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Class teacher case_ strategy


									Class teacher case, strategy
A good class teacher is equivalent to a good class, "found the problem on
the criticism, criticism then get back on penalties" is a common problem in
some class teacher, a high quality of the class teacher, his understanding of class
management is scientific, comprehensive, Naturally, his class teacher level is
relatively high.
1, four types of popular teacher
1. Teaching Excellence Model: a beautiful lesson to teach, to develop into a main
teaching in schools, and even leaders.
2. Teaching more than face: to teach a variety of classes in arts and sciences, and even
physical education in the arts can also teach one or two generalists.
3. Teaching and research: not only teach, but also of teaching and learning of the law,
to write high-level research papers.
4. Teaching managed: not only teaching the band classes, the whole chaotic class,
even two posts to experts in teaching administration, such as Mr Wei, Li, West, and so
Second, the growth of the blog as an effective carrier class teacher.
A blog about daily log, writing and timely reflection, description of educational events,
do not need to pursue research in line with academic norms, but rather describe which
of the instant of the world --- the world of education and I met when all of the main
the kind of physical feeling, that state of mind, that look, the kind of shock, the kind
of imagination ... ...
Kara OK helped many people get past silent, the liberation, the blog can be
understood as the soul in all karaoke OK.
Third, a student is a subject
Wang Lihua's class of 68 students is a combination of each
student's personality, learning, thinking, quality and other specific
conditions, obtain student consent, for each student to establish a consistent practice
of the student research projects. Such as: "Lee did an excellent piece to
monitor the experiment and research," "Ma national study of
super-efficient strategies for development"
The development of teachers for students the most reasonable direction, so that
students step by step, keep the new self-development.
Fourth, is to encourage excellence out
Not only to teach the art of teaching skills and, more importantly, good motivation,
wake up and encouraged.
When a student repeatedly against defeat, he became a poor student; so let poor
students to become good is actually very simple, it is opposite, that is for students to
feel again the joy of success, poor excellent students into gifted with .
Incentive Act:
1, so that students feel is important in the minds of teachers.
2, the first class to remember the name of each student.
3, the paper wrote a most appealing to students reviews.
5, for children to find spiritual strength
Bad for the mental outlook of the current students, most lack the mental strength.
Teachers should do is for students to find spiritual strength to help him stand up in
spirit. What kind of spiritual force students most receptive to it? In general, the
stronger among the same age children most likely to move, but also most likely to
conquer the hearts of children. On the hard, hard like the truth, from the lips of their
peers out of his mouth and speak out from the teacher effect is different.
Fifth, teach students to correctly understand the entrance examination
Let the children out of fear of the shadow test, a positive attitude and mood to meet
the test challenges.
In the current education system, the test is not noodles, instead of sighing to blame on
others, as the difficulties, to accept the challenge of destiny.
When your peers in the study complained of immediate, you can say to myself, I and
they do not, I want to difficulties in learning as much as possible, so that I can be
acquired by perseverance.
The test as a wealth of experience, for the test.
6, and students sign a "contract"
Wang Lihua teacher opened class file, there are many students sign a special contract:
"write a diary on the day the contract," "contract of
Putonghua," "About a week going through the text of the
contract the United States" ... ...
Wang Lihua and students sign the contract period as short as one week or as long as
January, the longest lifetime. Teachers and students almost daily in the performance of
the contract, the contract also urge teachers and students continually improve
Seven class time card
In some classes, you often see when the card number in mind: from the high (middle)
test are ** days days ** from the ** test there, but in Linyi 8, 2004 a class, you see is
a group of you to happiness ** days
Countdown to the students, based on the premise that they do not believe that, while
the cumulative time display of the students came to class for the purpose is to
encourage mining, is to enable students to see their growth and to help students
accumulation of life, is with the development of nature.
The first named eight new
New name for the first time, Wang Lihua teacher asked the students one by one to the
podium, since the employer, then the name written on the blackboard and numbered.
All finished on the class, Ms. Wang is also the same as students, took to the podium ,
Gonggongzhengzheng to write their names in earnest for some description, and then
compiled on the number himself.
9 birthday
Survey and record each student's birthday, the students early birthday,
birthday wishes to write on the blackboard after.
Student opinion, other people's birthday is not a big thing, but when his
birthday, when really hope that someone else 关注. By writing birthday this way,
students understand that they have not been forgotten, that feeling for students One
day in a pleasant state of excitement.
