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					China Super think tank
  ?High level, super departments, semi official semi China Chinese think tank change

  ?China New "foreign brain"

From Vice Premier positions withdrawal year after 71 Zeng Peiyan re
"came out" this, he had a new identity - China International
Economic Exchange Center (hereinafter country via Centre) chairman.

This is newly established in Beijing a senior think tank, in 20 March convened first
council had elected chairman. His former Vice Premier identity and country economic
center leadership unusual "luxury" lineup makes new think
tanks highlights from, momentary "China highest level think
tank" said.

New think tank inaugurated, a once financial crisis ascendant uncertain situation and
prospects enable national macro Decision face serious challenges. While domestic
existing senior Decision Consulting system seems difficult effectively help Decision
layer cope immediate complicated situations.

Just Zeng Peiyan "assumed office"'s March from
National "" to official media for economists and think tank
institutions economic situation misjudgment slipups. States via Centre establishment
day before published "Outlook" magazine criticized Some think
tank experts only "figured on meaning."

This background born country economic center thus been placed expectations.
"This is explore the establishment Chinese characteristics semi official
semi China new senior think tank a qualitative leap." States economic
center researchers one, former State Development Bank Deputy Governor Liu Kegu
evaluation said China think tanks system transiorm just begun.

"Super think tank"

March 20 in Beijing China World Hotel This "Platinum class
hotels" li, China International Economic Exchange Center officially
established. This new think tanks leadership assumed is a "super luxury
lineup" -

Chairman Zeng Peiyan, original Vice Premier.

Executive Vice chairman 8: Central Financial Leading Group Office original owners
Renwang Chun positive, economists Li Yining, CUHK Chancellor Lau Zunyi, NDRC
Deputy Director Zhang Xiaoqiang, national Development Bank chairman Chen Yuan,
Tsinghua Faculty long Qian Yingyi, CNPC Managing Jiang Jiemin, state
administrative Associate Dean Wei Liqun.

Deputy chairman Zheng Xinli, Central Policy Research deputy director.

Vice chairman 10: Hong Kong ICC Mr Victor Fung Guangdong original governor Lu
Ruihua Central FAOs original director Liu Huaqiu, DRC director Zhang Yutai, NDRC
Deputy Director cum National Energy Secretary Zhang Guobao, State Council state
assets Committee Director Li Rongrong, NPC UNESCO Wei deputy chairman Xu
Rongkai, CIC chairman Lou Jiwei, Central Policy Research original Director Teng
Wensheng, National social security Fund Council chairman Dai Xianglong.

General Wei Jianguo, Commerce former vice minister.

Standing director includes China Steel shares chairman Huangtian Wen, Zhonghai
Group President Li Shaode, State Development Investment Company president Wang
Huisheng other large central enterprises Leader.

Such personnel framework been another capital think tank - China Modern
International Relations Institute Jiang Chung evaluation "lineup huge,
specifications high" "almost any a are contemporary media
chased key."

New think tanks "backing" also conspicuous.

"This new think tanks is Premier Wen Jiabao personally instructions
established, integrates original NDRC subordinates international collaborating centers
and opening Advisory Centre two think tank." Participating countries
economic center preparation A source disclosed said Wen Premier early as last
November on that in current economic situation complex circumstances, alone
experience, rely minority wisdom is difficult make correct decisions must widely
listen views, strengthen decision scientific , democratization.

This fact for new think tank establishment working the direction. "(We)
will focus on international economic major hotspot focal issues conduct strategic,
macro, perspective research, continuously formation batch targeted operable research
results." Zeng Peiyan March 20 establishment ceremony.

Country economic center soon as he Chengli, such indicators this year should focus
study 19 topics the financial crisis second plays shock wave possibility, Goujian new
international financial order, US Zhanlue economic cooperation Japanese Strategic
reciprocal relations, in Russia Central Asia Energy resources cooperation research,
Governments Decision Mechanism and think tank in government economic Decision
role, "are immediate key, difficult, hot issues." Liu Kegu said.

New think tank establishment first major activities is planned June late held in Beijing
"global think tank summit." The conference will invite 200-300
home global renowned think tanks and global 500 enterprises leaders for from
financial crisis and China steady economic growth make plans.

All this are make outsiders this "China highest level think tank"
next senior Decision role full Lenovo.

