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                                                                       History was made when Jerry Hayes, OD ’73,
                                                                   and his wife, Cris, recently funded the establishment
                                                                   of the Hayes Center for Practice Excellence at SCO.
                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Hayes generously provided $500,000
                                                                   to create one of the first educational centers based at
                                                                          an optometric college dedicated specifically for
                                                                               the purpose of teaching independent op-
                                                                                 tometrists how to manage the business
     Mission stateMent                                                             side of practice. The SCO Board of
  To Educate Men and Women in the                                                   Trustees has matched that $500,000
    Art and Science of Optometry                                                    to show its commitment to the en-
                                                                                    deavor, bringing the total endowment
In this Issue…                                                                       to $1,000,000.
 Hayes Center for Practice Excellence ..2                                                One of SCO’s most success-
 Philanthropy in Action......................5                                      ful alumni, Dr. Hayes practiced 13
 Class Notes .......................................7
                                                                                   years in Vicksburg, Mississippi before
 New Arrivals ...................................11
                                                                                  founding a variety of companies, in-
 In Memoriam..................................12
                                                                                cluding Hayes Marketing, HMI Buying
 Faculty & Staff Highlights ..............13
 2005 Commencement ....................16                                      Group, and Hayes Consulting,
 2005 SCO Gil Morgan Classic .......18                                                all of which created revolutionary
                                                                                             approaches to meeting the
 Visions is published through the                                                                 needs of the ophthal-
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        ON THE COVER:
  Jerry Hayes, OD ’73, and Cris Hayes

   2	                                                                    SOUTHERN	COLLEGE	OF	OPTOMETRY
has come...
establish The Hayes Center for Practice Excellence
     Dr. Hayes recently joined SCO President William E. Cochran, OD             Dr.	Hayes— One audience will be students who need to understand
 ’68, and Board of Trustees Chair T. Joel Byars, OD ’63, in discussing             the concepts of managing the business side of an optometric busi-
 the initial plans for the creation of the Hayes Center.                           ness. Another would be those who graduated in a recent 1- to 5-
                                                                                   year period. They’re out in the world having to both hone their
 Dr. Cochran, what’s been the response of the students,
                                                                                   clinical skills and figure out if they want to own a practice or work
 faculty and alumni to the announcement of the opening of The
 Hayes Center?                                                                     for someone else. In either case, they are often lacking the busi-
                                                                                   ness skills they need to become successful.
   Dr.	 Cochran—The reaction has been one of great excitement.
                                                                                        And of course, we will serve established practitioners who
      It is a program that is going to add value to every student and
                                                                                   have made a decision to do it on their own, and those who have an
      alumnus’ education. It will also be a new frontier for SCO and
                                                                                   average practice and want to strive for excellence.
      optometric education. Optometric education gets criticized for
      its perceived lack of education in this area. I think The Hayes         Dr. Hayes, what role do you hope to play in the efforts of the
      Center for Practice Excellence will go a long way in establishing       Center?
      that the business of optometry is just as important to the health         Dr.	Hayes—I think my role will be to provide intellectual property
      of the profession and individual practices as the art and science of         and content in the form of concepts I’ve developed over the years,
      optometry.                                                                   and also to help the school and the advisory board determine
   Dr.	Hayes—That may be the first time the president or dean of an                how to deliver the content. Part of the reason for establishing the
      optometry school has ever said that the business of optometry is             Center is to have a well-respected institution like SCO legitimize
      as important as the science of optometry! I don’t know whether to            the concept of business management for professional practices.
      call it revolutionary or evolutionary, but what we’re doing here at               There is a segment of the optometric community that doesn’t
      SCO is going to be definitely unique. We’re devoting significant             think a doctor or a healthcare provider should be worried about
      resources, not just lip service to this area, and I think you’ll find        business, but I beg to differ! Caring for patients is the profession
      this endeavor to be a true step forward for the profession.                  of optometry. However, the entity you do that in, your practice,
                                                                                   is a business.
 The mission of the Hayes Center for Practice Excellence is to
 teach present and future optometrists how to better manage                   Why do you say that?
 the business side of an optometric practice. How will the edu-                Dr.	Hayes—We call it a practice, but if you provide services for mon-
 cation, support, and programming offered be different from                        ey, if you hire, pay and train a staff, if you pay rent and have other
 other practice management efforts in the marketplace?
                                                                                   expenses, and you have a stated goal of making a profit, what you
   Dr.	Hayes—If you will look at the terminology we’ve crafted, we’re              really have is a small business. I want optometrists to understand
      making a conscious decision not to focus on practice manage-                 there’s nothing wrong with that side of being an optometrist.
      ment. We’re going to be focusing on the business side of running
      an optometric practice—strategic planning, budgeting, overhead          Dr. Byars, the Board of Trustees obviously feels strongly about
      control and increasing profitability.                                   the benefits of The Hayes Center at SCO as evidenced by its
                                                                              matching the funds donated by Dr. and Mrs. Hayes. As a past
           We want to promote fundamentals of sound business prin-
                                                                              president of the AOA, what impact do you see The Center
      ciples, as opposed to the way that 80 percent of owners do it to-       having on the profession at large?
      day—flying by the seat of their pants.
