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									Chow Yun-Fat

Personal Information】 【Name: Chow Yun-Fat

Nickname: Fat Brother, Brother Mark
English Name: Chow Yun fat
Birthday: May 18, 1955
Zodiac: No Sheep
Constellation: Taurus
Height: 1.82 m
Birthplace: Guangdong Shenzhen Baoan District
Place of Birth: Hong Kong Lamma Island
Occupation: actor, singer (just for fun nature, occasionally)
Nationality: Chinese
Language: Chinese, English
Dialects: Cantonese, a small part of the Shanghai dialect
Family: mother, wife
His first wife Yuan An
Mrs. Chan Hui Lian second
Rumored girlfriend: Idy Chan, Do Do Cheng, Cherie Chung ....
Favorite sports: diving, windsurfing
Occupation: Actor
Favorite person: Mother
The most memorable people: father
Most often said mantra: better tomorrow!
Most like to eat: Taiwan Pineapple
The most happy thing: to help others
The most admired actor: DeNiro, Meryl Streep
When not filming the most like to do: sleep photography
Had engaged in employment: the camera salesman, hotel handyman, porters and other
postal packets
Evaluation】 【friend
Well-known writers, scholars, critics have commented Chow Shen Baofeng.
Columbia also made a true portrayal of the former half. Recognized by many
Quanliquanwai people.
"Chow Yun-Fat"
Star Chow Yun Fat, was born in Lamma.
Children to have more hardships growing up in wind and rain.
Handsome Chow Yun-fat, height meter eighty.
Smile awesomeness, super-chic movement.
Actor Chow Yun-fat, often the award to take.
Deserved to, film Big Brother.
Genius Chow Yun Fat, acting all praise.
Works of hundreds of Department, Department of the Ministry is essential.
David Chow Yun-fat, good reputation of the Chinese mass.
Dawn of the Hollywood, for the country to conquer the world.
Hero Chow Yun-Fat, spirit, such as ponies.
Righteousness like Guan Yu, known as Zhou Daxia.
Good man Chow Yun-fat, heart good as Buddha.
Numerous contributions, personality is really great.
Chow Yun-fat has, for the love of committed silly.
Break things too hard, actually wanted to commit suicide.
Now Chow Yun Fat, fast sixtieth years.
Treasures still in, King does not Resurrection.
【】 Filmography
1976:      "reincarnation"          and    "new      Su
Hsiao-bridegroom", "Pool Girls", "fishing
license Guye Tsai family evil"
1977: "Entry List"
1978: "private lives", "O woman,"
1980: "Normal Daddy", "silly girl detective big
thief," "niche play side of their life"
1981:     "Story         of    Woo       Viet",   "law
enforcement" (a real film career began Chow Yun Fat)
1982: "Executive Search" (also known as "Goodbye
Jiang Hu"), "Xun Cheng Ma," "Flower
1983: "the beach", "hard-earned money"
1984:           "Waiting            for        the       Light",
"Lingqibiren," "Fallen"
1985: "Women Want", "Why have I"
1986:                   "Rose's                  Story,"
"Romance",               "returning       15",
"insane           guy       Story",       "Underground
Love>"          seventh    curse,    ""   hearty,
"" Love you I would like to "," A Better
Tomorrow,        ""        Murder     in    the   two    groups,
"" Touch "
1987: "Scared stiff", "Dragon and Tiger
situation," "meaning of the words", "The
Conman", "Romancing Star," "A Better
Tomorrow       2",     "Autumn      Fairy     Tale,"
"Prison       on      Fire"     "heroes",
"Wild World Illustrating", "ghost brides"
1988: "Lover," "Eighth Happiness,"
"Tiger on the beat", "leg-length discrepancy of
Love", "Men Suddenly in Black Diary",
"Brave Heart and lips", "Yu Legend,"
"Goodbye Hero"
1989: "God of Gamblers", "End of the World with I
Chuang," "Ah Long", "A Better
Tomorrow      3    of   Xiyangzhige",     "Killer",
"My days in the underworld"
1990: "Blessing Jixing"
1991: "Once a Thief," "Prison on Fire II
1992: "I love text twist Chai", "Hard
Boiled", "Grand Theft Auto Ascending"
1994: "United States Shaolin," "God of Gamblers
1995: "Peace Hotel" Peace Hotel
1998: "true feelings" (also known as "Replacement
Killers") The Replacement Killers
1999: "battles Edge" (also known as "the devil
hero") The Corruptor, "Anna and the King" Anna
and The Kind
2000: "Crouching Tiger"
