Concerned about the development of the domestic economy by fdjerue7eeu


									Concerned about the development of the domestic economy
1, what is economic development?
Economic development is simply about money, but the money come from? Money
can only be printed. So in the end is what makes the operation of the printing press
Suppose there are 1000 people on an island, isolated, living among people to
exchange goods, but sometimes your hand for the exchange of other things not
necessarily want, how do? So people use it like gold and silver in exchange for
something, then exchange convenient. But gold and silver to wear, carry not easy,
when the frequent exchange activities, and found that this thing is too cumbersome,
limiting the exchange activities, and thus to solve this problem, think of a way that is
issued by the managers of the island a kind of symbol , use it to replace the gold and
silver, so money there.
The beginning of this note was convertible at any time gold and silver. We are assured,
because the money is gold and silver. However, the output of gold and silver on the
island is too small, when people exchange activities more frequently, the
money's not enough, but to stay the exchange. The consequences of
suspension of the exchange is that we do not produce what people want, because
although people use, but the exchange did not go out, to borrow the words of the
current economic slowdown has.
So we thought of a way to set up a banking house, the banks that everyone, from the
banks to issue bank notes, printed money to lend money to people who want to use,
then that person has the money and then returned to the banks. So banks have
The emergence of banks can ensure a more sustainable exchange activities carried out,
we all desperately production, more and more things on the island, the number of
banks based products, non-stop printing money to ensure a more in-depth exchange of
conduct .
Activity was more frequent exchange of people, and one too few banks, so there are
many banks, there must be a tube banks of the bar, then specify a banks management
of other banks, and banks, this money can only be printed, and then other banks who
lend money, the government also appeared in such banks.
2, what is foreign trade?
One day on the island who invented the boat, so he ran around boat and found another
island, that some people above, but also money, but also such activities as the island
itself. However, their production of many things on the island, the island is producing
very little, and a dollar can buy in their own island, 1 kg of rice, the island is only a
dollar to buy half a catty of rice, then another island money to buy this island can only
be 2 yuan for 1 yuan Cai Xing. So the exchange rate there. Reckon the exchange rate,
they began to buy and sell things to each other on the island, which is foreign trade.
Foreign Trade and enrich people's life and production, so that exchange
activity to an unprecedented height.

3 What is inflation?
As the island's products too much, so the issue can not accurately estimate
how much money in the end, when the issue more, because not so many products to
buy, product prices began to issue less then began to cut prices In order to ensure
price stability, the central bank requires banks make money on the part of the central
bank which is used to adjust product prices, according to the price situation and the
little extra release. This is the deposit reserve ratio.
But some smart people how to start their own hands to get the money, he picked up a
stone in the sea, said the value of one million stones quick money, sold it to a person,
that person feel that the money the whole island with no one million plus, ah, how to
do, then to the moneylenders, banks can not so much money, so the printing press
opened, printed the 100 million lent him to buy this stone.
Then the people began to sell the stones, one million sold to a second person, as the
first stones of the people to spend money to sell, so the island's more
money, so that you can raise millions more to buy products With. But this stone, when
the transfer to two million, banks can only be printed a one million notes, and thus the
more money the more Indian, but when the stones stop the flow of the transfer, the
more money we do not find the island , the original price or less. But when the stone
does not flow or circulation is slow, we think that more money, but if a person who
holds a pebble thrown into the sea it would amount to more N out of thin air the island
more than 1 million years, how do , the central bank's most afraid of is the
Fengyun stones gone. It is not the island, prices will soar, inflation will be. Then the
person who held kidnapped stones in the island's economy.
4, housing prices could kidnap the Chinese economy?
China's real estate has made China's central bank issued too
many yuan, if prices drop, equal to that stone thrown into the sea, so much money
printing out the price of Chinese products will soar, inflation will be severe.
Rates and stones appear to have no coherent, but their property is the same, that is a
serious departure from the price and value. In fact the biggest victims of the real estate
crash is not China's commercial banks, but the entire Chinese economy.
Why the Government failed to bring prices down, not falling for it, if really want to
drop prices, just a decree, real estate prices will collapse overnight. But who can bear
the consequences of serious inflation, who will be responsible?
Real estate has been kidnapped Chinese economy is no doubt, is the objective reality,
no one can change.
No matter who is prime minister, clean Ye Hao, corruption, it is all hope of social
harmony, but this is a difficult problem.
