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									Consumer durables and fast moving consumer goods of different marketing strategies
Consumer durables is long life (typically up to 1 year), the amount of large (typically
more than 500 yuan), and can be repeatedly used in consumer products. Such as:
home appliances, furniture, cars, etc.; fast moving consumer goods is the short service
life, consumption of consumer goods fast. Such as: food, paper towels, cleaning and
so on. Its basic concept, could be directly aware of its purchase of the number of
different purchasing behavior and decision-making, specific marketing strategy must
not be the same.
Buying habits
A, purchasing behavior. Consumer durable goods, long life, relatively high prices,
their purchasing behavior as rational, consumer product brands, product features,
product quality, price and other factors are more focused; relatively short life of fast
moving consumer goods, the price is more cheap, its general performance of irrational
buying behavior, consumers are likely to brand, product quality, product price is not
too much attention is improvisation impulse buy.
2, the purchase decision. When consumers buy durable consumer goods, greater
selectivity will carefully compare the cost performance of all brand products, to buy a
relatively complex decision-making; to buy fast moving consumer goods, generally
will not be too careful, arbitrary large purchase decision.
3, place of purchase. Consumers when they buy durable consumer goods, not
necessarily the nearest to buy, most will go to the larger more centralized shopping,
shop around; in the purchase of fast moving consumer goods, the city nearest to
purchase. I remember 99 years, and the author is responsible for electrical Nanjing
Rongshida sale, often encounter some of the customer to buy a washing machine will
arrive 56 km away from the Nanjingxinbai Nanjing commercial buildings, shopping
malls and some of them to read the same repeatedly; buy fast moving consumer goods
are generally not the case, such as a bottle of mineral water, we will be more close to
the shops to buy, and less emphasis on packaging and advertising promotions.
Pricing policy
Based on these very different buying habits, our pricing policy focus is different.
Overall, the amount due is not the same as single products, consumer durables dealer
profit margins generally lower than the fast moving consumer goods; consumer price
sensitivity of consumer durables are usually large than the fast moving consumer
goods; consumers more interested in the relative price of durable consumer goods
Brand new listing, durable consumer goods focus on price competitiveness, and a
beginning we should proceed to maintain relatively stable prices, to prevent the end of
the price distortions. Dealers of single brand products is relatively mature and higher
profit, multi-level marketing companies usually reserve price system; fast moving
consumer goods channels Metropolitan guarantee adequate profit margins at all levels,
in order to more dealer distributes its products, the shop City, higher, wider channel
Mature brands, consumer durables prices more transparent, brand awareness,
reputation high, then the choice easier for distributors and end-all levels of dealer
profit margins are relatively low. Judging from the formulation of pricing policy, more
contribute to improving the amount of its total sales; fast moving consumer goods
prices also have some transparency, but consumers often do not because of high prices,
not the nearest to buy. Facilitate policy-making from the price increase its total sales.
In addition, many special sales channels, such as hotels, restaurants, places of
entertainment, fast moving consumer goods can be expensive to develop sales strategy,
the key is how to stimulate the vendor.
Product turnover rate
Because of its high and low purchase frequency, the length of product shelf life,
determined the turnover cycle of different products to each other.
Most consumer durables do not consider product durability, long life use, purchase
less frequently. In the development of marketing strategy, so that distributors can
spend      more       money,      increase    the    volume       of    its      pressure,
"forcing" them to increase their sales. Can be more incentives to
formulate policies on the dealers Yahuo; fast moving consumer goods relatively short
shelf life products, there is increasing amount of storage conditions of dealer
inventories, we must accelerate the pace of sales of end product turnover, increase end
of the promotional efforts. Can be more practical to develop the terminal sales
incentive system. For example, beer, beverage brands generally use with bottle
Sales channels and on-site display
Overall, early in the product market, consumer durables and fast moving consumer
goods metropolis with a long sales channels, in order to shop in the city of finished
product faster, more conducive to stimulating consumer demand. Only local dealers,
agents have a better understanding of local circumstances, but will deal with the
complex relationship between the local. At this time, using their strength, be possible
to quickly display the product in the end.
In a relatively mature market, consumer durables brand sales channels generally long
dominated, accompanied by a short path. A variety of wholesalers, distributors and
retailers coexist, retail terminal manufacturer or a wholesaler generally, and in some
products are exclusively for dealers in different channels. However, the number of
consumer durable goods sales terminals for fast moving consumer goods with fewer
large single terminal. Therefore, they pay more attention to the terminal building, so
that as much as possible for end-product demonstrations and displays.
Such as home appliance brands: Siemens, Haier, Rongshida such shops and stores,
furniture shops, Volkswagen, Honda, FAW and other auto 4S shop; fast moving
consumer goods brands generally short and wide sales channels, more diverse, more
complex and more emphasis on three-dimensional distribution. However, smaller
terminal, the more attention in the human traffic flow, the higher grade areas of the
outdoor advertising billboards to be the image in the terminal to use presentations,
promotions, discounts and other sales activities. At this point, they will improve their
own to build a broader distribution network, increase product coverage.
