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Class matters very much. After training, the busy watching Mr Wei's
"Let the democracy and science into the classroom," I was
deeply moved.
Education to improve attitudes, changes in educational methods, educational concept
of re-orientation, gradually increase the realm of education, into the classroom and
into the hearts of the students towards education in democracy. Students are not
feeling well, students are very cute, so return, interactive, sublimation, the
improvements in education, democracy, education, the sweet taste and the joy of
education, that education is the harvest of happiness, not only are students mind, more
caring education in return for immense spiritual wealth of Delightful.
?1. Class foster the concept of equality, the Institute Role
Class is the class group of designers, organizers and instructors. In a
"guide" the specific role of class status, it is easy for teachers to
be administrators on the status of students. Once this concept, it is difficult to form a
two-way communication, only the "teacher → student"
one-way communication. Some of the class teacher after the students wrong, think of
how the kind of punishment the students will enable students will no longer be
committed, meal after overwhelming criticism of speech is issued
"instructions" should be how to do later. As a result there are
two kinds of teachers, students forced to dignity or pressure, after the work will
become timid. Another may become more rebellious, and teachers increasingly hostile.
But neither of these results will lead to exchange of students and teachers do not, not
teachers tell the truth,
?2. Appropriate to meet the psychological needs of students, for students to recognize
the class teacher
Maslow pointed out: the need people have different emphasis on different stages,
students will learn more emphasis on knowledge, others can understand, respect, care
needs. In due course to the students a cup of hot tea, one from the heart of being, a
certain language support, a reasonable assessment of the advantages to students will
enable students to be caring, respect, understanding of the needs being met. Produce a
feeling of being respected, the class teacher will also have a positive psychological
identity. Before his heart slowly opening to the class teacher, class teacher will be
accepted slowly on his education. Recognition of the class teacher students class
teacher a key step in transforming student work. Appropriate to meet the
psychological needs of students just can also play a relieve and student conversation
in the student's psychological pressure, solve the students and the
psychological barrier between the class teacher, which lay the foundation for better
communication between teachers and students.
3. To establish clear channels of communication
Well-known representatives of modern management of effective communication path
Barnard made the request: 1, so that students are aware that there are channels of
communication, 2, and everyone has their own communication channels. 3, the
channel is short and direct. The management scholars give us a lesson: Class
management as the main class teacher should take the initiative for the students to
develop clear channels of communication. Such as Class-mail, weekly reports, and
other formal channels of communication. Can also use SMS, on-line QQ, the class
teacher e-mail, a small piece of paper and some new students more receptive to
informal communication channels. Different students their own communication
channels. Some students like to write their own mental words hidden in the diary.
Some students like to take the initiative and the class teacher was face to face
communication. So the class teacher arranged according to the characteristics of
students of different means of communication, to create opportunities for students to
take the initiative to communicate with the class teacher, if a class of students are like
and if you said, that means you have to enter the inner world of students. And students
to set up a two-way communication and harmonious relationship between the
4. Acquire a certain amount of speech communication skills
We are in communication with students in the pursuit of a two-way communication of
speech and mind, no one would give rise to two-way communication between the
suspension of communication "Pause." Class teacher and
student exchanges in time to make it clear that it is necessary to
"suspend"              and         sometimes       even        creating
"pause" to the students a time of self-reflection, and emotional
buffer space, one of the "pause" will make another one thought
the other's perception, such as class teacher for the students to some of the
behavior of very angry, they can paused, as though his fist in my hand, but it hit his
chest. Then a little time to keep silence, and that a small "pause"
is often a thought to the students to experience feelings of time Class: Class sad for
me to do, as I am sad, I really wrong.
In short, the class teacher contacts with students to communicate everywhere and at
all times there. We only master the effective communication strategy for the class
teacher and the students can be harmonious resonance, empathy, our students will be
healthy growth.