200 years: "Bulletproof Monk" Bulletproof Monk
2006: "The Postmodern Life of My Aunt," "Curse of
the Golden Flower"
2007: "Children of Huangshi" "Pirates of the
Caribbean 3"
2008: "Dragon Ball"
2009: "Die Hai Feng Yun"
2010: "Confucius" (Chou Pai in)
1976: "river north and south", "Wild Boy,"
1977: "family change"
1978: "strongman", "struggle"
1979: "Rainbow," "net"
1980: "the beach", "affection"
1981: "the way", "1000 Majestic,"
"sequel on the beach," "a House rental,"
"Phoenix", "Su Qier"
1982:    "broadcasting"    and   "isolated    city
of", "Beidou Hutch", "heaven God of
Wealth", "crocodile"
1983: "Swordsman"
1985:     "Great",    "The     Moving      Targets
1986: "Legend"
Personal Record】 【
"Twelve very inch" (1988), "Old Lovers"
(1989) <b>

[Edit this paragraph]】 【Awards
Film industry honors:
1985 30th Asia Pacific Film Festival winner "Waiting for the
1985 22nd Taiwan Golden Horse winner, "Waiting for the
1987 6th Hong Kong Film Awards winner "A Better Tomorrow"
1987 24th Taiwan Golden Horse winner, "Autumn Fairy Tale"
1987, 1st Choice Awards winner of Hong Kong Institute of Directors,
"Autumn Fairy Tale"
1988, the 7th Hong Kong Film Awards winner, "Dragon and Tiger
By 1988 the Motion Picture Association, "Outstanding Actor Award in
Asia", "Dragon and Tiger situation"
1990 The 9th Hong Kong Film Awards winner, "Ah Long"
5th 1999 Blockbuster Entertainment Award "prize the most popular local
artistes," "battles Edge"
2000 1st Asian American Emmy Award for Best Actor, "Anna and the
2001 2nd Asian American Emmy Award for Best Actor "Crouching
2005 14th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival "100 years
of Chinese film best actor," one of the
2007 AZN Asian Excellence Awards (AZN Asian Excellence Awards) Lifetime
Achievement Award
Chinese films in 2005 to commemorate the birth of a hundred years, the Hong Kong
Film Awards in Hong Kong from 101 film-makers to vote for the best history of 100
Chinese films
Chow Yun-selected six, as follows:
No. 02 of 1986 "A Better Tomorrow"
No. 10 of 2000, "Crouching Tiger"
No. 42 of 1989, "The Killer"
No. 49 1987 "An Autumn's Tale"
No. 54, 1987, "Dragon and Tiger situation"
No. 87 of 1989 "God of Gamblers"
Selection of the Century City Entertainment 100 best movies in Hong Kong
Chow Yun-selected 11:
1 A Better Tomorrow A Better Tomorrow
6 The Autumn's Tale, An Autumn's Tale
FY 12 City On Fire Dragon and Tiger
43 Prison On Fire; Prison Turbulence Prison on Fire
43 Marianna Story of Woo Viet
43 God of Gamblers God of Gamblers
43 The Killer The Killer
73 The Romancing Star Romancing Star
G Love 73 Love Unto Wastes
73 A Better Tomorrow III, A Better Tomorrow III: Xiyangzhige
73 Once A Thief Once a Thief
Television honor:
Malaysian media twentieth century Chinese drama series 100 (the top 10 in
accordance with the priorities of equal standing after 90) </ b>
Chow Yun-selected eight, as follows:
No. 01 on the beach (Chow Yun-Fat)
No. 02 in the tax net (Chow Yun Fat, Do Do Cheng)
No. 03 tide (Chow Yun-Fat)
Article 07 family (Chow Yun Fat, Do Do Cheng)
No. 12 Home change (Wang Ming Quan, Chow Yun-Fat)
Article 32 fight (Chow Yun-Fat)
Article 40 strongman (Chow Yun-Fat)
Article 53 Suqi Er (Chow Yun-Fat)
Article 85 Crocodile Lake (Chow Yun-Fat)
Singapore TV Media Award in the 20th century (1970 ~ 2000) 100 Chinese classic
TV series (the top 20 are ranked in order, not ranked in order after the 80) </
Chow Yun-fat selected seven, as follows:
No. 01 on the beach
No. 03 in the tax net
The first wave of 11
No. 12 Home change
Article 18 family
38th fight
S Majestic 45 1000
Article 80 Su Qier
Article 81 crocodile
1999 1000 hi Wireless selected Taiwan celebration
5 most memorable actor, Xu Wenqiang highest first
5 most memorable television program "on the beach," the
second (first was a variety show "Enjoy Yourself Tonight")
Hong Kong tvb Guide Magazine "tvb star ranking NPC 100"
1. Chow Yun-Fat 2. Liza 3. Adam 4. Felix Wong 5. Do Do Cheng 6. Damian 7. Tony
Leung 8. Weng Meiling 9. Michelle 10. Wenzhao Lun
Music honor:
The Hong Kong shook the music scene in 1988 Very Nice Award (Hong Kong
Commercial Radio host)
Other honors:
