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									Civil Wang Lian Li Liu Ji caused citizens (1)
Mr. Liu Ji: Hello!
At 12:55 on the 8 February Xinhuanet Forum in USA, "Southern
Weekend" article: "" polarization does not exist
"to continue advocating for irrigation Open - Interview with Liu Ji, former
president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences." 34 hours later, this
post has had nearly ten thousand readers keep abreast of nearly 700. I keep abreast of
material you will not see them. Because those users are more uncertain protection,
"Agou A Mao are" (as you say), and do not know whether they
"should have at least college education," "sense of
rational economics", in accordance with the You set the qualifications of
the credibility of the investigation economist, I think you will not read these posts.
My letter this post you will see I have no control, this is your freedom and rights; but
this letter I must write this post, because I saw your last year in January since the few
public remarks, I think, you, as the Chinese Communist Party, as The
People's Republic of China scholars and cadres within the system, you too
for the cold masses of the people, the livelihood of the Chinese society is too low to
divide the people because you divide the cold and the people's livelihood
Therefore, you can not understand the feelings of China's real conditions,
so your suggestions are not the Gospel to the people, but evil.
You said that the current polarization of China's comment was
"confused right and wrong," you say "the fact that
iron is common in people's living standards improve, based on a number of
people to improve a little bit faster, some slower, but the fundamental polarization
does not exist. "You asked:" bourgeois capitalist polarization is
getting richer, the majority of workers are getting poorer, we have this? "
It is evident from the polarization of your criteria is "one more rich, more
poor one." Rich and poor must have a measure of data words, as has the
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and former vice president of the China Europe
International Business School, former executive president, now honorary president,
you get the convenience of data much more than academics, then you should data to
tell you, capitalist society is how they pattern of distribution of wealth, our society
today is how the pattern of distribution of wealth; capitalist society, how public policy
has led to the distribution of benefits, our contemporary society has led to what the
public policy interests distribution; capitalist society the weak and the poor degree of
marginalization, our society today the weak and the poor degree of marginalization?
However, you do not use the figures to speak, and these figures, the National Bureau
of Statistics has, the World Bank have, you can easily get. You do not have the data to
speak, but those with a strong gesture of bravado: this is the case we do (referring to
the polarization)? Lovely Mr. Liu Ji, you think now or during the Cultural Revolution?
While you are in May 1989 Caibei appointed Deputy Minister of the Shanghai
Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, but "Practice is the sole
criterion for testing truth," the great debate you should have experienced
and participated in before. You, as a former vice president of the Chinese Academy of
Social Sciences, your attitude toward research is very scientific.
I always like to use the data to speak, and insist on the use of data to speak. But today
I am not talking about you Mr. Liu Ji data, we are talking about common sense, on the
You said that "farmers too bitter," "now just Sheng,
WU Guang-up" the comments were "alarmist,"
"inciting social mood."
Tell you, five years ago, I had 56 days in East China province was the social survey,
in the famous porcelain capital, I took the day six taxi drivers are all laid-off factory
worker attitude, among them a former state-owned large plant and branch office
manager. "We have somebody from the city, by their government officials
are ruining it!" Is living in these six drivers, residents and workers and
even the home shop owner with one voice! They said: We are here to pay off more
than 100 yuan, a 10-day half to eat meat, both husband and wife with children how to
live! Cultural Affairs Bureau of the retired cadres take only a few years of retirement
pay 60% of their 100 people signed the letter since I saved! Residential workers, the
workers say: "Now, if someone brought us the contrary, we are all
against!" The state-owned giant office and branch manager says, how he
did not believe the factory sold to individuals to be more creative efficiency. Giant
hundreds of millions of devices sold off a number of private, private workshops are
small-scale production, no access to large equipment, they use foreign exchange for
the equipment were thrown wide open!
At that time, I had the Kom Tong Hall in Jiujiang beautiful lake, see the
3322's woman wandering. Accompanied by my lesbian told me:
"Sister, they are in prostitution, they come from rural areas, do it again as
long as five dollars!" I do not know what your feelings on this Mr. Liu Ji -
Let me say first, I You said I was not afraid to spread rumors that I alarmist, saying
that I stirred up social emotions - the face of five dollars will be able to sell
women's dignity - the dignity of the mother, the wife of dignity, the dignity
of young girls, I was shocked, and I feel deep sorrow, my heart burning flames of
anger, because the 21st century, China will never be such a tragic fate of women, as
long as some of the Communist Party cadres to engage in less corruption, more sense
of responsibility, China's rich-poor divide never be so cruel!
Mr. Liu Ji, in some respects, I feel you are sentimental, for example, the survey on the
credibility of the polls economists, Lang was "credible" the
highest rating, for which you feel "great sorrow" Hong Kong,
said Ding Xueliang of qualified economists in China no more than 5, you think
"is to discredit China." So, when China's peasant
woman in the semi-open prostitution, you feel what is it? Remember you this thing: If
the Chinese professors did not take the lead into the middle income group can do is a
sign of prosperity? Then, when the cities of China, "prostitution
Sheng" up, you feel this is a sign of prosperity? Or "great
sorrow", "to discredit China?"