5, housing prices and inflation, though?
Can be more difficult problem is more here. If house prices fall, faced with inflation
immediately, from time to drop prices, then the face is even more serious inflation,
what next?
So the most reliable way is to stabilize housing prices, and increases in social product
and reduce the amount of money supply, together with other policies such as raising
interest rates, increasing commercial bank reserve ratio, reducing the credit scale aid
to the Chinese economy to a soft land, this is the best way, we see that this logic is all
the decree. Do not believe it, you can check it in recent years, the government issued a
series of measures to control the real estate industry.
But why the soaring house prices and more stable then? Is it game developers and the
Government do? Tell you that no one in China, and the party strong words, several
major points, the developer of the stomach is not the strength. In fact another black
hand behind the scenes in the game and the Chinese government, this black hand is
the foreign capital to U.S. imperialism, represented by blood and sweat of black hands
grabbing the Chinese people.
6 What is the driving force behind rising prices?
Power to make a lot of home prices, rising home prices is the driving force of their
one man advantage, such as: GDP and personal interests to local government, in order
to make money for developers, real estate speculators family, so bought a house in the
so-called " house slaves "are the driving force in price gains, but
not the driving force behind most of these are foreign, the United States to capture
excess profits of the major consortia.
As a business developer, in order to earn high profits is not a wicked thing, but all
walks of life have businessmen, are there want to make it? Unless it is a myth. Real
estate developers, too, not of what they want to make the. According to the law of
value, when commodity prices and value of a serious departure from, there will be a
tendency to suppress the power of the normal price return prices, but the real estate
industry in China, this law seems to not work, one important reason is neglect of a
reference range of reasons, if indeed the Chinese economy itself, to break this rule,
but the current situation is a force in the maintenance of the real estate prices, which
prop up the market, then who is to shore up the market?
Who in the real estate industry to get huge profits out of control person who is the
Discuss this issue, now look at China's foreign exchange reserves.
China's foreign exchange reserves rapidly in recent years a breakthrough
by the 1,2 100 000 000 000 trillion, and still rapidly growing, is it that Chinese people
work hard, earned it? This does not need proof, look at China's GDP
growth, we know that the growth rate of foreign exchange reserves significantly
higher than GDP growth. Clearly not earned, then earned a part in addition, it is the
so-called "hot money" influx, and influx of international hot
money is only one objective is to achieve high returns.
International hot money into China market, we must first be converted into yuan, then
all of a sudden there be so many yuan it? There is only one way to work day and night
printing press, and then the money is used for boosting the hot potato of the real estate
market, real estate investment is spent, when the value of real estate prices down due
to depart from fluctuations, then lift it up through the prop, so again, giving the
appearance that the price must not deviate from the value of property. Lead to higher
house prices up more.
The developers do, they will not sell one to the house when bought for some people
out, how they will cut prices, if not this part of the funds in operation, not to mention
developer Union, the country is only one developer, Prices will drop, and no one
bought, could house such as mold it?
Then the foreign holders of so many high-priced real estate to do? Not afraid to fall on
the hands of it?
Not afraid! Why? In the process of capital operation, one being taken advantage of it
at the bottom then, who? Is China's commercial banks, due to hot real
estate market, first-class liquidity, decline in recent years have not seen any signs, put
a credit on the profit, why not loans? No reason to hold onto loans.
Coupled with the feelings of Chinese people buy a house, foreign investment can be
easily transferred to the Gaojia Fang Chinese banks and consumers, with real estate
speculators farmers can earn a share of foreign investment will lose money do
So long as housing prices go up, what will happen? See the next section:
"7, as housing prices go up, developers will laugh or cry? What
circumstances would you laughing? What circumstances cry?"
7, housing prices go up, developers will laugh or cry? Under what circumstances will
laugh? Under what circumstances would cry?
Intensive in recent years in China, under the control of dozens of golden, prices, or if
off the reins of the horse as bolted more than. Putting aside the time to stop the rising
trend, after all, is still rising in price, so we will see more than what the home prices.
First: As the GDP rising above that in order to maintain China's
"Keep the continued exchange of products," must constantly
invest RMB, that is, printing money. As long as the property of this stone has not put
to the open sea, there are some liquidity, then there would be no inflation occurs.
Second: In the process, developers will also earn huge profits.
Again: to see that the family real estate speculators will make money, buy a house
so-called "house slaves" will add value.
