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  ?Day after day, year after year, the same day as the insertion of the wings to fly, her
heart is a sense of loss. A closer look at the reasons may be because life is full, happy,
and thus feel that fast, if the contrary may be counting the boil, past the bar.
  ?Small Shenyang last Sunday had the honor to package performance, living in a
hotel, and was very satisfied with our service, so share with you according to the
  ?Husband's work have been adjusted so busy lately, but also keep an eye
on the children busy learning, tired of exhilaration. How to do it, no way, this is a
responsibility, he said to himself, is less because the previous management, so now
had to double up on, yes ah, really hope you can understand the bulk of the care and
thought that everything in his later look like, we pay much more for him, in fact, the
pressure he is even greater because he has no way back to the wall, if you do not work
and some can only be hopeless and disappointed. No one can replace the Who, his
own life for everyone.
  ?Many things that the hotel, never ends, so do my best not to stay heart biggest
regret force to do what it wants. Recent managerial personnel in the organization to
learn Chinese culture, learning a second Lau, hoping to improve our work ethic and
enthusiasm for work, so that everyone can have harvest, a fresh joy of work. There is
the boss asked me to Peking University Guanghua School of Management study, the
high cost of tuition fees 380,000 yuan, which is also an opportunity when I really feel
like learning, like mountain climbing, higher and higher, the higher the better .
  ?Wish to open my blog in advance of every friend Autumn, Happy National Day, a
good day every day there, there is a good mood every day.

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