                                                                                Dr.	 Byars—I think it will definitely push the profession forward;
 Who is the Hayes Center’s target audience, and how will it                        I would also hope that our alumni and all optometrists would
 meet their needs?                                                                 look at the creation of The Hayes Center as a high water mark of

     VISIONS	•	SUMMER	2005	                                                                                                                           3
visions feature
     achievement. It is a dramatic demonstration of Cris and Jerry’s          skills often struggle to be financially successful in this new en-
     efforts to give back to the profession they feel has provided            vironment.
     them with so much. I hope it will spur philanthropy toward our                Having said that, the thing that I don’t think is well known
     profession. Obviously, everyone can’t give as much monetarily,           is how many practitioners today have multi-million dollar
     but everyone can give something, including their time.                   practices. I can tell you from firsthand knowledge and seeing
         I also think The Hayes Center will increase the level of sup-        practice data, there’s a significant number of optometrists who
     port the ophthalmic industry is willing to put into optometric           are doing better than ever financially. I want the rank and file
     education. It is in the best interest of the ophthalmic industry         ODs to take that as encouragement. That’s one of the things
     to have successful practitioners, so industry should want to be          we plan to do through The Hayes Center, to teach our proven
     a part of this program. Dr. Hayes has alluded to the fact that           concepts and methodologies used by highly successful ODs to
     he hopes that The Hayes Center will reach out to industry and            people who really want to achieve practice excellence.
     help them be a part of its programming.
                                                                         Dr. Hayes, if there was one thing you could recommend that
  Dr.	Hayes—Suppliers can certainly understand the value of opto-        each student do to prepare to enter practice, what would
     metrists becoming more successful. Suppliers want practitioners     it be?
     to do better; it’s a win-win relationship. I think the suppliers       Dr.	Hayes—I think the primary job is to be the best clinician you
     will support anything that they feel has a legitimate, positive          can be. That’s where the focus must be initially. But I also know
     impact on the ability of the practitioners to be more successful.        that once you go to work for yourself, that the business side of
  Dr.	Byars—SCO feels very fortunate for what Dr. Hayes and Mrs.              practice becomes very important.
     Hayes have done to put us on the cutting edge of the profession       Dr.	 Byars—The marketplace and the practice of optometry has
     in offering this type of student education and post-graduate             changed dramatically, and it’s incumbent upon graduates to
     experience. I think SCO will become the catalyst for the pro-            become prepared for the business side of practice. Most op-
     fession to really address this issue.                                    tometrists would agree that they were taught to be wonderful
Dr. Cochran, do you believe that the opening of The Hayes                     optometrists but not great business people. It’s very important
Center will have an impact on student recruitment?                            to know how to deal with all the external forces that come into
  Dr.	Cochran—I would certainly think so. I don’t know that most              play in order to make a practice a success.
     undergraduate students are thinking about the business side of        Dr.	Hayes—When I graduated from SCO in 1973, my competi-
     optometry when they apply, but over the long term, the level of          tion was small-time opticians and ophthalmologists who didn’t
     success our graduates enjoy has a direct impact on recruiting            focus on primary care or dispensing glasses and contact lenses.
     students. Applicants want to attend an educational institution           The graduate today has to compete with a level of corporate
     that graduates successful optometrists. So as we translate es-           optometry that is extremely well-financed and managed by very
     tablishing The Hayes Center into improving the success of our            savvy MBAs with tremendous marketing skills and budgets.
     graduates, applicants will become excited about attending SCO                 You cannot go out into practice ignorant of business prin-
     because they will have heard about The Hayes Center and the              ciples and survive; that’s a fact. You will get eaten alive and
     skills it provides our graduates. That should definitely have a          become disenchanted with the profession you’ve chosen. Every
     positive impact on recruitment.                                          graduate must understand that money is the tool that enables
  Dr.	Hayes—When I was an applicant in 1968, I vividly remember               you to run a successful practice.
     the admissions director, Brian Mitchell, telling me that SCO        Dr. Cochran, when will The Hayes Center begin offering
     would prepare me in a way that no other institution would. I        information/programs, and how will its activities enhance
     didn’t know what that meant and was puzzled by his statement.       the business education the students currently receive?