Experts trough

In Zeng Peiyan seems now increasingly complex international environment
"is States think tank planning ability test."

This is nearly 10 years on policymakers most challenging era international domestic
economic situation nosedive, macro control policy rapid adjustment makes levels
officials and business once pinned.

"Our most want future economic situation, on macro control policy a
relatively accurate expected but past year frequent changes, let very
puzzled." In Zhejiang doing textiles business Yeyun Tang said.

The accompanying is some economic scholars and think tanks experts various
prophecy repeated become joke.

End of 2007 CASS a famous economist still stressed "4% is China
inflation     bear      limit"    "macroeconomic      not
fluctuations" two months, CPI reach monthly 8.7%, six months or to
December 2008 1.2%.

Late 2007 subprime crisis early, many mainstream scholars given "crisis is
temporary"       judgment,    stressed   "on     China     little

July 2008 when international oil shocks 147 U.S. dollars / barrel, domestic energy
research institutions unanimous prediction "international oil forthcoming
rushed 200 U.S. dollars / barrel" 5 months, they were 35 dollars / barrel
new price tartly mockery a.

"Expert a predict, humans laugh." March 26, country Research
Center Foreign Economic Research Deputy Minister Long Guoqiang in a forum been
reporters asked on China foreign trade situation Di forecast not help came sentence
Scholars and think tank frequency fool of, incurred extensive public opinion criticism.
CPPCC Liu innovation in early March National "two sessions"
bluntly "To eliminated part economists." 19 March published
"Outlook" magazine then criticized said: "2008 4 ~
July, domestic economic situation have emerged downturn, 'Taijiao
faction' pundits Haiba economic growth downturn as regulation
achievements to publicize."

"Misjudgment frequent, apart professional skill insufficient reasons, also
lies domestic existing some think tank increasingly relying interest groups
Bound." Jiang Chung said.

Jiang Chung had "departmental interests" problem done
thematic studies, he found some ministries subordinates think tank institutions
increasingly focus departments interest appeals. Due viewpoints must unit consistent
"internal discipline" constraint, researchers mostly adopted
beneficial departments arguments and arguments otherwise be leadership criticized.

Accept overseas institutions and TNCs funding also become many mainland think
tank livelihoods. March 20 2008, U.S. Ford Foundation held in Beijing a reception
"invited 400, came from China various important administrative, research,
teaching and policy advice departments renowned scholars, their past accepted Guo
Ford Foundation forms subsidy. "a then scene institutes head recalls.

Strong civil businessmen interventional to on think tanks funding. According Jiang
Chung know, Shanxi several coal boss in Beijing purchase office, organized a think
tank funded part experts studies to "professional express meet their
interests viewpoint."

Jiang Chung seems think tank unregulated accept external subsidy result is
"cannibalism mouth soft" reducing special interest groups
endorsement who difficult to national macro decision making independence, objective
scientific consulting services.

"Economic social operation complex situation on current think tanks
system form grim challenges. Social transition inevitable ask China think tanks the
Transformation." Liu Kegu think, think tanks System Change direction is
to establish high level comprehensive, semi government-run China new think tank.

"Half official semi people"

Country economic center formation is considered such transformation exploration
High level, super departments is new think tank first expectations. There former Vice
Premier command leader, country economic center high level obvious. As nonprofit
community organizations, country via Centre currently permanent researchers
hundreds whom part cause compiled while its open study platform actual mobilize
human then far exceeds this scale.

"Against financial crisis such complex economic phenomena research,
necessarily interdepartmental, transregional, interdisciplinary." Liu Kegu
introduced that therefore country economic center members from state administrative
departments social organizations, large enterprises Macau associations, financial
institutions and universities formed transcend single departments and social Group
personnel layout.

New think tanks Another important sign is "half official semi
Folk" identity.

Liu Kegu visited Brookings Institution, Rand companies seven international senior
think tanks, he concluded China think tank system, most lacks semi government-run
people think tank, "official think tank by institutional within various
factors, civil think tanks another from Decision layer distant to senior intentions and
demand unclear. "

Contrast, senior U.S. think tank "official people Combination"
on done well. Kissinger Brzezinski entering White House ago, have in Rockefeller
Brothers Foundation, Rand companies think tank worked. Leave White House then
return think tank. "Think tank elite both close civil and familiar
government operations know decisions layer what to."

