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					Corporate Finance
    ?I will next semester undergraduate students set up "corporate
finance", after a number of related content will be released one after
another, to communicate and discuss with you.
    During my Ph.D., "Corporate Finance" course is to learn to
follow the teacher Zhang, deep and profound content of corporate finance. Friends
were invited to exhibitions.
Zhang (Chang, Chun)

?China Europe International Business School professor of finance
ABN AMRO Chair Professor of Risk Management
Academic Council
Subject Officer (Finance and Accounting)
China Financial Research Center
University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management professor of finance
Nationality: United States
Personal pages

Educational Background
* Northwestern University, 1987 Ph.D. (Managerial Economics and Decision

* Corporate Finance
* Mergers and acquisitions
* Banking supervision and risk management
* Labor Economics
* Economic Reform and Development
Teaching areas
* Corporate Finance
* International Finance
* Risk Management

Dr. Zhang Chun is the China Europe International Business School professor of
finance, the Dutch bank risk management chair professor, University of Minnesota in
the U.S. Carlson School of Management taught for 17 years. Professor Zhang is
currently leading academic journals of China's economic problems,
"China Economic Review," executive editor. He is a World
Bank consultant, as Northwest Airlines, United States Fort Bayesian company, Grand
Metropolitan and many other companies to provide advice. Dr. Chang at the
Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business Administration Ph.D. in
economics and decision sciences. His current research area is corporate finance,
mergers and acquisitions, banking supervision and risk management, labor economics
and economic reform and development. His study, published in "Journal of
Economic Theory", "Journal of Finance",
"Review       of    Financial    Studies",      "money
economy", "Business Journal," "Money,
Credit and Banking Journal," and many other publications, and
co-published many monograph. In 2006, Professor Zhang Chun published a new book,
"written for Chinese entrepreneurs in corporate finance."