     However, his promise definitely had a very positive impact on         Dr.	Cochran—We’re still in the preliminary planning stages, but
     me. If we can instill that same kind of thinking into our ap-            we look to begin offering programs within the year. Establishing
     plicants, it will help us continue to attract the best-qualified         The Hayes Center obviously allows us to enhance the current
     students.                                                                Practice Management curriculum as well as add additional
                                                                              education and experiential opportunities for enrolled students,
What changes taking place in the market do you see as
the largest threat or opportunity to the private practice of                  both in the classroom and in The Eye Center.
                                                                         Dr. Hayes, ten years from now, what do you hope the Center
  Dr.	 Hayes—The continuing encroachment of managed care                 will have accomplished?
     and increased competition from corporate delivery of eyecare.         Dr.	Hayes—I want SCO to be recognized as the premier body of
     Unfortunately, private practitioners who are weak in business            business knowledge for optometrists. In the process, we want to

4	                                                                                                 SOUTHERN	COLLEGE	OF	OPTOMETRY
                                                                    philanthropy in action
                         provide the opportunity for hundreds,      nurturing the Profession through
                         if not thousands, of practitioners to      alumni support
                         access this information, online or in
                                                                    Dr. Hayes, through your generous financial support, you
                         person, to improve their practices and     are leaving a legacy for SCO and optometry that will have
                         their lives.                               an impact far beyond yours and Mrs. Hayes’ lifetimes;
                             I would also like the Hayes            what would you say to other alumni and friends of SCO
                         Center to elevate the satisfaction level   who are considering how they, too, can leave a legacy
                                                                    to SCO?
                         of optometrists with their chosen
                         profession by allowing them to be          Dr.	Hayes— One of the primary reasons I made this donation
                         more financially successful.                  is because I feel I owe my livelihood to the profession of
                             To be clear, making money is              optometry. SCO is the school that allowed me to enter this
                         not what makes one a successful               wonderful, rewarding profession, and if you’re an alumnus,
                         optometrist. But you have to make             you should realize the incredible institution that SCO has be-
                         money in any business or profession           come. It has taken its place as one of the premier optometric
                         to survive. The first law of survival is      institutions, both academically and clinically, in the country.
                         that you have to be able to take care         The optometrists graduating from SCO today are an im-
                         of yourself. Sometimes the concept of         mense source of pride for me. I’m happy to be a small part of
                         making money is confused with being           the institution, and I’m very happy to be able to give back.
                         greedy. I’ve tried to teach my children    Dr.	 Byars—It’s not the same at SCO, even for those who
                         that money is only a tool. By having          graduated within the last five years. The Eye Center is
                         a successful business, I’m able to give       a perfect example. Open just three years, it’s the finest
                         back and help SCO in a way that               optometric clinical setting you’ll ever see. It’s something to
                         hopefully has meaning to the profes-          be very proud of as an SCO alumnus, especially when you
                         sion. I want to help people learn and         think about turning out the next generation of optometrists
                         improve the skills they need in order         who are getting that real-world, hands-on experience—how
                         to become financially successful.             can you not support the future of our profession?
                             Just think of all the things that      Dr.	 Hayes—I would encourage every graduate who feels
                         we could do as a profession if we             optometry has been a good career choice, and I know there
                         could double the income of every              are many, many successful SCO alumni, to look within
                         optometrist; there would be advance-          and ask, ‘What’s the best way for me to give back—serving
                         ment in healthcare and political ad-          in professional organizations, supporting SCO with my
                         vancement.                                    financial contributions, or mentoring other optometrists?’
                         Dr.	Byars— Optometrists would have         Dr.	Byars— Giving back is a key issue. Dr. Hayes said, ‘You’ve
                         the opportunity to be even greater as-        got to look internally.’ There are many optometrists who
                         sets to their communities.                    don’t give back and then there are others who do a great deal.
                                                                       It’s incumbent on all ODs to look at what they’ve achieved,
                         Dr.	 Hayes—Exactly. Cris and I are
                                                                       what the profession gave them, and evaluate how they are
                         extremely grateful for the opportu-
                                                                       giving back.
                         nities for philanthropy that financial
                         success has afforded us.                   Dr.	 Cochran—Every alum needs to be informed about their
                              Let me say this in closing.              alma mater. They should be asking questions about what’s
                         We really want to make this dona-             going on, carefully reading Visions—the alumni newslet-
                         tion and feel very good about doing           ter. Look at the data and become informed about what
                         it. I appreciate the commitment and           SCO—your institution—is doing. Alumni sometimes
                         financial support SCO has given               have a notion that things are exactly the same as when they
                         to the Hayes Center, and it makes             graduated. They are unaware of how much and how often
                         me proud to be associated with the            things change. The question always is—If optometrists don’t
                         college and the future optometrists           support optometry, who will? Ophthalmology? The general
                                                                       public? We only have ourselves to count on for the advance-
                         who will benefit from our efforts.
                                                                       ment of the profession through our educational institutions.

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