Curriculum of the MBA by fdjerue7eeu


									Curriculum of the MBA
China Europe International Business School Curriculum
Management of combat simulation
360 ° Leadership Assessment and Development Plan
Senior management of humanities lectures
Compulsory (15)
Fundamentals of Management
Managerial Economics
Quantitative Methods Management
Commercial law
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Organizational Behavior
Corporate Finance
Production Management
Strategic Management
China's economy
International Finance
Strategic Simulation
Elective (4)
Investment and Securities
Introduction to Financial Derivatives
Risk Capital and Entrepreneurial Management
Negotiation skills
Leadership Development
And application of financial derivatives valuation
Strategic Marketing
Services Marketing
Innovation Strategy
Technology Innovation Management
Advanced Corporate Finance
B2B Brand Management
Human Resource Management
China's financial topics
Decision psychology
Organization and corporate culture
M & A strategy
Game Theory and Strategic Marketing
Enterprise Resource Planning and Management
Feature of international relations China
Financial and banking risk management
Company strategies for sustainable development
Gray area of accounting and financial analysis
Responsible Leadership and Change Management
Global environment operations and supply chain strategy

INSEAD, France Course
Curriculum is divided into three stages:
A commercial basis (Business Fundamentals)
Second, understand the environment (Understanding Context)
3 of development (Individual Orientation)
The first stage: a commercial basis
Focus on teaching business functionality, core principles and group dynamics.
Management behavior (Managerial Behavior)
Management Organization (Managing Organisations)
Applied Statistics (Applied Statistics)
Financial Accounting (Financial Accounting)
Management Accounting and Control (Management Accounting and Control)
Price and the market (Prices and Markets)
Marketing Management 1 (Marketing Management I)
Marketing Management II (Marketing Managemnet II)
Production and Operations Management (Production and Operations Management)
Finance 1 (Finance I)
Introduce the basic knowledge of finance, focusing on the assessment project,
business strategy and financial security
Finance II (Finance II)
Learning the financial aspects of decision-making in the field of knowledge, such as
dividend policy, capital structure, mergers and acquisitions
Phase II: Understanding the environment
Strategic Management
Economic Analysis
Trade policy and international competition
International Political Analysis
Phase III: Individual Development
1, financial control
2, Asian Business
3, Economic and Political Science
4, entrepreneurial spirit
5, the financial
6, Technology Management
7 Marketing
8, Organizational Behavior
9, of Strategy
10, thematic discussion on

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