Commercial insurance and the difference between social insurance

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					Commercial insurance and the difference between social insurance
A social insurance (Social Insurance)
   Is a loss of working capacity for the temporary loss of work or job losses due to
health reasons, the population in income or compensation of a social and economic
system. She Hui Insurance Scheme by the government-run, mandatory a group as part
of their income as social security Shui (Fei) Xingcheng social insurance fund, Zai
Manzuyiding conditions of the Qing Kuangxia, we can fund Huodeguding from the
income or loss of the Bu Chang, Ta is a redistribution system, its goal is to ensure the
reproduction of material and labor and social stability.
The main projects include the social security old-age social insurance, medical social
insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance,
critical illness and supplementary medical insurance.
 ?Interpretation of China's major social insurance
 ?Old-age social insurance this is of legal age to quit working in the field of workers,
for the protection of their basic needs, provided by the Social Security Fund the cost
of living compensation. The premise that workers pension age in the labor community
has paid for the surplus labor, made some contribution, therefore, Zhihou laborers out
of the labor sphere, society needs to protect its Shenghuo. In China, the old-age social
insurance in the range of income and all cities and towns participated in the social
pension insurance of workers. Financial allocation of administrative units is not
covered, because these funds are units of staff from the State revenue, in the long run,
this part of the payment of pension insurance funds and benefits, are of the same
pocket expenses, a state security nature.
 ?Social health insurance is referring to the social workers due to sickness, injury or
childbirth when in need of treatment by the community to provide necessary medical
services and material security of a system, referred to as "health
insurance." It includes the basic medical insurance and large medical aid in
two parts. Meet the conditions of medical insurance for the insured, the opportunities
and access to medical treatment, the general implementation of the principle of
equality, medical insurance usually cover part of the medical insurance fund in the
form of medical expenses to provide services to the insured.
      Unemployment insurance is mandatory that countries have adopted legislation
implemented by the community to concentrate on establishing the fund, right
interrupted because of unemployment Erzan Shi Sheng Huo source of workers
Tigongwuzhi assistance for just. It is the social security system, an important part, is
one of the major social insurance. Social security system includes social insurance,
social relief, social welfare, social special care and placement and state-owned
enterprises the basic livelihood guarantee for laid-off workers and re-employment and
other aspects, social insurance, including pension insurance, medical insurance,
unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance 5
?The characteristics of social insurance
Five Features of social insurance:
1. The social insurance objective basis, there is the risk of working in the field of
insurance is the subject of the physical labor;

2. Social Security is a particular subject. Including the workers (including their
relatives) with the employer;

3. Social insurance is compulsory insurance;

4. Social insurance is to maintain the reproduction of labor;

5. Insurance Fund from employers and workers of the payment and financial support.
Limit the scope of insured employees, not including other members of society. Labor
risk insurance, limit the scope of the content of the various risks, including the
addition of property, economic and other risks.
Function of social insurance
1. Stable features of social life

2. Redistribution

3. To promote social and economic development functions

Function of promoting economic development in two ways:

The first is the social insurance system as an important tool of demand management to
play a role, and thus a positive effect on the economy.

The second is the effective use of social insurance funds can contribute to sustained
economic prosperity.
 ?Social insurance premium income
(A) the calculation of social insurance

Social insurance must be based on the probability of the occurrence of various risk
and benefit standards in accordance with the prior estimate of total expenditure
payments, borne by the insured obtained a certain percentage, as determined by the
standard premium rate. Moreover, unlike commercial insurance is different from the
calculation of the rate of social insurance, in addition to risk factors, also need to
consider more socio-economic factors, to obtain fair and reasonable rates.

(B) the collection of social insurance approach

1. The proportion of insurance system

This approach is based on the insured person's wage income subject to
require a certain percentage to total premiums. By proportional system, because the
main purpose of social insurance, yes to compensate an insured person 风险 Pi
during the accident the loss of revenue to maintain the minimum of the Sheng Huo,
therefore be calculated by reference usually depends, income, Yi Fangmian Zuowei
measure benefits of standards, on the other hand, as the basis for calculating

Proportional to work-based insurance system, the largest burden of social security
flaw is directly associated with wages, both employers and employees pay social
insurance premiums or whether the burden of social insurance side, the burden of
social insurance labor costs are reflected increase, the result will lead to crowding out
of capital work, which led to increased unemployment.

