese word, the image in "Happy Goat and
Big Big Wolf of the tiger" in there, have unquestioned authority, and
persuasive - "split." Financial and real estate with land, so that
the ordinary character is full of magic. Family home in the nail from the bursting of
the destruction of houses next to force the owners to leave Pingquan County, Hebei
Province in 2008 to drive labor contractor crushed relocatees; a man from the 800
with a shield wall separating the relocatees and the demolition of housing demolition
team to Shanghai in 2007 Arson caused the expulsion of two elderly people died
relocatees vicious incidents; and then to the East County of Heilongjiang County
"not enemies of the people, not breaks against" and
"pebble on the" expulsion of the relocatees, no one has a bit of
human civilization and conscience. So May 14, 2008 assassination of Liaoning Benxi
Zhang Jian demolition of security events, November 13, 2009 in the Tang Fuzhen
self-immolation incident such extreme events. For Tang Fuzhen, the Government
defined as "anti-violence law," the conclusion even more
infuriating. However, a political book high above the power of citizens to exercise
democratic supervision means - petitions, but only 2%. (2 per thousand) chance to
solve the problem. Petitioners for removal could also face detention, was arrested,
beaten, or being a "petition of extortion" charges and the risk of
    I can not help thinking of a textbook on the Government as the content of our story:
the story of the Emperor of Germany and the miller. Miller is a nail households,
Wilhelm I of Germany in the late 19th century as the emperor, William I, and
Chairman Mao has a similar habit, like the motherland traveled everywhere to visit.
Wherever he went always better the living conditions of local, more comfortable more
comfortable. William I would like to build a palace in Potsdam, built palaces did not
find the time in front of a mill. Upon completion, the emperor stood on the balcony of
his discovery of this mill particularly unsightly, so he was very unhappy, and then sent
his men to see, can not buy the mill, the land acquisition count Guo Jia. Miller does
not agree. King said, to increase the price, and give generous compensation. But
Miller still insists on not selling, the emperor was very angry, they forced the mill torn
   Miller time in Chai Fangzi not worry, nothing. Great emperor of power, of course,
you want this matter can be, but there are courts and law in Germany, this is not a
matter of fairness, will appeal to be resolved upon. The next day he was a lawyer,
lawyer to help him 一纸诉状将 emperor to court. Miller v. William I placed on file
the case in court. German judge, he just lost the ruling emperor: the sanctity of private
property, without the consent of the owner can not be evicted. A house in front of you
on your own property does not constitute a substantial impact. So ruling emperor
restitution, compensation for damages. Results after the emperor obtained a complaint
can not help but help laughing: the power of the emperor to do too much, can not help
but lust. Fortunately, there are so many good judges and lawyers in Germany, make
the case a fair verdict. Sent by the emperor on the original drawings quickly repair the
mill, and compensate for the loss. Some years later, William I died, Wilhelm II had
ascended the throne. Old miller died, Miller II had ascended the throne also. Little
Miller simply did not want to run this mill, decided to go to city life. But also poor
management, the brink of bankruptcy, and finally remembered his father suddenly I
start with the Royal litigation. Now the little emperor was not willing to buy this land
back? Then write a letter and told him that I am the poor to die, please buy the
emperor to the mill, I have money, but also a debt I left, not spent here.
   A few days later he received a reply from William II:
   My dear neighbor, you are now the mill's economy to a very severe
degree, as neighbors, I feel very sympathetic, but you can absolutely do not sell the
mill is, and this mill is no longer a common industry but I have a milestone of judicial
independence in Germany, it must be retained for generations in the name of your
miller, immutable. In view of the difficulties you are living, make sure to understand
that as a sympathetic neighbor, so I sent 3000 marks satisfactory to you, be sure to
accept that this is just a little something for a neighbor. If you feel embarrassed, then
even if I lent you, when money, when then back to me.

Wilhelm II of your neighbors.

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