1997, presented by the Singapore television station "across the BC
Achievement Award"
1998, Chicago Mayor on January 12 called "Chow Yun-Fat
Day" in recognition of his contribution to the film industry; and was
"more cards to Yazhuo Achievement Award"
1999 Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Hong Kong in 2000 was elected seven electronic media "Ten Century
Entertainment Person of the Year"
2000, the U.S. "Time" magazine selected seven
"global celebrity hero" one of the
16th 2001 by City University of Hong Kong Honorary doctorate
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in 2003 awarded the
Silver Bauhinia Star
2004 Hong Kong movie actor poll entertainment big top
2006 by Beijing, "Beijing News" 50 people selected as one of
the most beautiful in China
National Class One Performer
Served two Oscars guest (s 72.73 session),
A Golden Globe award and gentlemen,
Politely refuse a Golden Globe award and gentlemen,
Tokyo Film Festival Jury President once.
[Edit this paragraph]】 【classic role
In the history of Hong Kong Film Awards, Chow Yun-fat is the best actor award up to
a total of three to receive this award recognition. He also won Taiwan's
Golden Horse Best Actor Award, and the Hong Kong of the first "Director
Choice      Awards"         Best    Actor,   Motion     Picture   Association
"Outstanding actor in Asia." The awards show made from one
side of the screen by Columbia in the classic role of the shape as much. Whether killer,
thief or rogue Lanzi, Chow can be injected into its lovely side. Classic between these
roles, are not only limited to the classical Chow put on a show, but because of his role
and life outside the movies play in the classic.
Xu Wenqiang "on the Beach" (1980)
80s of last century, the rise in the Mainland, Hong Kong TV series, two of which can
be used as its representative keywords, one is "The Eagle Shooting
Heroes," another is "the beach" and in
"the beach" in the Xu Wenqiang of Chow Yun-Fat is playing
from that moment captured the hearts of thousands of girls to become
"tough guy + tenderness" to send images. Become objects of
worship in public, while Chow Yun-fat itself to have a career's turning
point. Take this opportunity to highlight, Chow Yun-Fat from established his
"number one wireless niche" status. Xu Wenqiang with Chow
Yun-Fat's role later that there are many different (such as
"crocodile" signs in the style becomes too heavy), Xu Wenqiang
though 30 years in the last century, Shanghai had fought to survive, but there are
many elegant, gentle temperament, I do not know whether this is Chow Yun-fat have
been too young the year, but anyway, it really helped him to successfully create the
image from the lover. Because of bloody, violent main theme behind it are the
undercurrent of a warmth that is Xuwen Jiang and Feng Cheng Cheng's
love scene, you know, when we see an end to worrying about is what it always curls
up the pains and sorrows.
Brother Mark, "A Better Tomorrow" (1986)
"A Better Tomorrow" is the most brilliant figure in Brother
Mark (mark brother), to say the classic moment, we always have their hearts in water,
but capable as cigarette burn sitting in ballroom scene is believed to leave you most
impressed by the scene - is simply arrogant to do! Although in retrospect that the
"A Better Tomorrow" and the interpretation is somewhat
superficial and shallow, but really excited with our age that complement each other.
Fore foot, "Autumn Fairy Tale" (1987)
Chow Yun-fat plays live in New York's Chinatown foot bow, and Cherie
Chung played to the United States to study in Thirteenth Sister. Because the distant
relationship to the two meet, therefore, but one is vulgar Laocu, a beautiful proud of
the great beauty, though not perfect match, but Chow Yun Fat charm the audience
with this beautiful fairy-tale love story fascinated Passion.
Zhong Tian Zheng, "Prison on Fire Ⅰ" (1987 years)
Chow Yun Fat is almost never acted in any good people, but all are good. Zhong Tian
Zheng Although prison inmates, but the audience but had wanted to Roy Cheung
plays the prison guards beat them, but also hope to one day clock Tengen have a
meeting with his son.