Therefore as semi official semi people exploration, country via Centre absorbed many
like Zeng Peiyan such "retire down old comrades" they both to
retirees Shenfen close civil, can because original occupational experience while social
opinions rapid feedback to senior.

But country via Centre absorbed many large SOEs as governing units practice also
attracted questioned. Given enterprise units may centered funds research there opinion
new think tanks can maintain independence expressed concern. Jiang Chung also
advocated, institutional within think tank study should entirely by Government

While Liu Kegu this then not especially worried "any think tanks sources
are pluralistic to social source mainly Government funds supplemented only to avoid
single accept from certain enterprise or industry funding. Should to topics fees and
research achievements paid use dominated. "
He cited Rand 65% revenue comes federal, 35% revenue from state government,
foreign government, private companies, Foundation different customer. Because
implement norms project cooperation system Rand able become U.S. Government
veritable "outside brain" maintain independent thinking.
China International Economic Exchange Center General Wei Jianguo said the Centre
a basic task is depth major Economy. IC information

Xicheng District Xi'an door Avenue 22, State Council state organs
Authority compound one building 4 layer Wei Jianguo being and several guests

Wei Jianguo, Commerce former vice minister, present status is China International
Economic Exchange Center (hereinafter "Country via Centre")
General. Recently, Wei Jianguo been busy country via Centre planned July organized
to address global financial crisis topic first "global think tanks
Summit" preparatory.

Two months ago, March 20, China International economic exchange Centre in Beijing
officially established is family from Wen Premier personally instructed by State
Council former vice Premier Zeng Peiyan as the chairman, pooled China political,
business, academia forces there 500,000,000 yuan Fund backed ideological library. Its
objectives is to in China political, economic, cultural soil build a with international
influence ideological library.

China International Economic Exchange Center birth marks Chinese Government
ideological Library participation government decision maintain thinking
independence and global influence expansion strong craving. To detailed
understanding "China highest level think tank" operation and
composition mode, Morning Post reporter interviewed Commerce former vice
minister, incumbent States economic center General Wei Jianguo.

Letters written by academics China think tank going out

Oriental Morning Post: Can you brief introduction China International Economic
Exchange Center established background?

Wei Jianguo: Current, swept global financial crisis many national economic been hit,
China economy been adversely affected. We must therefore comprehensive analysis
and accurately grasp world economic development trend, by expanding with foreign
exchanges grasp development initiative. Precisely such background, China
International Economic Exchange Center emerged.

Establishment China International Economic Exchange Center motion began last
October. Then, several scholar "letter" proposed addition should
let think tank from overall, prospective perspective issues, also play
"exchanges" role. Currently we national largely also only
through official with abroad exchanges. Now many Western countries policy and
foreign exchange, think tanks played great influence and assumed oversea
"platform" and "opinion leaders" role. We
also want China international arena have greater discourse power own voice end, we
can establish a reciprocal institutions achieve this.

Currently world appeared "China threat" "China
plundering Resource theory" and many argument these allegations
emergence largely Western countries we lack understand caused. Alone government
level efforts and official communication, these misunderstandings is difficult
eliminated. As civil policy research institutions think tank but can research report
published hold international academic meetings to western countries Tanks and
Western scholars direct exchanges way for world hear from China voice. Such
unofficial channels allows international community more understand China.

Although China currently some think tank also playing such role but conducting
international exchanges, we still lack with international influence can Western top
think tanks dialogue a ideological library. Like U.S. many famous ideological library
chairman, president are predecessor government officials, Brookings Institution
president is former Undersecretary of State, international strategic research centers
president is former Deputy Defense Minister. Therefore To further expanding China
influence and strengthen abroad exchanges establishment China International
Economic Exchange Center such a think tank necessary.

Many foreign think tanks right Government considerable impact. This U.S. Obama
Government cabinet after, his government officials has lots U.S. think tank
researchers. Also some Republicans from government enter think tank sector. Think
tank in government personnel changes played a "revolving door"

Some countries ruling concept, Policies many from think tanks, this many examples.
U.S. several major think tank like Brookings Society Rand, international strategic
research centers External Relations Committee and so told some international
relations major issues raised countermeasures or recommendations was their
Government adoption. Year, U.S. former Soviet take Cold methods confrontation that
from Rand firms.