For example, P & G's unique pattern of regional distribution,
channel structure: P & G - Distribution? D? D batches? D? D retail. P
& G from the first floor to find a suitable wholesalers wholesaler, be
developed into a distributor, the distributor signed a contract with Procter &
Gamble, responsibility, training and enjoy the benefits and rights, wholesalers only
purchase and sales. Regional distribution model has become a major distributor of fast
moving consumer goods industry model. According to a wholesaler's
background and other conditions to select the most appropriate, the development of a
distributor in order to achieve regional and local distribution, reducing the
intermediate level, the traditional mode of 2, 3 combined, and through a combination
of direct sales improve the sales initiative. On this basis, many products have multiple
brands of the company's various subsidiary enterprises to adopt unified
sales channel for customers to purchase a Zhan, the company's regional
distribution center and headquarters of national sales linked to the formation of a
planned, organized, good control system, key in the sales center and between the end
customer feedback, improve feedback speed of sale system.
The joint distribution model widely used by multinational companies such as Unilever,
Coca Cola, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble and other companies. Of course, the
regional distribution model is not large for small and medium sized fast moving
consumer goods companies. The best way to small and medium sized fast moving
consumer goods companies or distributors to establish a regional distribution system
as the core and the core client system, but also quick access to new distribution
Sales Organization
According to the channel design, channel development and the various terminals,
consumer durables brand most used office systems, offices located in the region
distributor, the retail end of business and management. Because the ultimate face of
the terminal relative to the number of small fast moving consumer goods, the
headquarters is relatively easy to manage and control; fast moving consumer goods
brand with multi-branch system. Huge, three-dimensional distribution network, in a
more complex, more trivial sales, setting up branch office system to increase
competence and reduce some unnecessary procedures, so the market will be faster
response speed .
In recent years, some consumer durables and fast moving consumer goods companies
have stressed the flat management, sales channels while reducing the series, on the
one hand to reduce the level of their own marketing system, increasing the market
response efforts. Many small and medium enterprises, overseas sales offices are
generally not on their marketing directly to distributors or directly to the provincial
level regional distributors; part of the consumer durables companies set up
subsidiaries or branches genuine contract system, such as Haier in various places
industry and trade company, TCL Division has adopted the contract system, good boy
baby carriage contract system and other branches.
In short, there is no "one size fits all" system, not only to adapt
the best. Every business needs based on industry's development, the actual
situation of their enterprises, to develop to meet the market development needs and
for their corporate sales organization.
Enterprise promotion. Brand for consumer durables and fast moving consumer goods
companies are important, but consumers are more concerned about the consumer
durables brand, and once approved will not easily change. FMCG better able to
explain, "Advertising can only lead to the purchase of on-site
customer", consumer brand loyalty is not too high, vulnerable to the
impact of the atmosphere. Durable consumer goods brand needs to focus on the
business, brand, product quality, technology and other aspects of publicity, so that
consumers build awareness and reputation degree; fast moving consumer goods
business and brand at the same time publicity, promotional activities may focus on
planning, and media and on-site to increase its publicity.
Promotions. Consumers will pay more attention to the price of consumer durables, of
course, price promotion is double-edged sword, enterprises should carefully weigh the
costs and their own strength. For example: color TV made its price-cutting trend is the
heavy price paid, and now the Gome and Suning appliance chain enterprises such as
good time is the most price war; fast moving consumer goods companies can plan
their new products, promotions and other activities of the old goods, in particular, plus
Great site promotion efforts.
Scene promotions. As the amount of its products, purchasing decisions and consumer
habits, consumer durables and relatively difficult to promote the scene of fast moving
consumer goods. However, consumer durable goods also require detailed information
about staff performance, price, etc.; fast moving consumer goods need to introduce
their activities to consumers, and other non-product factors can achieve marketing
purposes. It is understood that the terminal send promotional Purchasing Guide, may
also be derived from the early 90's appliance sales, illustrates this point. Of
course, like wine, drinks, food and beverage, entertainment promoters stationed effect
is quite obvious.
Logistics equipment
FMCG need rapid transit, rapid turnover. For larger enterprises generally have more
than one production base in the country can supply nearby area, or in one or several
neighboring regions of product storage. Such as dairy products, beverages and other
enterprises in several strategic region of the country to build their own production
base, to shorten the delivery time, reduce logistics costs.
In addition, many fast moving consumer goods company set up its own distribution
centers, and social logistics, using their own forces to complete the distribution of
goods. Some companies will also become a distributor distributors, primarily to
provide logistics and distribution and on the lower level clients.
Consumer durable goods companies are relatively less demanding on the product flow
rate, usually in large regions of product storage. Have less time to consider business
from the supplier to set up other production bases. Some enterprises have poured huge
total sales, while reducing logistics costs from consideration, the establishment of key
regional production base.
After-sales service
As the product of high-value, long service life, consumer durables
company's after-sales service is of great importance. Service quality
directly affects their actual sales, more companies turned to the service battle. Of them
have their own unique service concept, put forward a sound pledge to establish a strict
service technology and behavior. Now, more concern about the 3C products (home
appliances, communications, computer) services, for example, Shanghai has emerged
Ka Wai, Zevi and other third-party chain services company; contrast, fast moving
consumer goods businesses focused on customer service complaints quickly and
effectively deal with feedback.
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