2. Equal insurance system

Irrespective of the insured person or his employer how much income, all received the
same total amount of the premium. The system's advantage is simple
computation and easy implementation in general; and insurance premiums collected
in this way the countries, in their payment, generally equal Zhi also used, with the
balance of payments are equal significance. But its weakness is that low income and
high income earners pay the same premium, the affordability clearly unfair.
?Second, the definition of commercial insurance
We normally refer to the insurance is commercial insurance. The so-called
commercial insurance refers to insurance contracts entered into operation, for-profit
form of insurance, the insurance enterprises by specialized 经 营 : commercial
insurance relationship is voluntarily entered into by the parties contractual
relationship insurance transaction whereby, Xiang Zhi Fu insurance premiums ,
insurance companies, according to the contract because of the possible incidents can
trigger a property liable to the losses the insurance liabilities, or when the insured dies,
disability, age, disease or Da Dao agreed, when the commitment period for payment
of the insurance liabilities. The so-called social security, yes means the premiums
charged, Xing Cheng social insurance fund, 用来 of which Yin old, sickness,
maternity, disability or death and unemployment lead to loss of work Neng Li Huo
Cheng Yuan lost employment opportunities to provide a basic livelihood guarantee
kind of social security system.
Characteristics of commercial insurance
1, the main business of commercial insurance commercial insurance companies.

2, commercial insurance, the insurance relationship is reflected as reflected by the
insurance contract.

3, commercial insurance, the object can be and matter (including tangible and
intangible), the specific subject was the life and health, property and property-related
interests, responsibilities, credit and so on.
4, commercial insurance business to be for profit, but also to maximize their profits in
order to protect the insured person to enjoy the greatest degree of economic security.
Types of commercial insurance
1, according to the number of insured category, can be divided into individual health
insurance and group health insurance.

2, according to the length of insurance, health insurance can be divided into
short-term and long-term health risks. Cover the length of time combined with the
number of policyholders constitute a short-term insurance and group long-term group
insurance, the same individuals and individuals combine to form short-term insurance
and personal insurance and other long-term.

3, in accordance with the insurance category a) sickness insurance sickness insurance
refers to the disease conditions for the insurance payment insurance, as long as the
insured with the insurance provisions set out in a disease, whether or not happen, how
many medical expenses or the cost be able to receive a fixed compensation. b)
medical insurance, medical insurance, also known as medical expenses insurance,
refers to the insured medical services in place to compensate for the cost of insurance.
c) disability insurance, disability insurance, also known as loss of income insurance,
income protection insurance, and that the work because the insured person which
causes the loss of income, loss of property and other kind of insurance policy.

4, loss of species classified under the classification according to the types of damage
can be divided into medical expense insurance, disability income insurance and
long-term care insurance.

5 different categories according to payment method

a) cost-based security. The insurer to the insured in the medical treatment occurred in
the course based on reasonable medical expenses, according to the insurance contract,
compensation of all or part of the medical expenses.

b) Allowance based insurance (defined benefit type insurance). Allowance-based
insurance is that the insured does not take into account the actual expenses, and to the
insurance contract standard insurance payment insurance.

c) to provide services products. Provided in the course of such products, the insurer
directly involved in the management of the health care system. Insurer in accordance
with certain criteria to select health care providers (hospitals, clinics, doctors) and
selected health care providers to organize themselves, to provide medical services to
the insured. And there are strict rules official of 操作 Bao Zheng QOS, regular
review Yiliao service usage, required the insured person's medical services
specified Cheng Xu Zhao Zhi Bing Tigong who can enjoy the preferential economic

Between social insurance and commercial insurance, the existing contact:

From the functional point of view, both mechanisms to resolve social risk.

Multi-level social insurance is the main social security system, commercial insurance
can serve as a supplement to social insurance, is a multi-level social security system
as an integral part. Later generation of social insurance, commercial insurance, it uses
the terminology and calculation, forecasting many of the commercial insurance
Commercial insurance and the difference between social insurance
1, commercial insurance is a business act, the insurance industry operators to profit
for the purpose of independent accounting, through self: Social Security is a national
social security system aims to provide people with basic living, backed by the state
financial support.

