Customers by fdjerue7eeu


Companies have an unwritten tradition, that is when companies and consultants
personal consumption, to select customers as the company's products,
which is another method of return customers.

So I think the company is the Matsushita toilet water heaters, dryers, Hitachi, and the
printer is Emerson, and part of Huawei's network equipment, the other with
ZTE, the glass skin with Yao, Omron automation systems, scanner using Fuji Xerox,
and energy use GE's, with Schneider Electric, and consultant on business
aircraft to take Shanghai Airlines and Eastern Airlines, the fight to take public
transportation rental, cell phone use Motorola and Alcatel, and do two card is a piece
of China Unicom, China Mobile, but also add a UT Starcom PHS, to buy Toyota cars,
motorcycles to buy a new continent, a house to buy, SOHO, and tiles in Rome, home
buying appliance store to buy in Paradise, to buy JVC's electrical, air
conditioning, or buy a new flying Hualing, and TV or buy TCL Changhong, the
washing machine to buy a small swan, refrigerator to buy Rongshida, and electric rice
praise to buy beauty a, buy SONY Walkman, and supermarkets to shopping in the
Lotus, Chinese smokers to smoke, and drink milk, bright, eat food to eat Pepsi, and
beer drinking in Qingdao, toys to play with high Po, clothes to Tesi Bang in order to
wear the United States, stock accounts or the Mirs in Guotai Junan Securities, Ping An
Insurance to buy life insurance to buy Pacific Life or China Life, the Internet should
be on Sina and Sohu, the grand game to play, to use Baidu search , chat use QQ, with
a strong health care, contraceptive eat Shichiku medicine Yu Ting, blood and eat
Wuhan Heart K, calcium eat Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, oral drink wife, banks use
the Bank of East Asia of Communications, China Construction Bank, the
undergraduate to the Zhongnan University, MBA to the China Europe International
Business School, Dalian Shide Group to look at football ... ... ... ... when to have a
stamp on the money of customers and matchmaking The customer ah, let me some
money and then the entire number of the whole wife? ?

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