You say that the Chinese farmers live better than in the past, "into the city
to improve living." Yes, what city to "do it again as long as five
dollars," the peasant woman as long as the "dry" in
sufficient number, certainly can improve the living; which sweatshops of migrant
workers working 10 hours a day, but also than in drink several times over the
countryside. Borrow your words, "or he (she) went to town to do
what?" But this improve the living environment is extremely poor return
for such harsh living environment will be destroyed in advance of their lives! I think
that this is a great tragedy, the fact that the existence of the Communist Party cadres,
dereliction of duty - not as they and the "reverse" as in socialist
China to discredit!
You look down to a definition of vulnerable groups: "What is vulnerable?
Vulnerable groups among the backward productive forces is not to master advanced
production skills, compete in a market economy in a weak position in the
Well." Compassion then said: "Of course, the socialist First of
all, they have food and clothing to maintain life, at least to maintain a humanitarian
standard of living. The most important strategy is based on technology and education,
to cultivate their skills of advanced productive forces, from weak to strong.
Mr. Liu Ji, may you stay strong group of long time, feel too good, you are thinking
that they are "the skills to master the advanced productive
forces", right? Because your life was very moist. But I tell you, nourish
your principal is not your day to master the "productivity skills"
brings you, but you are the departmental level from 1989 to 1994, when the
vice-ministerial post to bring your identity. Revolution has less than a hundred years,
the feudal ideology of feudal attitudes could not be rooted out so quickly. Your
identity will bring you the benefits of more than your skills can bring to you, you do
not argue.
In today's China, "the skills to master the advanced productive
forces"         and    who      also     did    not     have  the    necessary
"capacity", still fall into the vulnerable groups, up to
"a subsistence living" it. For example, to master the skills audit
should be considered a "master the skills of advanced productive
forces", right? At least I know that together we live in Shanghai, system
auditors life's also very moist, but the same holds audit skills, and even
beyond the institutional skills of the personnel of human as long as no forward
"system" threshold, that human system can only eat leftover
soup leftovers Cancha. This "system" threshold is not so easy to
step in! To be crossed this threshold, only "status"! Only
popular to drink hot qualifications! Therefore, as long as the political system is not
reformed, we would be difficult to move beyond "from status to
contract" in this step, this step could not cross, China would never be with
vulnerable groups, "lagging behind productivity of people"
equate as vulnerable groups, many, many "have mastered the skills of the
advanced productive forces" who, for their "status"
by the yoke, it is difficult to "From weak to strong!" You should
also be a "status" who is the former senior officials within the
system, it is hope you can rebound from China "from status to
contract," this step for more practical things!
Your lack of credibility on the Chinese mainland economists say much annoyed,
"some of our media, and even some newspapers and journals, keen to
spread attacks on China not understood the statements of economists. How 50 years
of the founding of socialist China, actually Training not five economists, and even
well-known economist with the United States graduate do not like, is the glory, or to
discredit China? "honorable Mr. Liu Ji, you are always raised his hat in his
hand a stick . You speak with the language and tone, always put us back thirty or forty
years ago. Of course, in accordance with your understanding of the economists,
trained in China after five years should be many economists, because you said:
"First of all, what is an economist? Academic 'home'
who never authoritative definitions and authoritative assessment of the international
usually refers to the relevant disciplines at the university professors to obtain titles
and qualified research institutions, researchers, or the authority of the professional
Association. It is evident that China should not sell ourselves short, as the Chinese
There are many scientists, writers ... ... as there are hundreds of economists in China.
"But the question is why the public will be surveyed 80% approved
of" qualified economists in China less than five "to say? This in
the end should be asking the public, asked the media, or reflect on their own?
It is true that as you said, "economics is a serious science, 隔行如隔山,
economically illiterate people should respect the economists," however,
whether economists should respect what the facts? If the public think that a lot of
economists do not respect the facts, how could they respect a lot of economists? Make
your Fenfen Ran is the "economic circles at home and abroad peer review
is not high and good at media speculation" and Lang received the highest
credibility, said he was "alarmist, 2004 said only some state-owned
enterprises can do well, no need to reform Reform of state-owned assets and the loss
of state assets to private owners if swallowed, etc., are just some of the media
speculation of a pass. "Yes, that is because the reform from the original
track, only to state-owned enterprise reform has resulted in significant loss of state
assets state-owned assets to private business owners (most are former leaders of
state-owned enterprises) and swallowed, it did not say that too! Lang is said, but a
large truth and get the highest credibility, that does not explain many economists do
not tell the truth!
Mr. Liu Ji, if the economy is not as it is today into "the
mainstream", or if the economics texts like Oracle as an ivory tower in the
knowledge that even the media are interested in the questionnaire, the public has no
interest in answering it! Today, the heightened interest of the public to answer,
because there are so few well-known Chinese economist, has been to influence the
government's public policy, which is a public policy to the public from the
inaccessibility of education, who can not afford housing out of coverage ! Resulting in
serious social instability in China, leading countries had to "stability
overrides everything"! In this regard, you do not have responsibility?

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