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					Collection of design industry website
?Ten designers will go to Chinese websites
1, Design Online (news is definitely the industry's most timely)
2, Visual Chinese (new representation of the new web site designer, and some
miscellaneous, speed is not fast)
3, cutting-edge design (in industrial design fellow will go)
4, designer homes (architecture and interior designers must-see)
5, Asia CI Network (Web site itself is not very good, but forum is very good, experts
6, V6DP (Forum, the young designer's world)
7, (gathered so many masters and their navigation)
8, Arting365 (some of the unique information and good works)
9, Taiwan Design Center (about Taiwan's design will go to site)
10, Xiao Yong (Central Academy teacher site, some information is worth reading)
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Reference ^ ^ crackers oοО @ ゐ design site
Famous design site
  Design Online:
   Design of the times:
   Global Design News Network:
   China Industrial Design Association: / union /
   Taiwan Industrial Design Association:
   Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Center:
  United States:
   Industrial Designers Society of the United States:
   International Federation of Industrial Design official website:
   Japan Industrial Design Promotion:
   Korea Industrial Design Promotion Research: technological era Jidpo Japan T3 Magazine ZOE design pip% Web Material Web B. S. Design great Apple-related sites
China Fashion Color Association
China Industrial Design Information Network:
On the design:
Taiwan Design Web:
Design Republic:
American Center for Design:
idsa home:
Some German website:
1. ArchiMeDes
2. Artefakt industriekultur
4. / design
6. Jimei industrial design studio Design Association of Taiwan sea of high design Beijing Industrial Design Center Chiang Foundation of Hong Kong America's Industrial Design Centre vast design Chong Wah Yuen Graphic Design L1 Taiwan Design Center joint network designers Northeast Beijing Design Museum
China Design Schools Beijing Institute of Technology Beijing University Beijing Arts and Crafts School Hunan University Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Wuxi University of Light Industry
Foreign design institutions International Federation of Industrial Design Industrial Designers Society of the United States design center in Barcelona, Spain British Design Council Design and Arts Council England Germany North - Wisconsin Design Center Design Center Stuttgart, Germany Japan Industrial Design Promotion International Design Association of
Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research
Institute French design Finland Design Association Finnish design Design Association Korea Danish Design Centre design center in Singapore International Interior Design Association Design Association of Australia Australian Graphic Design Association EDF / ZCO Design Foundation European Design Centre Swedish Industrial Design Foundation Industrial Designers Society of Turkey, foreign design
firms American frog design U.S. ECCO Design Inc. French Plan crea + if design Japanese foreign design institutions GK design company Illinois Institute of Technology button 卡斯尔诺森 Napier University Musashino Art University Ashiya College of Art
Domestic website Third Kind Asia Computer Consultants Company - TV stunt professional
site 3D Walker Website ~ siege great new site recently thunder an aspiring producer D Lost World Space Studio 3D Snow ~ fbi 3D Strip
The theme of the site MAX ~ jr3d happy dream MAX Home actual situation SimReality (3DMAX) ~ shuai4d 3D Magic Academy (MAYA) ~ max30 to 3DMAX outstanding home-based alternative space-time more comprehensive multimedia site rare 3D animation + music site 3D Studio Red Ant Shanghai TV program production center ~ cloudwu situation Studio another 3D technology base!
Foreign websites very nice plug-in site the largest three-dimensional teaching model base 3DMAX download the free plug-in MAYA teaching site good three-dimensional site (MAYA, ALIAS,
RENDERMAN, SOFTIMAGE) highend3d sub-mei article tutorial provides three-dimensional model provide Lightwave Tutorial provide Lightwave Tutorial
Comprehensive site 3D (3D software, magazines, links ...) 3d animation training, tutorials Rhino teaching 3D Artist Site integrated 3D commercial websites strongly recommend the top 3D teaching Introduction site very good 3D rendering site, containing a variety of 3D
software teaching Rhino teaching teach you how to do 3D classic car guide France 3D Production Guide (Modeling) full 3D images of teaching, observation 3DMAX tutorials, plug-Daquan SOFTIMAGE teaching website good

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