Are making money! But in this process who lost money in the end it? The money
come from? If you are a stock of experience will know, if the investment price and the
value of the goods depart from, you earn is the other people lose money, it applied
Dao real estate, that is, buy a house for self-occupation, now appears to value It was
on the mirror of flowers, you do not realize it is not you. There is also the true value
when prices return to full time, sometimes to the true value of what was Gaojia Fang
caught investors. Another is the developer!
Why do developers have lost money? We all know the nature of business is to make
money, make a profit. If a merchant speculation once never do this business, he is
making money, but he is not business, this does not make sense business practices.
Because the nature of business, so the money earned will continue to expand
production, in the lucrative field of continuously increasing investment. This principle
can be seen from the life, the more big business is always on call money, because
greater liquidity to maintain its expanded reproduction needs.
So if house prices return to a time when the real value is the date of the collapse of a
large number of developers. This is not the will of any person and any act for the
transfer. If you now have fled the real estate developers Arena, then Paode Man is the
final loser. If you do not run, like a flower like a drum transfer, and finally get the
baton is then set those. There is a saying: "Chu Laihun sooner or later have
to repay." Maybe just not the same way, just to see who's lucky.
But there are no signs of any of the developers lose money, some developers continue
to make money, people give money are too late. Just because the current prices are
still rising, housing is still constant flow.
A huge problem here, so rising prices when it is tall ah, see the following section:
"8, sitting in the office of the consortium of Wall Street is how they suck
blood and sweat of a farmer in China's mountainous areas"

8, sitting in the office of the consortium of Wall Street is how they suck blood and
sweat of a farmer in China's mountains
Chairman Mao said: "The imperialists do not sleep, but every day around
the corner, in up to no good, want to achieve their evil aims. It is true that their
arrogance does not as arrogant, but they do the activities with." Is not the
Cold War represents the end of the peace of humanity can be accomplished?
"One that everyone is equal before God" could cover up the
nature of imperialism hemophagocytic it? The concept of equality is, but it is only
imperialist trick to deceive people fills said and done will always be two different
International consortium of international hot money into China through to the yuan to
increase circulation, and then real estate speculation, China's domestic
price level increase without limit, GDP growth has once again been forced to increase
circulation of RMB. International consortium blackhearted ruthless, both with the aim
of the Chinese economy to the hot hot hot to let the crazy people of every Chinese.
We temporarily to care about this process, we look to the future and see the results of
this process is like? In other words, the purpose of the consortium is it?
Obviously, most Chinese people do not want to see things that are most palatable to
the consortium. Be the first hypothesis, such as international hot money in investment
real estate in China performed after the last crazy, and then lose out all of the
successful realization of real estate, if the exchange rate against the dollar at this time
to reach the United States the highest expectations, the exchange rate is when the hot
money to flee need to multiply multiples of that, what will happen who can think of,
all the hot money will flee U.S. dollar overnight and all. We will earn the consortium
level ditch filled trench, the Chinese market, but money is money that can cover a lot
of days, the yuan will become a nightmare for the Chinese people.
This is the thing people most want to see, is most pleased to see the results of the
consortium. Recently the United States continuously through political, trade and other
means to force revaluation of the RMB, and China does not appreciate or slow the
appreciation of small-scale, far from the U.S. government's expectations,
this is the exit of the game between the United States. RMB appreciation sinister force
the United States all too clear!
Incidentally, if this appreciation is expected to reach China, Japan, on the property
market will repeat the history of the 90's crash. Only then will the Chinese
economy, like Japan into a continuous slump of no return.
9, at the rates and inflation this around the game between the parties may choose the
mean line
I have always believed: extremes meet, moderation, is left to future generations to
solve difficult problems our ancestors killer!
Since real estate is "kidnapped" the Chinese economy, then we
are     from     the    "kidnapping"           Speaking.      What      is
"kidnapping" should be relatively weak party, the party holding
the relative strength of "vital" to the party, even a relatively
strong ability to deal with the weak side, but due then a legislator, able to be applied.
Let's take a look at both sides of the line-up and kidnapped their own hands
chips. Real estate is the main developer, so developers operator side, the crucial point
is that it kidnapped the Chinese economy, that China's economy is the
crucial point who does? The crucial point of the Chinese people on behalf of the
Chinese people, now only the Chinese government. The Chinese government
considered a party. Foreign investors do? It is fan the flames were zoned to the
developer side. Chinese Government Fangyou Gong power, through tax, financial,
economic policies, administrative means to force on developers camp, developers
camp by a steady stream of back-up funds to kidnap the Chinese economy, and
constantly improve the ransom.
