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Rui's birthday: September 24, 1977

Motto: The test of a first rate of intelligence is to have two opposed ideas at the same
time and still retain the ability to function. (The highest wisdom than in the
paradoxical situation can still play a role) [from the U.S. Novelists: F. Scott

Constellation: Libra

Blood Type: AB

Nationalities: Han

School: Diplomatic Academy

Family members: father, mother, sister

Hobbies: Swimming, watching movies DVD

Favorite color: sky blue

Favorite fruit: seedless watermelon

Favorite food: shrimp, white discretionary wealth

Favorite clothing: Dress

Favorite book: The Great Gatzby ("The Great Gatsby,"
Fitzgerald book)

The most admired person: My grandmother

The most memorable thing: higher mathematics blew it

The most desired living conditions: calm
The youngest visiting scholar at Yale.

Rui, party members, the current CCTV China (CCTV-2) "economic
half-hour" column anchor.

Has hosted the international channel of CCTV in English, "Finance in
China" (BizChina), "China Investment Guide"
(China Business Guide), "English News" (CCTV News),
"Global Outlook" (World Wide Watch), "Financial
News" (Financial Report), CCTV China, "Global information
list" and other columns.

Had hundreds of international business, economic, academic and political leaders in
an interview conducted, including the United States, founder and president of
Microsoft's Bill Gates, Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell Sir Mark Moody
Stuart, IMF Managing Director Kohler, South Korea's Economy Minister
Lee Hun-Jai, Nobel economics laureate Fogel, United Technologies chairman George
David, and so on.

In 2001, Rui become China's State Council Development Research Center
of the youngest, a Visiting Fellow on several occasions in major international and
domestic business and the economic summit hosted speech, such as the
"World Economic Forum," "China Investment
Forum"       ,     "China      Business     Summit",
"Canada-China Business Council Annual Meeting" and other
economic channels to work, it has had the honor involved in the "Youth
Business China Action", "Olympics - China"

2001, held in Davos, Switzerland, "the World Economic Forum"
(World Economic Forum) annual meeting, Rui was nominated and awarded the
"2001 Global Tomorrow elite" (Global Leade for Tomorrow)

In 2002, US-China relations in the United States Committee (National Committee of
US-China Relations) launched the first "Outstanding Youth Forum of the
United States" (US China Young Leaders Forum), the Rui was again
elected as the first batch of 24 "Outstanding Young United
States" one. In the same year, should China Europe International Business
School (CEIBS) and the European Union BMW Foundation (BMW Herbert Quandt
Foundation) invited the first in the Auger in the Youth Forum (China Europe Young
Leaders Forum), he once again been selected as "out in the Auger Youth.

Rui is also the "Beijing Youth Daily" special financial column
writer, was "the Beijing Youth Daily" column to open up
individual "and the same old Rui Yu," Record of his
international business, political and cultural elite of the interview experience, and his
various Class of economic events and trends to understand ideas and comments.

In the Foreign Affairs College (Foreign Affairs College) majoring in International
Economics. 98 years of selection, representing the highest Foreign Affairs University
to participate in domestic competitions in English - "21st Century
Cup" National English Speaking Competition Students and won second
place. In the same year went to London to attend on behalf of China, "1998
London International Speech Contest" (1998 International Public Speaking
Competition) beat from the United States, Australia and other countries players, was
fourth, the best results for the year the Asian players.

During the Diplomatic Academy, in charge of receiving Laijiaofangwen dialogue with
the countries politicians and discussions. With the United States House of
Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich, Ukrainian President Leonid their horses, the
United Nations Secretary General, South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, Israeli
Prime Minister Shimon Peres, French Prime Minister Jospin, the U.S. senator /
ambassador to China James Sasser, Washington Post editor 罗伯特凯泽, U.S. Senate
staff delegation, Ambassador of Romania carried out such intense dialogue and

After graduation allocated to CCTV, to the grass-roots exercise in Jinan TV News
Review section - <Press Review> the host, and as a reporter, has been
repeatedly checked with negative social phenomena.

CCTV work, has more than 20 independent producers to reflect the latest economic
developments       in   China's        special     programs,     including
"China's education market", "foreign eyes
of the western development", "China's economy - the
World Economic Forum series," " Hong Kong - high-tech myth
"," Venture Capital in China "and"
advertising two years in China, "" seize the Chinese
world-renowned luxury brands, "such as a large number of very popular
among overseas visitors praised the economic class of special programs, in part of
the" Personalities " plate in an exclusive interview with a more
than a hundred domestic and international well-known business tycoons, political
leaders and academic elites. At the same time, has taken or participated in
"China Business Summit," "Fortune Global
Forum",       "Asian     Business      Association    Economic
Summit",        "China        Investment      Forum",
"2000 East and West Investment Symposium" and many other
big economic summit, the Forum.

His works have been transmitted by CNN and other foreign television stations, while
some economic reviews have been "USA Today"
"World Link" and other mainstream Western media quoted,

Rui in January 2007 in blog writing, "Please go out Starbucks from the
Forbidden City," won the 500,000 hits overnight, its recommendations into
two motion in the end, Starbucks moved away from the National Palace Museum!

2003 to 2004, in the English language channel CCTV-9 work, Rui has concurrently
served as the economic channel of some of the work. As the work requirements, Rui
was in April 2008 formally removed from the served CCTV-8 years 9 English
Channel, left the English newsroom, while formally transferred to CCTV-2 Economic
channel, join the international group of economic channels, continue to engage in
news gathering over and so on. Channel work to the economy, Rui has been involved
in large-scale program, "China Youth Career Action",
"Olympics - China" recording.


1 "like you" can persist for how long? Rui when I first met two
days, when he officiated at the "Global Information List", I
believe that time he did not now so well-known. Why do I like him? - Feeling excited
I saw him! An upsurge of emotion! Perhaps that is the feeling of a girl born with it! At
that time I did not know he said that obscure the economic vocabulary. Initial contact
to the high school of political economy, is very interested! Learned quite well, look at
his program, I can think professionally evaluated. Over the years, little mention of Rui,
endless, full of praise! Who know me know that I have such a special icon. Under his
influence, college entrance examinations, I would not hesitate to report the family
business management. I am a sophomore now, and I can say that small Rui and grow
together. My cell phone, computer, dormitories on the wall all his photos, cell phone
wallpaper is him, I see he is now a good friend and spiritual support. One always has
a wise friend to lead you to grow up to this point, I was lucky. Business Strategy
mentor taught me asked me "How can a living as he did
wonderful." I hesitate to say "I was on my way to create my
own unique and wonderful life - so interesting people do interesting things,
everyone's life experience is unique, can not say who is who exciting not
so good, as long as you work hard, as long as you can see, your life is wonderful.
" Maybe I can not always keep up with as little Rui as the tide of the times,
but the way I am with my interpretation of me as a member of this society's
  ?Like a man, for I will never change! Inherent excitement that first met, with a

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