Foreign Government, particularly U.S. Government, in major decisions introduced
before usually first solicit think tank views, through think tanks manufacturing
opinion. Fact, this also to understand aspects response. Government think tanks ri
usually some very component figures, such Kissinger Brzezinski, Scowcroft other
U.S. former government officials are U.S. CSIS engaged research these people U.S.
Government influential.

We do with foreign think tanks exchange, can indirectly understand and affect foreign
government some issues. Meanwhile, utilize nongovernmental channels this platform
can respond public opinion abroad on China some misunderstanding or untrue reports,
organization experts objective, informative comprehensive to international
community introduce China situation clarify facts trust, dispelling doubts, influence
opinion for establish China good international image play positive role.

Added 61 Fellow preparation

Oriental Morning Post: China International Economic Exchange Center personnel
composition like? Main work task?

Wei Jianguo: Our staffing 96, original only 35 compiled later added 61, new
establishment all researchers. We are currently recruitment, now enrollment
approximately hundreds people applicants mostly doctoral level.

Country economic center main tasks can summarized as three things: First research
questions; Second exchange cooperation; Third advisory services.

First, depth major economic Problems. Against party and government concern
enterprise and social needs organized a thorough actual research conduct on major
economic problems study, put valuable report and recommendations. This is center
core work also our a basic task. These major issues, focusing primarily international
economic hotspot focal issues with international economic ties closely domestic major
economic problems. We chose research topic, should emphasize strategic, macro,
perspective; policy recommendations should focus close policies highlighting targeted
and maneuverability. Around current financial crisis we some major issues serious

Second, promote international economic exchange and cooperation. First strengthen
foreign famous think tank exchanges and cooperation. Center To select some certain
scale influential with us research direction relevant think tank and academics establish
contacts can "please come" can "go."
Through organization seminars exchange views, exchange results, exchange
information enhance understanding. Both with with our friendly experts and think
tanks establish contacts also with those we enough friendly experts and think tanks
linkages. Second promote government, enterprises, research institutions
communication. Center To multi create conditions structures official, production,
research tripartite benign interactive platform. This platform may through various
forms carrier embodiment some carrier is tangible like seminars, forums, some carrier
intangible if announced in the media information. Foreign Some famous think tank
activities very frequent such as U.S. CSIS, annual organizations hundreds field open
meeting many different forms seminars this informed share research. Third to
promote abroad economic cooperation.

Third, general membership provide quality services. First provide members
information. Centre To scholars view view member enterprises demand, domestic
economic dynamics, real information, market Quotes, industry trends timely to
relevant member unit. This work lies fast lies quasi lies Ling lies not multi. Second
organized variety activities. Center To According common concern seminars, forums,
report, research inspection activities for general membership exchange cooperation
create opportunities and space. Third provide advisory services.

Countries not Leave penny funding

Oriental Morning Post: China International Economic Exchange Center funding come
from? How operating?

Wei Jianguo: country via center Societies civil organizations, center funding depended
on themselves raising, national no allocated penny. To raise research funding, we
established China International Economic research exchange Fund (: Zhong Jing
Fund), its highest decisions and management bodies are China International
Economic research exchange Fund Board, board members (including Special
directors) temporarily by foreign famous enterprises home philanthropist, social
activist and circles community leaders comprising.

China International Economic research exchange fund its proceeds will be dedicated
funded research projects. Example, there enterprises should study some topics they
funding into our Foundation, we will these funded entirely for research.

Zhong Jing Fund main role is, aided conduct domestic major Economy. Study main
areas include: World Economic development trend, international financial,
international trade, transnational investments and international economic field of
major hotspot, Jiaodianwenti; national macroeconomic, finance, foreign trade,
regional economics, industrial development and enterprise Jingyingguanli etc. major
issues and relevant policies.

Zhong Jing Fund also finance various forms international economic exchanges
activities for organizational domestic think tanks between regional between between
enterprises discussions and exchanges financial support.