Problem has been put in here, how do? Rushed forward and shot and killed, that
non-criminals threatened to kill is not too extreme feasible. Therefore determination
of the Government to open a prescription, as long as one can achieve a certain idea of
lower house prices, like this shot dead on the same is not feasible. We imagine how to
solve the kidnapping, first to stabilize each other's emotional lives, and
then step by step close, but close to the criminals while cause hostility, but it will not
threatened to kill him, and then further stabilize mood, and then close, then When
conditions are ripe, and then stable, Accurate, that is to ensure the safety of the
hostages, but also ensure that criminals won one fell swoop. This is a real rescue.
So Mean to solve difficult problems is the killer. Extreme, blind and rash is totally
On how to solve the problem of kidnapping of Chinese real estate market, we should
focus on a key part of the problem step by step to exert reaction force, and successful,
is the case.
The first key part is the exchange rate, China will strictly control the exchange rate
relations, we can expect that the exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar will
not rise too quickly, but a small rise, is to stabilize each other's feelings, if
the point does not rise, the other will be cornered, if the rise of fast, is digging their
own grave, so why the increase in China's exchange rate is always still
holds partly concealed, to see the attitude of the United States how the kidnappers
with an appropriate, I have to a bottle of juice, why brought half a bottle of water. Can
not say what they come, after all, can temporarily quench their thirst.
The second key is to limit the liquidity, since the real estate to kidnap the Chinese
economy shows that it is important to restrict the liquidity of real estate, you can limit
the liquidity of the assets, pay attention here are two concepts of
"liquidity" and " real estate liquidity. "
Two are completely different, but closely related. Real Estate circulation weakened,
diminished liquidity, then the yuan would reduce the need for printing. Like the stones,
do not flow right away inflation, price increases circulation no problem, but does not
work, foreign investors do not agree. Since it is constantly rising price of real estate
can only restrict the flow step by step, as long as the property less liquidity, inflation
will come out a bit, and then through the reserve ratio increases and interest rates and
other policies to adjust a little soft, cotton with willow silk palm to resolve Tyson to
the punch, to soft and Kè Qiáng Gang, of supremely in the invisible, which is
China's strategy (which is like the Chinese do best). We can see from the
official media related news, property market signing rate is declining, that decline in
liquidity, and prices began to rise, such as pork and other non-staple food products,
but the central bank immediately raised the reserve ratio and interest rates to price
stability. Tell me what you do not know whether to see some clues. Can be expected
to completely dissolve before the crisis, will continue to raise interest rates and
increase the reserve ratio, and liquidity of real estate will become increasingly weak,
the prediction accuracy can be verified after the central bank policy. So completely
eliminated due to economic overheating due to inflation expectations, then that is the
true value of real estate when prices return.
Whether you see do not see, this is the last of the madness, we analyzed two ways:
First, if this game ended in victory for foreign capital, then China's
economy will continue to decline further in Japan 90 years the abyss, as foreign
investors withdraw, the survival of the pillars of the housing market collapse, housing
prices will plummet, can be both time developers, or people will bear the pain of
economic decline, the rapid depreciation of the currency held, even if house prices fall,
not necessarily to buy from. This is unacceptable to China and its people is
Second, if foreign investors ended in failure, that is, keeping guard at the exchange
rate on exports, so that prices return to the true value, the same set of foreign
investment in China, this is the victory. So the consortium led by the United States
who will hemophagocytic crazy imperialist government retaliation in investment,
exports and other parties to exert pressure on the face of China. Today, we did not
meet U.S. expectations of RMB appreciation has led to China's exports to
the United States of products subject to pressure, thereby causing a large number of
trade friction, is evident. We know that economic development, three sets of carriage
is that the investment, exports and consumption, in investment, exports in the field of
retaliation will affect China's economic development, but I believe the
development will not affect our speed, do not forget there is a carriage is
"consumption", price drop, if you are a patriot, please protect
your wallet now, when the time Never shy to decisively shot buy a house, the Chinese
economy in the consumption meteoric rise, to continue to monopolize the world
economy Ngau Tau engine.

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