Man Goes "Ah Long" (1989)
Darling of the young, a very good racer, but racing in jail. Man Goes After Credit
goes to prison for helping his friend in the orphanage to reclaim her son balloon
angioplasty, but the ball was like his wife to the United States with balloon
angioplasty had a better life. Man Goes a force so determined to have primary custody
with balloon angioplasty, the audience and would like to urge the ball left, to the
darling a chance. However, ending the scene of motorcycle exploded, causing tears in
their eyes blurred. Darling, is concerned about unlimited!
High into the "God of Gamblers" (1989)
Gambling chip during the prosperity of Hong Kong films can be used to describe, not
their own version of the sequel and TV series have "God, holy, Xia, Ba
Wang" 5 sets of series, as the cannon of the "God of
Gamblers" The appeal of this evident. Chow Yun-Fat plays a high-Jin, in
fact, the name of this role is not important, important is the title of God of Gamblers,
Chow Yun-fat is more important is the personal charisma to the title to the extreme.
Little Village "Killer" (1989)
Killer small village in this role together with well-designed bullet dashing John
Woo's doves, candles came crashing down in the Virgin Mary, have
become a classic Hong Kong films. And by their own female star of fate accidental
injury, accidental injury of children being sent to the hospital, a killer tracked down in
a police become the object of the audience tried hard to care. In the end, even the
police, played by Li Xiuxian are infected with this killer charm.
Zu "Thief" (1991)
"Once a Thief," in John Woo Chow Yun Fat again become a
popular "bad guys." Chow Yun-Fat play the progenitor was a
Jiangyangdadao adoptive culture, the injustice of his adoptive father into a decent, in
order to avenge a wheelchair pretending to disability. Chow Yun-fat wheelchair charm
increased rather than decreased seen him in a wheelchair dance with Cherie Chung, in
a wheelchair to help Leslie stolen paintings, you will find this sitting in a wheelchair,
than a healthy person but also attractive . The last Leslie Cheung and Cherie Chung
Chow a family nanny, wearing an apron while doing housework while the kids watch
the game scenes, gain a sense of its loveliness.
King's "Anna and the King" (1999)
This is Chow Yun-Fat to Hollywood as a milestone. Because itself is Asian, so the
actor Chow Yun-fat is more than the original King has inherent advantages, another
imprint from this deeply engraved with Chow Yun Fat film, we can see the
Hollywood star system, how good at making mining and use of star between the
individual and the role of the charm of meeting point. Chow Yun-Fat plays the king
less original in the unruly, violent, more gentle, more tolerant, generous, when we see
Chow Yun Fat in fluent English and comfortable body language to express love when
Jodie Foster talented woman in the United States We are Chow Yun-fat in the U.S.
this time was successful.
Li Mubai "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" (2000)
Ang Lee, Chow Yun-Fat play Limu Bai may find out star effect, but he specially
designed for the Chow Yun-Fat set of "master swordsmanship,"
appears to be both form and sense, and Limu Bai is supporting, but always makes his
presence are looking forward to finally coming out the moment they reveal superb,
especially Zhushao 轻功 a fight, especially Qing Yi natural, personal education, Jen
is a progressive, Promises master as vividly before us. Particularly in the blue-eyed
after lethal Jade Fox, back in the arms of a drama no return Yu Xiulian, Chow Yun Fat
with superb acting and compelling interpretation of the meaning of the paladin who
Emotion weight to the cost of life to the beloved people and the world of justice and
care paid by the mental.
】 【Charity
Chow Yun-fat is the first artiste to be included in secondary school textbooks, has
never tried to become a Hong Kong secondary school textbooks, teaching materials
artists, and published by Creative Press in a second volume of Chinese language
textbook, "Reading in chapter" Yue Fei of the youth selected for
teaching, "Introduction to chapter" is elected civilian president
Sun Yat-sen and the Chinese American astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz for teaching, as
"self-study chapters" to select a good time Chow Yun Fat, it
took about 12 pages describing their efforts through .
"I went to Hollywood five years of making films, as unsuccessful, I do not
dare say, would not say that there is no pressure, but, 'I take my best,
I've no regrets! (I have tried, not regret !)'。"-- in
August 2004, Chow Yun Fat at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the release of
results of talks, facing the audience, thousands of students and parents to make a
speech. Recalling his decades of Hollywood experience, Chow Yun Fat have mixed
feelings. For the outside of his age and ability of the question, Chow Yun-fat says he
is very calm attitude, he said that some things can only be
"Going." Chow Yun-fat in his speech concluded: Heart normal,
since the extraordinary.

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