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									Paul J. Alessi

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Height: 5’11”             Weight: 178 lbs.               Hair: Brown              Eyes: Blue

Knuckle Draggers                 Kyle - Lead                     Dir. Alex Ranarivelo
Au Pair, Kansas                  Investigator – Supporting       Dir. J.T. O’Neal
A Guy Named Murphy (Short)       Vito - Supporting               Dir. Alex Ranarivelo
A Line in the Sand               Sgt. Johnson – Supporting       Dir. Robert F. Botts
29 Reasons to Run                Brad– Supporting                Dir. Damon O’Steen
Asylum                           Rob - Supporting                Dir. Tony Mark
Morphin(e)                       Jack Norris - Lead              Dir. Alex Ranarivelo
Ten ‘til Noon                    Nickel - Supporting             Dir. Scott Strom
The Confession                   Vincent Papetti - Lead          Dir. Adam Brooks
Don’t Feed the Animals           Tye - Lead                      Dir. Rico Lowry
The Mailman                      The Lover - Supporting          Dir. Tony Mark
Quietus                          Alien Knowmad – Lead            Dir. Rico Lowry

Desire                           Recurring - PO Jackson          My TV Network
Young and Seductive              Guest Star-Corbin               Showtime Network
Central Booking (Pilot)          Co-Star-Deputy Tompkins         Little Studio Films
What Should You Do?              Guest Star-Gun Shot Victim      Lifetime Channel
Courage                          Co-Star-David Bradley           Fox Family Channel
Courage                          Co-Star -C.J. Flowers           Fox Family Channel

Commercial                       List upon request

Sal Romeo                        Technique / On-Camera
Cameron Thor                     Scene Study
Harry Mastrogeorge               Scene Study/ Cold Reading

Special Skills
Sports: Hockey, Ice skating, Rollerblading, Boxing, Horseback Riding, Soccer, Football,
Racquetball, Rock Climbing, Bicycle, Dancing, Swimming, Weight Lifting.
Skills: Certified Personal Trainer, Firearms Training, CPR Certified, Fire Training Essentials
N.Y., Auxiliary Police N.Y.

BEST ACTOR for Knuckle Draggers at the 2009 ReelHeART Film Festival.
BEST MALE ACTOR for Morphin(e) at the 2006 Independent Film Festival of North Texas.

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