To ensure research quality, country via center needs a crack research forces. Bushao
governing units research forces strong Centre topics through tender, by some
governing experts headed, organized relevant research. Research go through Centre
accreditation which important report and recommendations to undergo Centre
leadership implementing agencies consideration. Centre research topics should by the
Council and Fund Board study proposes solicit everyone opinions fully discussion

Our research sub three forms: I. we have own core research departments called
"in compilation imprisoned or"; Second, scheduling not
imprisoned or of; III neither in compilation nor imprisoned or called
"tender system" , namely we want some studies subcontracted,
nationwide even worldwide tender. Research institutions bid, we to send own chief
economist or researchers tracking this project. Our funding also batches paid bid
enterprises, concluding acceptance, we also Leave part costs; rather than successful
after pay all funding. Such batches payment, can play urge role. This avoid no
responsibility happens avoid past, will shelved research results.

Addition, country economic center sub four departments: Research Department,
Consulting, exchange Department, Cooperation. Which Advisory Department and
exchange Ministry responsible center operations, Fund money all for research thus
Assurance independence.

Financing a bottomline, guarantee independence

Oriental Morning Post: China International Economic Exchange Center How can
guarantee research scientific and independence?

Wei Jianguo: Some research institutions exists much malpractice, such many research
institutions get money after blindly do report: First, no timeliness, no time concept, no
deadline even outdated studies; second not know effect, think tank study not merely a

Present, domestic engaged economic research and Decision Consulting service
agencies many but strength scattered weighty results few not formed brand. States via
Center as an open research platform may organize domestic distinctive, advantages
research advisory body complementarity, coordination action, avoid unnecessary
duplication. We will use flexible forms break geographical, disciplines, industry and
professional boundaries attract talents undertake research task, meet domestic
decisions departments and large enterprises high quality counseling services.
China's Centre will conducting research basis organize international
exchanges can more depth with foreign experts Xuezhetantao various
Sixiangguandian, interworking exchange information improve decision scientific and
democratic. A country think tank level and research results represent this country a
soft strength.

Country economic center built according research law management system set meet
soft science research law management system. This management system includes
topics management, talent management, financial management and RBM, can
guarantee work efficient funds use reasonable. Particularly center Research Fund
strictly management, running transparent accept departments supervision
consideration. Fund Name with Centre slightly different called "China
International    Economic     research exchange      Fund"     increased
"study" word means this Fund is devoted financing research
projects not used daily expenses.

In specification funding while think tank financing channels also diversified and clear
rules and bottom line but transparent. Addition, we own evaluation mechanism focus
think tank research practicality, practicality and feasibility thereby can maintain
research scientific and independence.

Think tank

Ji thinktank, also called "thought Library" refers experts
multidisciplinary for policymakers handling social, economic, technological, military,
diplomatic fields problems make plans provide the best theory, strategies, methods
ideological etc. public research institutions, strictly think tanks is independent
government agencies CSOs.

Think tanks function mainly include: propose ideological, education public and
gathering talents. Think tank first through research and analysis form new policy
advocates then through publication publications organizing various exchange
activities, using media campaigns, trying make these propositions public support and
policymakers favor.

Global famous think tanks have: U.S. international economic Institute Strategic and
International research center Brookings Society National Science Institute Rand,
Hoover Institute; Europe European Union forum EUSA
I. pale argument, old Guangzhou Shihsanhang monopoly China and world
commercial three flow (information flow, capital flow, logistics; its behind culture is
monopoly China and World passage "pipeline - KNOW-HOW")
banner "Deputy Premier level highest Advisory institutions
"actual is a operating lower bound Government Global
Business" KNOW - HOW "institutions, anti words operating
lower bound economic cabinet. (Lu not operators "differences
II "six symmetry axis" culture product, - Do owned (U.S. any) -
so (requires reciprocal or "to China small open reciprocal treatment - or
restore Hong Wah ... ...")
III Beida Guanghua College substitute.
IV most important fatal change "decision Chinese future economic
territory" Decision "path" ("system theory,
cybernetics") - Great Unification dispersed - Economic elite (may
"divide      and    rule"      -    yesterday   talked principle
V. Judging, temperature every family Studies (State Council decided) only only
"Thousand Character Classic" level while Zeng every family
learn level high more - "Zeng Every family book" level.
VI     multidimensional    dimension     reduction     solve    complex  problems
"path" was corporatizations - "less dimensional
extended dimensional" changed, China commercial strategic layout with
depth layout only followed "small Japan" behind crawling.
(Whether do Japan-US TNCs cultural comparable, check conclusions)
Therefore we waiting State Council correct their mistakes.

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