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On the gaming industry a huge shortage of skilled R injury problems have to have to
solve problems. June 15, 2010, an "anti-Daohao Green Alliance"
of online games organized in the test run two years after Shanghai. The organization
combines players, operators, security companies, trading platform, payment platforms,
and public security, or trade associations and other industry stakeholders with the
intention of the industrial chain through cooperation, cross-platform combat Daohao
disposal of stolen goods.
With the online games business end of the era of huge profits growth, intense
competition, the detail is likely to do well, it will lose the game makers and market
players. Gaming products on the market today more and more players in case of
stolen accounts or virtual items, often because they can not recover or recover too
long, and select the "leave" the game.
The loss of the old players to want "change of heart" is more
difficult than to attract new players. More importantly, Daohao
"illnesses" would undermine the balance of the game affect the
operator's reputation. Daohao industrialization of the larger outside world
for the online games industry, the greater the challenge.
Farewell to the "go it alone"
By the Shanghai Information Services Association initiated the establishment of the
"anti-Daohao Green Alliance" now include members of the
grand, Ninetowns more than 30 games such as business, according to the Digital
Entertainment Association of Professional Committee of the Secretary-General Zhang
introduction, Union and 5173 third-party transaction service providers, network
security technology service providers in the Pan-science, anti plug-in security
technology providers peak peak-only, third party payment service providers and other
companies set up quick cooperation, which docked with the large-scale online games
"Anti Daohao phenomenon has a serious matter not to the point, but this is
not an enterprise can do a good job, and only platform to help developers and
operators of the consensus reached, the player can make to protect the security
account the real implementation." Jiuyou Wang, Vice Wu Jun said
President and Chief Marketing Officer.
In fact, Daohao a day from online games appear on the existence of old problems.
According to incomplete statistics, China's existing online games users
6587 million, of which 3715 million paying customers, but more than one-third of
users because of hackers and other reasons, suffer accounts, equipment and other
virtual property.
Prior to this, online games companies, trading platform, payment platforms are
basically in the "Daohao who" go it alone situation.
"Online game companies can only block the use of suspicious account, but
can not back losses for the user's virtual currency or virtual items trading
platform virtual props retention deal, but could not determine which items are stolen
from transactions, the payment platform can be specific amount of the transaction
return, do not know which trading behavior behind the disposal of stolen goods.
An experienced player there is account theft told reporters after their demands and to
provide rigorous evidence, operators have been able very quickly to restore its rare
equipment, but Liang Huadong told that gold can not be restored. The answer is to
ensure that companies within the game without inflation, in fact, if the adoption of
technical tracking means, through props and online games trading platform, the
company co-payment platform, it can recover the coins back.
In fact, Daohao is also a crime, Zhang said, but now there is this blind spot in the
administration of justice. The accounts or virtual items stolen, the harm to the
interests of players, but also to a variety of questions, leading to insecurity in the
whole industrial chain. "Not together, either party can not solve the
problem, especially in the gaming laws and regulations in the context of the process
of increasing urgency, Daohao, disposal of stolen goods has been increasing amount
of money involved, has caused great public importance. We combine players,
operators, security companies, trading platform, payment platforms, and public
security, or trade associations and other industry stakeholders to form a chain linkage,
the parties to work together to protect the safety of the user account is
'anti-Daohao Green Alliance' was established originally.
Daohao interests of the chain
If the value of the initial Daohao is not the case of individual behavior, now Daohao
has become increasingly organized and industrialization. Daohao difficult to
"cure" is behind this easy money, rewarding the interests of the
Yangzhou City, the largest amount of money involved with the hacking case, Daohao
in the court frankly stated: "When hackers make money too
A senior game programmer told reporters, "using the Trojan Generator, a
primary school will do Trojan. Trojan may be very simple, but it is possible to steal
information very serious consequences."
The game programmer, said hackers were found to rate lower case, crown net. As the
very many types of computer viruses, the speed of it quickly, so the probability of
hacking had been discovered, is not high. Hackers have been out of the current state
of stragglers, but in a not strictly confidential group for profit-making activities. This
group is generally composed of two lines, one is responsible for technology is to
obtain equipment, one is responsible for sales of equipment by the former.
Reselling game equipment by the general agents of organizations and the general
structure of the composition of sub-agents. China created 26 billion gaming market so
that they no shortage of buyers. Interests under driven, often at short notice to get
huge profits. Temporary shock to a few months ago, "gentle
horse" case, for example, the series up to 28 Trojan, theft game account
and password more than 5.3 million group, involving 16 provinces, involving up to
3,000 million.
Senior industry, "video bus," the editor Liang Huadong told
reporters that the game of props and different accounts, different values. The
"World of Warcraft" for example, the value of one gold coin 2
cents. Players generally have 20,000 gold, which is 400. The union's
president, there will be dozens of 200 000 of gold, which is worth two thousand. This
does not include the account in a variety of equipment and props.
"And" journey "game, its players are a lot of money
spent on goods purchased props, if Once stolen, the loss of thousands or even tens of
thousands of players, very common." Liang Huadong said the football
crown, Daohao not only allows players to spend time , account or money stolen goods,
but also affected the operator's reputation, football crown.
"In competition, players choose a variety of now, if the user is Daohao,
there may be three-four months can not play, if you can not recover their own props
and gold coins, or even be part of the recovery, the player may will lose the ability of
certain games, it means to be playing again, this will result in the player directly to
abandon the game. "Liang Huadong says.
Of the gaming companies, the most difficult to attract new users, new users of the
difficulty of attracting like this, the old users of non-self if the reason for the loss of a
bigger loss, Crown network. Because the old user once the loss has the potential of its
new users, including user groups bound to collapse and the loss will be rapid.
This is currently most concerned about what online game companies.
"To this end, the Union's approach is to promote the game
operators and virtual item trading platform to develop an automated trading system
API tracking technology to track stolen goods and cash Daohao's flow, and
use the background to freeze and recover stolen loot in a timely manner and the stolen
money. "Zhang said.
According to the principle of collaboration against Daohao Union, third-party virtual
trading platform and third-party payment platform will also establish close
communication mechanism, using the relevant transaction information and a variety
of transactions, the annual game operators and law enforcement agencies with
evidence for the police Network monitoring provides important clues to law
enforcement to combat Daohao, Pirates of the card acts to recover damages for the
5173 related to online games trading platform official told reporters that, in order to
meet the settlement Daohao dispute, the company has specialized anti-Daohao group,
and set the audit of funds for some time, even if the transaction successfully, you can
recover the item, while Players buy the stolen items were false official game of
recovery, can also limit access to the platform claims.
Zhang pointed out that members of these alliances, the fight against Daohao always
been one of their daily work, so the current cost of investment in technology and still
is their main expenditure.
"We are working with relevant government departments online games
industry consultation, the future will be more industries and financial
support." Zhang said, the Shanghai Economic Information Committee is to
establish a special fund for anti-hacking, as also the review process in, to disclose the
specific amount, but its enough to counter Daohao Alliance of member companies to
provide strong support.
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