10 to 10 children a drag on intelligence "clever move"
1. Expect too much.
2. Interference everywhere.
3. Pursuit of perfection.
4. Value scores.
5. Parents do not teach.
6. Not allowed to ask questions.
7. Everything do it.
8. Limit game.
9. Encourage obedient.
10. Destructive Enthusiasm.
11, slow student strategy
1. Won the heart with soul
Even      the     eyes     of     some      educators, "useless"
"hopeless" students, more or less of their soul also has a good
moral bud. The successful conversion of the less advanced students, to guide them to
find themselves between the good and noble of the Department, to help them set up,
"I am a good person shortcomings" moral self-confidence. To
allow more students to talk about "What is the advantage I
have." Reprimand and loss of long-term moral self-confidence by the
students, so that benefits of the class to help him.
2. Students to educate themselves.
Educators wit, is to lead backward students "spiritual struggle
frequently" not only found their valuable point, the courage to use the
"noble I" defeated me,
If a less advanced students feel in a week, reduce the number of mistakes, where the
teacher can take the initiative to lead a "good news single"
Mom and Dad back movement of good news.
3. Write "home-school links this"
To less advanced students to help themselves to identify a person, so that a day will
help the performance of the less advanced students will contact the school at home,
and then let students take home to parents to see.
4. Collective Review
From time to time selected by the whole class, "** the worst aspects
of" students, the results from the squad spot open. Criticism of the elected
students and hope, and then over time, and then in the class named "most
improved student recently," there are still squad announced on the spot
results and progress of students giving out awards for large or "good news
5, nine asked to write daily. Guide "Underachievers" daily
self-examination: one asked students learn today, does not affect the second question
today is not desertion, three questions to learn what the problem is not on today, the
four asked not preview today's homework review, five question anything
uncivilized today is not, said today that swearing did not ask six or seven overcome
weaknesses do not ask today, eight asked no progress today, 9 Q Is there any regret.
6, the match race: Let every "Underachievers" are looking for a
case in nearly all respects with their students as a competitor. In the discipline,
learning, expand competition, and regularly to the class rating.
12, the education of teachers into the collective will of public opinion
Using the group to educate public opinion to the whole class is an art. Skilfully to a
student teacher, a certain thing, no judgments into a collective opinion on it no
judgments. Students living in the collective, we should try to make them feel their
collective attention and supervision, if the class teachers are good at creating a
collective opinion. To their concern of a student in recognition of, criticism of a
student into a collective concern, praise, and criticism. Then the students will truly
feel the collective presence felt with a collective blend, their own words and deeds are
affecting the collective, but also suffering from a collective attention.
13, how to make students into the class group as soon as possible
1. A gift the teacher to students
On the first day, a letter to each student as a gift on his arrival, the letter is earnest to
teach and students
2. Give students a chance to do the master
Let each student write a letter to the teacher, the letter include: the class you want us
to what kind of collective? To achieve this goal, you have any good suggestions? You
willing to take classes cadres? What is your hobby or expertise? What you can
contribute to the collective?
3. Guide the students to change from passive to active
Variable designated as the students clean up the "Who wants to subscribe
to our collective to do the first clean-ah?"
4. To open a "press conference" in a relaxed atmosphere to
answer the students concerns.
14, homework fun of
Le Ke in the north London law schools, "home study" to replace
many traditional homework. Computation, grammar and spelling operations has
decreased, and the teacher distribution is about modeling, museums, cooking and
participating in arts work.
Operational requirements of parents with children with a toast, there is a job for
students to learn the local profile.
Parents said, "We want children to learn as fun, not drudgery."
15, class cadre election system, rotation system, parliamentary system
Children to let him do things myself, do not do it for him. ------ German educator Carl
- Witt
If students can achieve through self-management classes this platform on their studies
and growth, is a good opportunity, but also more efficient. If teachers do students do,
that is deprived of the right of students to learn self-management, but also deprived
them of opportunities to develop their skills.
1. Squad leader, group secretary by elections, the other class leadership, Branch of
CPC by the squad leader, group secretary, "cabinet" members
appointed learning representatives of various disciplines Division.
2. Class leadership, Youth League term for a semester, and then re-election. Won the
election monitor, group secretary cabinet, it must be in the past has not been a class
cadres, so as many students have opportunities to exercise.
3. Class Council elections, Mr

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