2, commercial insurance in accordance with the principles of equality, voluntariness,
whether the establishment of the insurance relationship discretion entirely by the
insured: the compulsory social insurance, and who meets the statutory requirements of
the citizens or workers, the payment of insurance premiums, to accept protection by
the State legislation directly provided.

3, commercial insurance coverage by the insured person consultation with insurance
companies, different insurance contract, different types of insurance, the insured
suffered the scope and level of protection is different, and social insurance protection
the general scope of the provisions by the state in advance, the risk of relatively
narrow scope of protection, security level is relatively low. This is the nature of its
social security decisions.

Social insurance is compulsory national social security system, the insured person has
the right to permanent protection. Government Insurance Finance to take ultimate
responsibility, the financial losses incurred by the state funding to make up.

4, objects, and the role of different. Social insurance to workers and their immediate
family members to support targeted after the workers lost the ability to give material
assistance; commercial insurance is targeted at individuals or entire peoples, and to
pay premiums according to their number and give some type of accident financial

5, relationship between rights and obligations and different. Stressed the social
insurance contributions for social workers to fulfill labor obligations, and thus the
right of access to social insurance benefits, realization of basic rights and obligations
on the other; commercial insurance is mainly for the "more investment and
more security, less investment and less security," the other price of
exchange relations.

6, protection and legislation are different. Social insurance is the protection of the
basic needs of workers as a standard, commercial insurance premiums paid by insured
Zeyi standards; social insurance value security, commercial insurance value
"reimbursement"; social security areas are labor legislation,
commercial insurance are economic legislation areas.

7, management systems are different. Social security by the central or local
government centralized leadership, organizational management professional
organizations, part of the executive leadership structure; commercial insurance is an
independently operated relatively independent economic entities, belonging to the
financial system.
  The principle of commercial insurance purchased
The principle of commercial insurance are based on fair, reasonable, risk-sharing
principle, the insured when the insured person's physical health standards
body for the insurance company defined.
Insurance business insurance should note the following:
1, the time of purchase should be in the following order: first, accident insurance
(additional accidental medical and hospitalization insurance, etc.); followed by health
insurance (mainly serious illness, and additional medical insurance, term life
insurance) is another old-age insurance (bonus, pension , voted with, etc.).
2, many consumers tend to buy insurance would let their children buy, professional
advice: the higher the household income should be given priority to buy (he was the
breadwinner); second, relatively more women's diseases, consider
purchasing Such "Beautiful Life" products; final consideration
children. Of course, if the economy can still be the best buy with a family of three. In
case of emergency, and if the risk of life to families.
3, the choice of sum insured should be based on family income and the insured person
engaged in the work of the risk factors (such as whether to drive, with or without
social security, Zhen insurance, etc.) Yi Ju. Important reference here is: the total
family income to pay the premium of 5% -15% more appropriate. General
recommendations, the insured amount under the age of 18, not more than 10 million,
20-year-old to 20 million, after the insured amount for each additional 10 years of age
increased by 10 million, up 500 thousand yuan of 50-year-old. If you think the
premiums to buy additional time may be relatively inexpensive term life insurance
4, payment method, according to economic conditions and consumer household
financial assets, operating cash flow and other factors, not the payment period longer
cost-effective. If high-insured persons, subject to insurance and reinsurance
companies, life insurance underwriting reinsurance agreement, and only after passing
through medical insurance. Question 1: How much home insurance premium will be
General, please cases, the family premium payment, shall be 10% of annual
household income -20%, the premium should not be too high, too high a premium
would put pressure on family life, you can increase or decrease in personal
consumption habits !
Question 2: How much to protect the right amount?
Protection and the annual income limit should be closely linked, the amount is too low,
not achieve protection function, usually 5-10 times annual income.
"Insurance is not how high you will certainly want to ensure protection to
the." If a person annual income of 20,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan insurance,
then insurance companies should doubt whether there will be moral hazard, which in
general is not very give the customers insured.
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